Mercury Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit -The wandering mind

Mercury Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit

Mercury Opposite Neptune – the wandering mind

What does Mercury oppose Neptune mean?

  • Easily distracted- lose track of thought often- can be comical at times or deeply annoying at others
  • Inspirational intuition
  • Unique presentation and way of delivering verbal communications, which either draws people in or repels them
  • Miscommunication
  • Creative, insightful and imaginative thinking
  • Need to do grounding exercise, logical and critical thinking training is ideal for you
  • Hypersensitive to environmental influences
  • Can be a fantasist- can be highly naïve – easily fooled
  • Bored of routine
  • Self-doubt can hold you from achieving in life
  • Hazy thinking- the need to set realistic goals or take practical daily steps to reach your visions
  • Can bend the truth and facts
  • Need to increase personal willpower and protect psychic space
  • Mental, spiritual and psychological, political strategy games
  • Perpetrator of Unhand ploys and manipulations, or victim of deception
  • Victim of slander or causes gossip by telling others secrets
  • Artistic, spiritual musical and creative ability
  • Celebrities with this placement, Raini Rodriguez, Lenny Kravitz, Janet Jackson, Margot Robbie, Djimon Hounsou, Rory McCann, Oona Chaplin, Wes Anderson, Tim curry, Melissa McBride, ice cube, Christine Baranski, Wentworth miller, Chantel Kreviazuk, alec Baldwin, Joshua Jackson, Micaela Conlin, Leslie Nielsen, Rick Hoffman, Gina Torres, liza Minnelli, Bono and Mark Wahlberg
Mercury Opposite Neptune

Footloose and fancy-free

Natal Mercury opposes Neptune can make you easily distracted, typically lacking attention to the task at hand, getting lost in whatever whim takes your fancy at the moment.

As a child, you may have given in to the temptation to be the class joker or found it hard to focus when the class prankster(s) caused a distraction causing gaps in your learning.

As an adult is essential you relearn any skills you are not good at or lack, no need to be embarrassed if this applies to you, because all humans have gaps in learning, and life is a continuous learning exercise.

Mercury opposed Neptune gives you a high imagination, but this can lead to exaggerating the truth due to foggy thinking or on purpose; however, strong aspects in earth or air signs may adjust this tendency.

You must try and control the many thoughts that swirl around your boundless mind, as they can mislead you and others; you can quickly get bored with reality and the sameness of everyday life.


When you have natal moon sextile, Neptune, you are very apt at picking up on underlying tensions and reading between the emotional lines; you can be good at either creating or dissolving emotional or psychological conflict.

Challenging aspects to your natal Moon sextile Neptune can make you prone to delusion; at the highest, this energy can make you want to change yourself first.

Then work at reversing the systems of inequality and poverty in the world.; at the highest ebb, Neptune energy values all life.

When you have Moon sextile Neptune, you can be very in tune with the collective problems of humanity, and you may have a lot of ideas and solutions to offer which can help better life for all people.

You can be empathic, having the right ways for any given situation, often your presence can be healing, and at your best, you have a heart of gold. This personality trait makes people trust you with the information they wouldn’t give others as you are tolerant, understanding and not judgemental.

Because of this, you can make many lasting friendships; however, you could create lasting enemies as some people may take a solid dislike to your feeling nature.

Mercury Opposite Neptune

Sunshine on a rainy day

Some of you with natal Mercury opposite Neptune, at times, make things up to brighten up your life; this habit is good for relaxation and downtime, but not so good for your relationships, educational and career advancement.

Because your subconscious mind is rampantly dwelling in the realms of the unknown, it picks up information from not only the subtle physical realms but higher dimensions; this can cause you to misinterpret information, blurring the lines between truth and fiction.

Due to your fuzzy communication processing, you can dislike sticking to one point of view; natal Mercury opposite Neptune can make you jump from one belief system or stance to another within seconds sometimes, Causing confusion in all areas of your life.

 On the plus side, you are very diplomatic as you can see everyone’s sides of the argument, but being so broad-minded can leave you finding it hard to stand firm in your convictions and personal attitudes, which can lead others to mistrust you.

If you have your Mercury and Neptune in air or earth signs, you could think highly logically or practically and learn new information quickly.

If Mercury or Neptune are in water signs, or you have substantial water placements (Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer) in your natal chart, you can deliver unique verbal or visual presentations that have hidden, often symbolic meaning.

You can be easily moved by pictures, art and visualisations and like to uncover more profound importance in even, the most mundane of things.

Mercury Opposite Neptune – the wandering mind
What does Mercury oppose Neptune mean? continued

When you have Mercury opposite Neptune, it is crucial not to take too many mind-altering substances or foods; it’s best to live a healthy lifestyle and learn to find out more here psychic protection and here.

Spending time in nature, doing yoga, breathwork or tai chi, anything which increases your body, mind, soul awareness, will help you distinguish truth from lies and help you control your overactive imagination.

It’s also essential you practice good psychological and spiritual health hygiene, but learning to own all your vibrations, mind, body and soul and not go against your own will, it’s hard at first, but years of training will strengthen your ability.

Mercury Opposite Neptune natal

Shadow sides

On the shadow side, you can enjoy playing mental and verbal games, a cross between chess and tic tac toe; the way you communicate can come across, as if you are purposefully talking in code and riddles, although this is not always intentional.


If you have an excess of water placements in your chart, especially Mercury or Neptune, in cancer, Pisces or Scorpio.

You could enjoy playing clever clairvoyant- mind reading games, using your psychic or mental ability to get others to subconsciously carry out your will and intentions.

The danger when you have Mercury opposite Neptune is that you undo yourself, wrapping yourself up in so many underhand tactics to manipulate others and get what you want, complicating the simple things, which can result in irreparable damage to your career and relationships.

You have to be mindful not to isolate yourself and bite the very hands trying to feed, love, understand, and nurture you; if Mercury or Neptune are in fall or determent, you may be abused and used by others clueless to their ploys.

How this works out for you depends on all aspects of your birth chart, but in general, be careful when signing contracts and believing in anything you see, hear or read.

Always check the facts! and do your resource; never trust one source for your information, as you’re prone to believe outlandish conspiracy theories, or you could even develop untruths yourself.

Try to follow things through, especially personal projects, career progression and education, and do not give up.

Anything worth having in life is worth working hard and learning new skills for.

Do your best to handle and overcome the obstacles life throws at you because the best achievements often take decades or a lifetime even to achieve.

The trick is picking yourself up after each fall, and you will fall.

Long-term vision is needed to succeed; I know you may not like schedule and planning, but you must find a way to have some structure and order in your life to reach your personal and career goals.


When you have natal Mercury opposing Neptune, it is crucial to control your overactive imagination, training yourself to filter what and who you allow to influence you.

There is a significant need to increase your attention span and develop self-discipline. Still, substantial aspects to earth signs or involving the 2, 6 and 10th house may enhance your innate ability to withstand distraction.

Mercury Opposite Neptune transit

Sexual and other fantasy

“If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.”
― Shannon L. Alder


In relationships, please ensure you are reading another person’s interest in you correctly because you can have an intense fantasy life and imagination, where you dream up your preferred outcomes.

This can be very different from reality, so it is crucial to make sure all feelings are mutual to avoid disappointment and heartbreak; at times, your very nature and personal expression can bring out the worse in others.

 It’s not your fault; it’s just that some people take advantage of those they perceive to be weaker than them due to their loving, unique, compassionate or creative nature.

You have a weird and wonderful taste for lovers and generally fall for non-conformists; know that this comes with high risk at times because quirky people often have their or peculiarities or varied opinions on what a relationship should be.

 Communication is the key to avoiding assumptions about what is expected in any relationship.

In your childhood or early adulthood, you may have been tricked many times in matters of love, so you disbelieve anyone who says they love you in your present; if you judge a person on their actions, you will find the truth of their feelings for you.

Train yourself in human behaviour and observation

You must find a way to trust, or you could miss out on many loves of a lifetime; not everyone is out to get or abuse you; dealing with any emotional, spiritual and psychological wounds will help you.

Also, remember loose lips sink lips and relationships, so do not tell people secrets; always check you can share any information before you do.

Furthermore, there is a tendency to see everything as a spiritual occurrence or a sign from the universe, yes you’re highly tapped in, but sometimes a spade is just a spade, yano.


Keep and getting back up; here is song to do so.


When you have natal Mercury in opposition to Neptune, you can take knockbacks to your dignity hard, leaving you stuck and wanting to escape.

So it’s crucial you get help if need be and try not to use drugs, alcohol or any addictive tendencies to soothe your pain.

You can give into obsessive and delusional thinking if unbalanced and have thoughts like the world is working against you to thwart- hindering your attempts.

 And this can be true on one level as you can attract people who use you or use subversive tactics to get what they want from you.

 But know you have a choice, cut the deadwood out of your life, and it’s never too late to get help and start again.

When you have natal Mercury oppose Neptune, your best bet may be to be self-employed to protect your unique ideas and to give you a sense of grounding and self-resilience and reliance.


“Strong people have a strong sense of self-worth and self-awareness; they don’t need the approval of others.”
― Roy T. Bennett,


Your best bet is not to be taking it by other people’s words but to pay attention to and judge them on their actions, using your critical thinking to decide who you allow into your life.

Protect your intellectual property and value yourself, other jobs you could be good at, including scientific, technological, philosophical or medical research.

 Anything that allows you to work in isolation whilst giving you a sense of purpose and contentment, enjoy that you appreciate the deeper and refined things in life.


Build self-assurance and trust in yourself; this is how you learn to trust the process of life.


Seek to find an inner centre and fill your inner void by self-love and healing rather than external validation, allowing your tranquillity to come from within.

 Avoid being slippery and trickery as you will always have to face the repercussions for your underhandedness eventually.

Focus on using your ability to help the winder community and human collective, to rebalance karma and feel secure and a sense of fulfilment.

Mercury Oppose Neptune

Mercury Opposite Neptune in Transit

  • Mental confusion may be to overstimulation
  • You could get psychic information but think twice before acting on it during the transit of Mercury opposite Neptune, write it down to check and act on at a later date.
  • Be careful when going about day to day life as inattentiveness can cause hazards and accidents.
  • Chance of hearsay and tittle-tattle
  • Fall out with coworkers, contractors and bosses; think before you say something you regret and do not raise to others baits.
  • It can be a practically unproductive time, but spiritually enriching time
  • Avoid self-absorption, especially if someone needs your attention or has something important to say to you, as this can cause relationship breakdowns.
  • Make sure you look after your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health.
  • Best for relaxation, catching a movie, chilling and binge-watching TV shows, connecting on the musical, visionary or artistic level.

There can be an increase in deceptive communication and behaviour, leading to mental confusion and difficulty in deciphering meaning in conversations.

Relationships can suffer big style due to misunderstanding or cheating; it is essential to check any written contracts.

As well as making sure you understand the terms of any verbal agreements to avoid fallouts at a later date.

Avoid agreeing to anything if you can; if not, get someone you trust and who’s good at detecting fraud to check any binding agreements, be mindful of tricky and slippery salespeople and romantic interest at this time.

Actions always speak louder than words; you may feel unable to decide due to psychological haziness, take time out, relax and do things that bring a sense of joy into your life, as long as they don’t do any harm to you or others.

Avoid any intoxicating substances at this time as these will only cause further bewilderment and conflict; when you are talking to others, make sure you make yourself clear and double-check what someone’s means, if you don’t understand them at first.

Daydreaming and forgetfulness are rife during the moon opposite Neptune transit, avoid gossip and rumours, but you could become a victim of scandal at this time.

 Be gentle with yourself and do not take to heart what others say, but if there is some truth in it, dust yourself off, learn, heal and move on from it.


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