Neptune Square Ascendant Natal and Transit Meaning

Neptune Square Ascendant

Neptune Square Ascendant

  • Need to seek out training and educate yourself in the ways you understand, so you can achieve your goals
  • You may misread body language, situations and your own psychic impression, need to avoid intoxicating substances and relationships
  • Guard against apathy and laziness
  • Best to choose a career that helps others directly in some way; you may be drawn to charity, activism- speaking out against injustice, or spiritual work.
  • Seek support from those who can give it to you to achieve your goals
  • Learn to see others point of view- you don’t have to argue, just know your way is not the only way, but maybe right for you
  • Don’t overly compare yourself with others; each person has their strengths and weaknesses- as if you keep comparing yourself with others, you weaken your self esteem-causing a vicious cycle.
  • Learn to respect your abilities- work on becoming more determined
  • Guard against being deceived and deceiving others
  • Others may find it hard to understand you, do your best to explain things clearly, but don’t force relationships to blossom
  • Sometimes in your life you may have to stand alone, this is often the case when you go against the tide and don’t conform
  • See external challenges as a test of your character- don’t let others bend you to their ways of thinking

Neptune Square Ascendant Meaning continued

When you have Neptune square ascendant, you can be highly self-centred/ subjective in your outlook and how you receive what others say in your environment; you can find it hard to see any other point of view than your own.

 Many people may come to see you as someone who lives in their own world and lives by their own rules, dependent on whatever is on your mind at any given moment; you can find it hard to be objective.

 Unless this square involves an earth sign or an earth sign, you have other stabilising placements in your natal chart.

Nevertheless, this energy will give you the inclination to escape at times and to be a bit stubborn in your viewpoint, making your relationships with others hard and facing many disruptions.

Even if you have a very grounded- earthy- airy chart, your own behaviour can sometimes shock you until you learn to manage the energies of this placement.

Deception is high, as you can see when Neptune squares the ascendant, you can deceive others, especially in marriages and business partnerships, or others can trick you.

You and others in your life may not intentionally want to mislead each other; you may simply just commit to more than you can honour or be otherwise unreliable.


Check all information your told and never believe anything without doing research


Always fact-check anything anyone says, especially if it sounds too good to be true, don’t become paranoid, but if you get a gut feeling that what your hearing is not true. 

Do some research and do not jump heart first, especially in love and finances; some people may see you as rich pickings or easily fooled.

Never pretend to be someone you’re not to keep love, as this can cause you to end up in abusive or controlling relationships; instead, seek out the right person for you.

Resolve all issues you have with your personal identity, as others can mistake your confusion and uncertainty as untruthfulness, seeing you as overly suspicious.

It’s crucial that you build up, your ability to hear facts, as you may run from the truth as you find it painful, willingly becoming a victim of others, as you are overly sensitive to the cold, harsh realities of life.

Deeply susceptible

Neptune square ascendant can make you on edge, sensitive to criticism that also taints the way you view the world and the people you come into contact with.

You either are over defensive, guarding your personal space aggressively, which can scare people off, or make them not want to deal with you as they see you as always trying to bite their head off.

On the other hand, you may not stand up for yourself at all, allowing people to take advantage of you; you may also not go for promotions, losing out on many chances to better yourself.

Until you build up your self-confidence, you can do this by training yourself to be proficient in any skills you lack; your lack of self-assurance can stem from problematic relationships with one or both parents and/or other family members.

Learn to stand firm in your convictions, build your faith in a higher power than yourself, accept your eccentric ways; it’s good to be you Neptune square ascendant; everyone has a right to be themselves, as long as it does no harm.

Tension with family

Your family may not support your ideas, career choices or relationships; this can be because you can be very dreamlike. Changing jobs often, this habit can frustrate your family as you never seem to know exactly what you want to do.

Neptune square Neptune can give you the reputation of being flaky and flighty, with unrealistic life goals; partners may leave you because you refuse to stabilise and settle down.

Balance is needed, be yourself, always but be practical with it, it is good to have imagination and big plans, but it takes hard work to get there, so you need to take action to bring your visions and inventions into reality.

A little self-belief will get you everywhere; you can often lack willpower and focus; know they are only 24 hours in each day, so do not over commit yourself.

Work on accepting, having compassion for and understanding yourself, channel your sensitivity into art, music or some other hobby, accept that some people do lie, and if you lie, you will eventually have to face the repercussions of your actions.

Sometimes people act in ways and say things we do not like; you cannot help that; you can help how you react to them, learn to love yourself, do all you can to come to terms with all your personality traits.

As you’re sensitive to body language and subtle thoughts and vibrations, you can often pick up on what others are feeling, regardless of what they say, but it’s essential to allow others to have their private thoughts.

Thick before you react

Learn not to take things personally, even if what you pick up is directed towards you personally; at times, it is best to remove yourself from the situation and keep as much distance between you and those who trigger you as you can until you build up your tolerance.

If you’re not grounded, in a terrible mood,  under the influence of intoxicating substances or have unmanaged psychological or emotional wounds. You will misread intuitive messages, psychic impressions, body language and situations.

So you cannot always rely on what you think you’re picking up; you may have a tendency to be suspicious, fearful, and obsessive. Some of you may gossip or partake in other behaviours that push people away from you and cause personal scandals in your life, making it hard to make the strong emotional bonds you wish for.

Be honest with yourself and others; learn to trust what you feel, listen to what others say, and always judge their actions; words can deceive; actions rarely do that.

Do not bully others, and don’t allow them to bully you; I have to account for all ways the Neptune square ascendant aspect can play out; watch out that you’re not projecting your negative qualities on others, and vice versa.

Use your talents and imagination to reach your highest potential; it’s safe to be a bit wet behind the ears, vulnerable and over-romantic, just don’t allow others to take advantage of you because of it, and don’t take advantage of this trait in others.

Neptune Square Ascendant in Transit

  • Confusion in relationships- self-perception
  • Resistance to your suggestions and life goals, especially those you may have been working on for a while, creates confusion about what direction in life you should take.
  • Seek guidance, as the resistance- concerns may not be from genuine worry for you, but jealousy or negativity.
  • Discernment is a keyword for the Neptune square ascendant transit
  • Read the small print and try to put off business dealings until a later date, if you can, as deception and illusion is high at this time
  • Even trusted friends and business associates can become deceptive during this transit due to pressures/circumstances in their lives
  • Channel energy it creative pursuits, sing, dance, paint, meditate, relax, listen to music, anything that puts you in touch with the gentle and artistic side of life
  • Avoid tricking others, and beware that new love interests may not be, who they seem to be- nothing ventured, nothing gained, yes this is true, easy come, easy go…… this is true also!!!
  • Don’t be overly paranoid; just don’t jump all the way in, do your research, don’t be afraid of hearing the truth
  • You may have less self confidante than usual, and be prone to illusion, don’t allow others to take advantage of your vulnerabilities at this time
  • Go with the flow, don’t try to make heavy plans, write down options, and wait after the Neptune square ascendant transit to past.
  • Increased self-doubt, gossip, obsession, shame, sensitivity to events, mistrust.
  • Channel energy in personal and spiritual development; it’s hard to let go of your comfort zone, it’s easy to stay with your unhappiness than to start working towards your dreams, but it is best to do that if you really want to be free-let go

When Neptune square ascendant is in transit, you may not be as on the ball as you usually are; the purpose of this transit is to open your eyes to how deception takes place in your day to day life.

People and things you wish to keep in your life may be removed; Neptune energy wants you to become aware of how you allow your ego or the ego of others, interfere or control your life.

Neptune wants you to detach from viewing life in a purely logical or material manner and tap into the unknown and subtle forces that also govern life on earth.

When we live our lives in density, closing down the psychic and intuitive, we can imprison ourselves, when part of life is all about being free in your expression, but as you know, we have been programmed into fitting into roles society, social media, our culture, religions etc. want us to play.

I am not saying forget your culture or the wishes of others entirely. Still, this transit of Neptune square ascendant wants you to look closer at how you allow your own idea of who you think you should be, the games you play, and the mask you wear to hide your authentic self to fit in with others.

Are you living the life you really want to live or doing what is expected of you? Are you letting your ego and unhealed subconscious mind and the unhealed emotional and psychological blockages which live there run and therefore ruin your life?

You may seek to control things, which will make matters worse, allow whatever leaves to go, at this time, flow with the moments; if what you lost is meant to come back, it will. How do you know something better is not trying to work its way into your life? Not all lost is negative; often, it’s for our highest good.

But when we get stuck in our comfort zones and notions of how things should be, we often miss this point, avoid overindulging in intoxication substances, relationships and experiences at this time.

If you lose a lover, ask yourself, was the relationship healthy anyway? If you feel the need to deceive or are deceived by others, ask yourself why you allow this to happen or why do you feel the need to lie?

How can you bring more balance in your life, think about this, do not make plans, as you miss the point of going with the flow, but question, why whatever happens at this time is happening, and try not to cling, let go.

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