What does my Sun say about me?

You, yourself and I- your innate uniqueness -personified

Song songs to listen to whilst reading this, representing the different sides of you




In the simplest terms, You sun sign is how your meant to shine this life time.

the sun is your conscious self expression. 

The moon is your subconscious expression, which is often overrides the sun in your natal chart along with your rising sign( how you behave so others will like you).

Because we humans are controlled by the unhealed emotions in out subconscious mind ( moon (feelings), Neptune(addictions and self destructive behaviour)).That control our conscious actions.

But it is the (Sun(creative will power), Mars( physical drive), Pluto( allowing change) and Saturn (discipline action)that’s meant to be running the main show)

Your sun is meant to be the controller of your moon- inner self, your sun sign is your directed willpower. 

Yes we all have emotions, and when unhealed and unmanaged they control us. there is nothing wrong with emotions,

Nevertheless your sun signs job is too put your best self forward. so you can shine your authentic self expression on to the world.

You do this by understanding your emotions, and not letting them control you.

Living your authentic desires, letting go of being self destructive and living up to other peoples expectations

Your sun sign is your C.E.O( Chief executive office) of your chart, the moon is your C.O.O (your chief operating officer).

Yes the moon and its emotions have a lot of power.

But the sun is your chief executive office, its meant to be out in front.

Expressing the traits of your sun sign, is how your fulfil your highest potential, for this lifetime.

Think of your sun as the filter for your overall personality.

In esoteric terms Your Sun sign is the direction your soul- higher consciousness wants to take this lifetime. And is, therefore, more representative of your head –your logic- conscious reasoning.

For, after all, your soul’s -higher consciousness wants to fulfil its incarnating purpose. So it can grow, regardless of what your moon sign – emotions- your heart desires.

The health sun is the seamless expression of all your personality traits. Which are shown by the zodiac signs the other planets are in, the aspects they make to each other.

Your decans, cusp signs and your Sabian degrees. As well as the synergy between your western, constellational and Vedic astrology charts.

The Sun rules: Leo and the 5th Houses

The Sun, Esoterically rules Leo and the 5th house, which is a powerful statement because of the Sun in Astrology. Is the only Luminary that is its own exoteric and esoteric ruler.

Exalted in: Aries

Fall: Libra

Detrimental:  Aquarius

The Sun feels at home (dignified) in Scorpio and Capricorn, Taurus and Sagittarius, in the 8th, 10th, 2nd and 9th houses.

Polarity: Masculine- positive- yang

Associated with:  Leo and the 5th house, which demonstrates the unique power of the Sun. The Sun is the mirror that reflects all the other zodiac signs and Planets.

Day of the week:  Sunday

The Sun is always low on the horizon in the morning, is the highest it will be in the sky at midday and returns to the lowest point on the horizon in the afternoon.

Reflecting the human energy cycles, some people lack vitality during the morning and afternoons but are full of energy during the hours of 12-4PM.

This also explains why some people do not find their purpose to midlife age 40-65, this represents the suns, midday period, the morning controls, ages 0-39, and the afternoon governs, ages 65- to the end of life

The Sun in astrology symbolises the need to shine, your ego, personality, and inner self. The primary purpose of the Sun in your birth chart is to be the projector of your integrated personality.


This is, of course, the highest expression of your natal sun sign; until you heal your emotional and psychological wounds. You are bound to project a disjointed ego expression of who you think you should be onto the World.

Made up of what your nation, religion, culture, family, friends and environment expects of you. Until you make the conscious decision to heal your wounded inner child, addictions and self-destructive thoughts and behaviours.

So you can shine onto the World, your authentic self-expression, instead of an egotistic notion of who you think you should be to be loved and accepted.

A healthy Sun, heals itself and lights the way for others to do so, it doesn’t reflect its moods and emotions (moon) onto the world, and instead, it learns to manage these feelings.

Not by ignoring them, but by understanding the true purpose of your emotions; your feelings are often warning you that something’s not right in your life.

Often what’s not right is the repression of your authentic desires to conform to other people’s standards. They will always be a niggling feeling that something is not right until you finally dare to be your genuine self.

Is Sun the most powerful planet in Astrology?


The Sun is your unconscious and conscious will, the funnel through which your ideas, personality, soul- higher consciousness is funnelled, so it is the most powerful planet in astrology, because without expressing you sun sign, you wont fulfil your highest potential.

 The Sun is the energy in which you will self-actualise. The moon is who you have been in the past, of this current lifetime, and the keeper of all your soul-higher conscious memories, of all you past lives, across time and all dimensions.

The Sun is the direction you need to go by taking conscious action to be all you can be. Illuminating your inner divinity by being creative, self-assured, determined and discerning.

Knowing when to grow and let go, so you can fulfil your incarnating purpose and leave your legacy.

The Sun controls your dignity, personal vitality, those in authority ad how you assert your influence, highest ranks of government and business officials (C.E.O’s) etc.

The house and sign your natal Sun is in. The aspects the Sun makes to the other houses and planets, Show the area(s) of life you will want to excel (be the best).

And the experiences that will you’re your way to show you how to shine and the obstacles or support you will find in getting there. (Reaching your highest potential)

What does the Sun mean in astrology?

The Sun in astrology indicates how, after you integrate all the different traits of your personality, which are shown in your natal chart by the zodiac sign of each planet (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

You are meant to shine, so for example, if your Sun is in Gemini, I know boo-hoo, Gemini is one of the most hated zodiac signs. Regardless of whether you have 4-5 planets in Scorpio, your outer expression of how you project yourself onto the World is meant to be adjusted to Gemini.

Because that is how you will be able to take the lead and find your success this lifetime on the physical material level and higher consciousness – soul level.

By expressing your sun sign’s characteristics, you will find your highest vitality- energy levels, dignity, sense of self and purpose and the most stimulating and rejuvenating life experiences.

Key imagery and symbology for the Sun are the life force, masculine energy,  illumination of your unique character, authority, love, ego. The generosity of spirit, royalty, influence, faith, honour, loyalty, performance-acting, reputation.


The Sun signifies:

The need to lead and find success in your life

Your father, Brothers, most masculine parent and all other Masculine energy you are opposed to  in childhood;

 Masculine traits of all individuals, such as willpower, determination, self-assertion, courage- regardless of biological or preferred sexual expression.

Your boyfriends, husbands and all other people in your life whose primary expression is masculine.

What are traits associated with the Sun?



  • Personality
  • Peaceful – still
  • Good listener
  • Cooperates with others
  • Spiritualised ego
  • Will power
  • Self-assertion
  • Embracing your Uniqueness
  • Identity
  • Manifestation
  • Majestic- royal
  • Sovereignty
  • Lifeforce
  • Optimism
  • Wisdom
  • Ambition
  • Fame
  • Understanding and seeking knowledge
  • Helping others shine
  • Letting the past go
  • Considerate of others’ feelings
  • Patient
  • Able to admit defeat and when wrong



  • Ego
  • Excessive pride
  • Manipulating others
  • The class clown and court jester-without an off bottom
  • Stubborn
  • Hold back others
  • Unwilling to work with others
  • Impatient
  • Clinging to past
  • Unwilling to admit defeat
  • Not caring about how others take your words or behaviours, yes be you but don’t upset others
  • Conformity
  • Selfishness
  • Power-mad
  • Greed
  • Idolising others
  • Lack mentality- poverty mindset
  • Fear of own shadow
  • Apathy
  • Indecision
  • Pessimism
  • Lacking energy
  • Foolishness
  • Thinking you know it all
  • Infamous
  • Fearful and refusing knowledge
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More sun associations in astrology

The Sun Influences:  The heart, circulatory system- (made up of over 60,000-100,000 miles of veins, capillaries and arteries in the human body), upper back. Astrologically rules the left eye of females, the right eye of males, and the right testicle.

The Sun controls heat production, the circulation of blood and other fluids.

the distribution of oxygen nutrients, and the elimination of the body’s waste. 

The thymus gland regulates growth and the onset of puberty; the thymus gland shrinks after childhood. But it’s still crucial in helping your body fight infections; by the age your 75, the thymus becomes fatty tissues.

The thymus plays an essential role in the lymphatic and endocrine systems; these systems protect the body against bacteria and viruses and help regulate moods.

Medical disease associated with The Sun:   heart attacks and all other heart ailments, blood circulation problems, thymus gland issues, anaemia, leukaemia and all other blood disorders.

Shoulder pain, acne, fainting disorders, diseases caused by lack of energy, Hodgkin’s lymphoma- lymphatic system disorder, Haemophilia  – blood that doesn’t clot properly. Causing problems with cuts and surgery as you may bleed too much.

Colours:  Yellow, orange, amber, saffron, ermine and all other shades of brown, gold, blue, yellowy-purples.

Animals:  Lion and all other felines, Lynx, Eagle, Horse, Snake, Cock, Starfish, Boar and other cattle, Lark, Swan, Nightingale, Peacock, Falcon and firefly

Careers:  The boss, Leader, C.E.O, Local council, government, state officials and employees, bankers, traders and brokers, manager, supervisor, aristocrat, socialite, jeweller-diamond trader or executive employee, gilder- applying gold to decorative pieces, metal, wood or stone, master farmer or grower.

Metals/ minerals:   Gold

Precious stones: Ruby, Red Spinel, carbuncle, hyacinth, diamond, cats eye, chrysolite, natural red and pink precious stones and gems

Plants, trees and bushes:  Ash tree, Male Peony, Marigold, Saffron, Walnut tree, Sage, Heart Trefoil, Corn Hornwort, Cedar Tree, Bay tree, Cinnamon, Lavender, Palm tree, Musk, Frankincense, Rice, Marigold, Palm tree, Chamomile, Musk, Almond, Anise, Laurel, Olive, Orange, Meadow Rue, Maize, Passion Flower, Sundew, Rue, St John’s Wart, Anthemis Nobilis and Grape( Vitis Vinifera) and all aromatic herbs.

Astrologer Sepharial says The Sun is associated with full curves and a normal circle

The tastes associated with The Sun are overpowering and sugary flavours.

More about, What does Sun mean in astrology?

The great giver of life and creativity, helping you navigate your everyday life, solar energy can be powerful and must be used wisely.

It is best to use your strength to overcome enemies, not to create them, the Sun calls for you to take personal responsibility for your life and to reign supreme over your own existence on Earth.

After all, you are human, so why should another human rule you? The Sun calls for you to follow the path of your soul- higher consciousness incarnating purpose.

The Sun gives you the courage, vitality-energy and determination to accomplish something; the Sun is the director of all the other planets.

First, you need to unify the needs of your moon, mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune. And the requirements of the aspects they make to each other.

Then express them as a complete whole through the energy-house and placement ( zodiac sign) of your sun sign.

It is not an easy task, but it is the one that will bring you the most happiness in your current lifetime. By learning to understand the needs of your psyche- all the traits of your personality.

Which are represented by the houses and zodiac signs the other planets are in, by getting to know all sides of you, the destructive and constructive, positive and negative- shadow and light.

Allowing your negative and positive traits to work together so that you can express the unique individual you are, giving up on conforming to what is expected of you by other people.

What does the Sun rule? Is the Sun the ego astrology?

The S.U.N. is your rational response to the whole of your birth chart, along with the north node, the S.U.N. signifies your life purpose, and the north node indicates what that is.

The Sun is your sense of self and ego desires; on the lowest expression, at its highest, the Sun represents your spirit- your higher consciousness.

Which knows why it is here and goes for it, with laser-like precession.

Your sun sign shows the personal expression needed for you to fulfil your life purpose and reach your highest potential.

The sun sign is the direction your higher consciousness soul wants to go next.

 You will have to use conscious reasoning skills and your personal willpower to overcome the many obstacles on the path to self-actualisation.

To live out your sign and house placement of the Sun in a positive way, you will have to come up with creative solutions for your problems.

Your obstacles and self defeating behaviours are typically represented by the insights of the moon, Neptune and Uranus.

Still, you will need discipline and resilience (Saturn), focused action, determination and self-assertion (mars). So YOU can live out your authentic life purpose( Sun).

You will need to be firm, persistent, self-orientated, without becoming egotistical,  arrogant, selfish and self-absorbed, which many people fall into the trap of becoming., which are the negative expressions of the sun energy


What Sun means Astrology?,  continued

The Sun in a cardinal sign, which are Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Aries, will emphasise the enterprising and motivated side of your nature. Although Capricorn and Aries are the most ambitious of the four.

Sun in a mutable sign Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius can make you moody, up and down-volatile, impatient- on edge-nervous, highly changeable but on the plus are flexible and adaptable to circumstances.

In fixed a fixed sign, that are Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus sun energy can make you highly strong-minded, wilful, pig-headed, stick to their guns and principles type of individuals.

Nevertheless, they can make radical and, at times, world-shattering changes. Yet, they are often to another set of uncompromising( rigid) standards.

The Sun is most powerful in Scorpio, Capricorn; it is also strong Taurus and Sagittarius in general; it can be weakest in Pisces, Cancer and Gemini.

When your Sun is in one of the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, your emotional nature is amplified, Sun in cancer can make you interested in working in careers related to the home, property, entertaining, cooking and child care.


Sun in Scorpio gives an inclination to the policing, medical and scientific careers, also anything that offers you intrigue and you feel passionate about.

The Sun in Pisces could make you excel in all careers related to fish.. anything from a deep-sea diver, to social work, all forms of creative work. Spiritual leader- mystic, fisher of people and all that, you could even run a chain of fish or seafood shops.

 Although Pisces is one of the weakest signs to have the Sun in, it can make you an excellent leader in Pisce’s associated fields.

You could be a renowned dancer- gymnast- acrobat-circus, or anything related to this, detective, crime writer or reporter, diver.

If your Sun is in a fire sign: Sun is in Aries, you be good at initiating things, being a trailblazer – the first in your chosen field. Sun in Leo gives the ability to be authoritative and organised.

Sun in Sagittarius gives you a thirst for investigating, championing the underdog, preacher and spreading the message of what you believe in.

When the Sun is in Libra, Aquarius or Gemini, human relationships of all types play a significant role in your search for wholeness.

When your Sun is in Gemini, you will be drawn to communicating your message to others in a creative, often artistic way.

For some of you, this can be writing, others performing, even if you never become famous. You can be known for your dramatic or unique personal expression in some way by those who know you.

When you have your Sun in Libra, you will spread your message via partnerships; this can be sexual or business connections.

You could work in marketing, public relationships, party organiser, wedding planner or diplomat. Bringing people together- cooperation is a big part of your life purpose.

Sun in Aquarius gives you humanitarian aspirations, working through friendships and groups to help you reach your goals.

 When the Sun is in an earth sign Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, your focus will be on practical and material matters.

 Sun in Taurus gives you concern with possessions and money. You may prefer to work in finance or related industries, even bookkeeping for a local business.

Capricorn gives you the inclination to work in big business, either be self-employed, a manager or a C.E.O.. Sun in Virgo gives a propensity to work in trading, buying and importing careers.

Sun keywords for each sign

Aries- innovative

Taurus- realistic- pragmatic

Gemini- skilful –adept

Cancer- sentiment

Leo- assertiveness in self-expression

Virgo- meticulous -hardworking

Libra- sophisticated –social

Scorpio- penetrating


Sagittarius- straightforward –blunt

Capricorn- vigilant

Aquarius – avant-garde –alternative

Pisces- inspired –creative

The suns symbology

Is the circle with the dot in the middle; the circle is said to represent the shield of Helios from Greek and other Mythology. Some astrologers say the circle stands for infinity and the dot in the middle stands for the individual within.

Jeff Mayo stated that the circle shows the human need for wholeness and self-actualisation.


This is gained by living your life authentically and removing all psychological, emotional and physical blocks which stop you from reaching your highest potential this lifetime.

 The dot on the esoteric level in the middle of the sun symbol demonstrates the reincarnated ego(s) that are built up over lifetimes and the possibility of balance that can be obtained.

 By conquering yourself and allowing, your higher consciousness to reign over your lower thoughts and desires, the path of following your highest calling is not easy.

They are societal expectations and those of friends, family, lovers, and internal and external obstacles that stop you from becoming who you want to be.

After all, the biggest barrier to you becoming your best self is often your -self and the psychological and emotional pains and suffering. You have accumulated in your previous and your current lifetime.

That makes it hard for you to see yourself as a being of spiritual- higher consciousness origins.

The dot in the middle of the circle of the Sun’s symbol shows the divine spark that is within each human soul- higher consciousness.

Which, after many lifetimes, will be recognised by each individual.

When you allow the soul- higher consciousness to have precedence over their lower desires.

Still, it is only when a soul is ready that it can reach its full potential that it will strive to do so. Although you may have ( will), experience material success in this and other lifetimes.

True fulfilment comes when all aspects of yourself are allowed to function as a whole, without anyone trait or desire taking authority over the other.

Therefore you allow your higher and lower natures to work in synergy with each other. Rather than letting either dominate you, the dot in the sun symbol, just like in the yin and yang symbols.

Demonstrates the potential for divinity or non-divinity, present in all human beings,

The Sun has been worshipped via ritual and sacrifices, as the god,  of gods, by all cultures past and present in human history.

 In one way or another, the Sumerians worshipped the son as Utu; for the Egyptians, he was worshipped as Ra- Atum –Horus and Kheper.

The Akkadians worshipped him as Shamash; In India, the Sun was worshipped as Surya by the Hindus.

Worshippers would praise, give rituals or sacrifice for the setting and rising of each Sun. When the Sun went down, they were prayers for its return, and the sunset was associated with the loss of life.

In Egypt, the dead were buried in the west direction and were called westerners; Osiris was seen as the god of death and resurrection; he was married to his sister Isis.

The Sun was regarded as the earthly representation of light and dark, for it brings light and summons the dark when it retreats, as the skies darken and the moonlight steps forth.

The Sun has been worshipped by many names across all cultures; the Sun was known as Baal when worshipped by the Phoenicians and Israelites. 

Baalism was the worship of the powers of generation-growth practised by the Canaanite race; Baal was also worshipped as Moloch when viewed as destructive- degenerative.

Zoroaster was the ancient sun god of Persia; the Persians worshipped him as the Sun of light, by the name Mithras.

The Irish worshipped the Sun as Nuada Aggetlam, and the British adored the son as Nudd; the Aztecs called worshipped the Sun as the god Quetzalcoatl.

The Sun was known as Helios in Greek mythology and Sol by the Romans; he was worshipped as a sun god in both cultures; another name given to the Sun was Hyperion.

Which means “going above” and Phoebus “shining; Hyperion was said to be the father of the Sun- Helios and Phoebus were linked to the sun god Apollo.

Apollo, like the Sun, had arrows- depicted by the Sun’s rays and was said to see and hear everything.

Helios was seen as the witness of promises, and Demeter was said to go to Helios. To find out where Persephone, who was stolen by Hades and taken to the underworld.

In one myth, Helios helped Hercules by giving him, his, golden bowl that he rode at night. Heracles was able to reach Geryon’s cattle on the island of Erythea.

In another myth, Helios was seen as a charioteer, who was carried by four fiery steeds-horses, navigating the sky from east (Ethiopia) to west (Hesperides).

Eos, the goddess of the Dawn, rode her carriage in front of Helios’s; in some myths, Helios- the Sun returned to the east at night.

 Riding the ocean in a golden cup and the steam from the cup circled the Earth, Helios the Sun had children with Perseis (Perse), his wife.

 He also fathered children with his mistresses collectively; his children were known as the Heliades – children of the Sun.

In one myth, he seduced Leucothoe by pretending to be her mother, eurynome; Clytie, one of Helios’s old mistresses, told Leucothoe’s father, who was Orchamus. 

Orchamus buried Leucothoe alive out of jealousy, and Helios transformed Clytie into a frankincense tree. Clytie wasted away and was turned into the heliotrope, whose head followed the Sun’s pathway across the sky.

Aphrodite- Venus was said to have caused Helios love triangles and problems because Helios told her husband about her affair with Ares – Mars.

 As you can see, the myths of Helios are complex, just like the purpose of the Sun’s energy and use in a natal chart.

But the myths demonstrate the need to love all sides of your nature, the good, the lying, the scheming, the cheating, the lover. The egotist, the manic, the foolish, the champion, the wise, the dumb, the light and shadow.

After all, if the gods can fall, who are we mere humans not to fall?

 For its not the fall that counts; it is what you do after it, after all.

Apollo was said to have kicked Helios into the Sun, and Helios became a dweller in the Sun. In another myth, Apollo and Helios agreed to share the Sun equally.

Apollo could have the sunlight, and Helios the actual Sun……again showing the need for compromise between our higher and lower natures.

The Sun is not a planet but a luminary –star; it is around 4.5 billion years old. It is made up of hydrogen and helium and is, in effect, a hot ball of glowing gases that is at the centre of the Earth’s solar system.

The Sun produces its energy by the nuclear synthesis fusion of helium, turning it into hydrogen. This happens when two light nuclei merge to form one single heavier nucleus.

 A nucleus is a membrane-bound organelle that contains the cell’s chromosomes (D.N.A.- genetic signature).

The Sun is around 93 million miles from Earth, and without the Sun, life as we know it could not exist on Earth.

The Sun helps the Earth, and the human body grow; the Sun is the largest object star in the solar system, and it would take over a million earth size planets to fill the Sun’s mass.

The Sun takes 25 days to turn on its axis,  the size of the Sun is changing, and in a few million years, it will be 200 times bigger than what it is now.

 After that, the Sun will shrink to the size of the Earth and become a dwarf star. The core of the Sun is 15 million degrees Celsius; we would literally burn if we attempted to walk barefoot on the Sun.

In fact, we go up in flames before we even get there; imagine how dehydrated you get when the Sun is 40 degrees Celsius.

 NASA has to use special tools to monitor the Sun’s many eruptions and streams of particles that it emits into the solar system.

A positive sun: Completeness, individuality, accomplishment affirmation, self-assurance, self-understanding-management, inventiveness, self-rule, good manners, big-heartedness,
Decorum, thoughtfulness, allegiance and trustworthiness.

Glowing, leadership, self-education- development,  fun, movement, overcoming, approving, aiding, developing, illuminating, self-awareness. Defending, initiating- breaking ground, self-empowerment, giving back, and creation.

The spiritual use of SUN energy is expressing your divinity, but acknowledging, understanding, having compassion for, forgiving, loving and managing your shadow behaviours.

Channelling your negative trait as into positive behaviours, so you can shine your inner divinity in all directions.

The ultimate use of the Sun on the esoteric level is to allow yourself to be who you are, embrace your weirdness and quirks, becoming comfortable in your own skin.

Forgiving yourself of your past mistakes, as hey you were doing the best you could at the time, in doing this you can show others how to do the same.

 You do this not by overpowering others with your expression, trying to mould them into mini me’s, but by supporting them, so they feel confident enough to express their uniqueness so that they can find their own personal wholeness.

The positive sun person displays their creativity and helps others to shine, yano being that sort of person that brightens up everyone’s day.

Being humble but confident, being courageous, giving others room to shine, knowing your worth, allowing for self-governance, to know your worth, so you dont seek attention.

Staying positive during depressions, highs and lows of life, speaking your mind intentionally and calmly.

Avoiding behaviours that change the moods of others, of course, this is not always possible, but if you refrain from saying things in anger, then this will go a long way.

 Saying your piece and allowing others to do so, encouraging others to sign and be their best selves, knowing there is room for all to be their best selves and reach their highest potential.

Becoming adept at positive self-talk, knowing your own human, you cannot know it all, and there is no need to, seeing through the many guises of manipulation, so you don’t fall for other people’s attempts to bend your will.

Giving up on dominating others, knowing the best people and leaders build people up instead of bringing them down.

Understanding when to hold on and when to let go, when to bend and be flexible and when to stand firm.

The Sun rules the zodiac sign Leo, which marks, August, which is the middle month of summer; Leo is the main sign of Ego expression and personal willpower in astrology.

In the sign of Leo, the Sun is often at its peak heat during the month of August, in all countries that have winter, spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Marking the last 2-3 months of the harvest period, this is the time to put your personal efforts into doing all you can to maximise your personal harvest. If you have personal projects, development goals, educational or work deadlines, health targets, now is the time to go hard and not go home.

Putting in all you got to do your personal best before your personal vitality starts to wane over the coming months, esoterically, the Sun’s energy prompts you.

Showing when you should be working hard (Spring and Summer) and when you need to slow down, reflect, and plan(Autumn and Winter).

For the coming  seeding season(spring), in which you lay the groundwork for coming reaping of what you sow in the spring( summer)

In nature, the Sun acts as a regenerative force allowing things to grow.

A wilting plant needs water, yes, but it also requires the Sun to rejuvenate its roots and foliage. Nevertheless, too much light can scorch it, causing it to die.

In season affective disorder, its sufferers, moods are affected when they is a lack of sunlight; they can feel more depressed, anxious and low.

If we are pessimistic, thinking life will always be shit and bleak, unable to be optimistic.

It has been shown that a gloomy outlook affects the quality of life.

This doesn’t me, avoiding the darkness of life, for if you admit to yourself that there are a lot of terrifying truths about being alive.

Being real about the “evils” shadow behaviours within the World and yourself.

I mean, even nature has shadow behaviour.   After all, they are storms, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and all other weathers that can take human life, the Sun its self can give and take life. They are two sides at least to everything in life and nature.

This can bring on a sort of optimistic realism, which is the best approach to living a fulfilled life; you can never transform others.

You can change yourself, allowing yourself to shine, and this is what the Sun in your natal chart calls for you to do.

What the Sun represents in astrology?

On the spiritual level, to be your best, you have to believe in yourself, to do this you must perceive- think, that you deserve to reach your highest potential.

Which, as you know gets harder every day in current times.

Yet if you remember that you can firstly only change yourself and do your bit to transform the World, you will keep your personal capabilities in perspective.


Yes dream big, be a genius, don’t shrink yourself, but know they will always be obstacles for you to face. And wealth and status can make you more comfortable, but they can never ever make you continuously happy.

But expressing yourself authentically, allowing yourself to grow, periodically, shedding your old self.

To grow into the new you, the you , you were incarnated to be, which is formed from learning the lessons of every situation you face. Allowing yourself to express your innate divine consciousness that all humans have access to.

 If they look for it and dare to express it, ignore all criticism, as yano people will always have something to say after all.

However, you must not become judgemental nor block others’ ability to shine; a true leader helps others grow.

The zodiac sign your natal Sun is in and the aspects it makes to the other planets, and fixed stars demonstrate the source of your creative productivity.

Generate- create-repeat

 Your sun sign is the generator of your highest self, and expressing your true self is how you will fill your inner void and find peace and stability within.

To do this, you need to realise that you and you only are responsible for your life direction; yes, people have and will hurt you, and people will die and transition on.

This is not to limit your grief but to bring to your attention the cycles of life so you can equip yourself from the get-go to deal with them.

Life will bring opportunities your way to grow, and you must take them; the only thing you need to master in your life is yourself.

“Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so.”

― Noam Chomsky.

 “In dreams begin responsibilities.”

― William Butler Yeats,

“Most people do not really want freedom because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”

– Sigmund Freud.

Each person will express themselves; differently, 3 people looking at a tree, 1 will see just a tree, another the giver of life, for trees produce oxygen.

The third person will wonder how all the tree’s roots are connected, hugging them to receive the powerful energy of the tree from a higher power they believe in.

The first person will view the 3rd person as mad and illogical; the 3rd person may view the 1st person as pessimistic without imagination and purpose.

The second person may view them both as mad; the truth is they are 12 zodiac sun signs, some say 13, and each one is on Earth to express themselves differently.

 None are more right than the other, different, yet equal; solar energy is used best when you dare to be yourself.

Standing in your own truth

Regardless of what others may say, knowing that they are objective(universal) and subjective(personal truths.

Because after all “This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man(person).”-Hamlet, Act I, Scene III- William Shakespeare

Sun energy wants you to be an innovator, a leader and a creator, not a copycat or conformist.

 It wants you to come into your own, accepting yourself warts and all, the good, the beautiful, the nasty, the distasteful, the shadow and your light.

Allowing yourself to shine and having faith that although you may be down and out right now, if you take daily steps to heal yourself coming to understand yourself.

Forgiving your past, learning to have compassion for and love yourself,  Having hope for your future, slowly working through your emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds.

In the midst of uncertainty, I will strive to find my brilliance

Opening your heart to vivid imaginations

I will take a chance and believe I am part of creation

I will use the vitality and light of my sun sign

To overcome my own darkness and accept the shadows of other people and the World

I don’t know, why, oh wh,  we have to live through these evils

Yet I will take the opportunity to enjoy this life I have been given to the fullest

Step by step, I will research and look for ways to learn from my experiences

Knowing if I keep on trying, getting back up after each fall, I will find personal fulfilment

Allowing the source of divinity to reverberate from the centre of my being

I will accept this gift of life and live it to the fullest

And if I think that life is a curse, I will seek out knowledge to stop me from feeling the worse

I will stop trying to be like others and reign in my own independence, giving up on the fleeting drugs of flattery and popularity

I shall find power and strength within the core of me

I don’t understand why we must go through the grief of breakups and human death

Still, I will seek out reasons that I hope one day will enlighten me to the reasons why we humans must face tragedy

I will grow and learn to appreciate the expansiveness of the cosmos, nature’s gifts

Asserting my will while respecting the power within others, helping them to shine and accepting their support when I feel less than

I am a leader; I give up foolish pride for divine self-assurance, with cheer I shall come to understand, they are more important things than monetary wealth

Still, I will do my best to meet the demands of all my material obligations, for bills have to be paid

Affording myself a few luxuries and helping who I can, when they are in need, seeing the natures beauty, the attractiveness in natures winds and the bird’s song

Allowing my creativity to flow, becoming conscious of life beyond this human existence, constantly giving birth ,to idea after idea

Tempering my ideals with practical thought and action

Inspired by Martina Schulman’s celestial harmony

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