What does Pluto opposition MC mean?

  • Traumatic home life that taught you how to deal with other people’s emotions
  • Strong need to be independent and not co-dependent. Some of you with this placement may prefer solitude
  • You have the power to be highly regenerative, creative and insightful in your career
  • Really intuitive about other people’s emotions can help you with discernment but watch out for being too judgemental
  • Still, don’t abuse this power or use it to dominate others; this can drive them away
  • Early childhood lessons were a guiding point to give you the emotional strength needed for your career
  • You may have had heavy adult-like duties placed on you or been the support emotional support system for one or both parents
  • Staying away from addictive substances and toxic people may be best for your clarity of mind and overall wellbeing
  • Shamanic – natural earthy healing abilities
  • Struggling with strong inner feelings, that you must face uncovering hidden abilities that can help you in your career, spiritual and personal development
  • Past live(s) experiences of neglecting family duties, so having to rebalance this karma
  • A need to overcome generational dysfunction- what destructive thought and addiction patterns run through your family?
  • Could make a good child or family therapist, mediator or lawyer
  • The planets and house cusp Scorpio, Aries, Mars, The sun and Leo are found will have a significant impact on your career.
  • A big need to follow your own path, opening your mind to the new and coming unstuck from your past
  • Learning to trust yourself and those who prove themselves trustworthy
Natal Pluto opposite Midheaven

Strong subconscious memories from your childhood or past lives and intense emotions that you find hard to understand and live with.

And you can have problems expressing your strong emotions and psychological urges even to yourself, let alone others.

This aspect adds a potent need to overcome self-destructive thought and behaviour patterns.

Depending on your soul age- detected by your numerology numbers and other astrology positions in your birth chart.

You may have incarnated to master abilities you have been working on for lifetimes.

You will have to overcome themes of neglect, repression, mistrust, and fear to uncover your innate gifts.

When you have natal Pluto opposite midheaven, this placement calls for a transformation in your family life; you may have been born into a trauma-filled household.

Unsettling early relationships

Your relationships with your parents (primary caregivers) may have been distressing from the day you were born into your family.

Indeed, you may have invited people into your life with who you may have a karmic link who try to assert power over your life.

Although you may rebel, this aspect causes forces you to use your power or lose it.

Themes of control and abuse may have continued to cause many arguments in your household.

Suppose you were not directly involved in any dominance issues in your childhood.

In that case, this battle could have been between your parents and your siblings, which you often witnessed or were in the middle or, maybe, playing the role of peace marker.

No matter the scenario, control issues and misuse of force still affect you profoundly. If other aspects in your birth chart show you are easily controlled by others.

Maybe one or both parents, other members of your household, or close relatives or friends emotionally, physically or psychologically abused you.

Or they could have been other neglect that affected you on a deep level.

Affecting your ability to trust, especially yourself, know that you cannot control your past, yet you can control your future, don’t let your abusers have your entire life. This can be harder said than done.

Lead yourself when you have natal pluto opposite MC

But if you learn to overcome or realistically manage your suffering will uncover a wealth of intuitive knowledge that can help you heal your own and other people’s lives.

Regardless this placement of natal Pluto opposite midheaven shows that you often have to overcome many obstacles to get the education, personal or career development you want.

Even if your childhood was a good one and you were perfectly provided for.
This might have stunted your ability to stand on your own feet and be self-motivated.


So you will have to re-tune into this power in adulthood.

Yet your positive childhood experiences will help you support others who had turmoil in their early life.

You could be a good mentor or school/ university student counsellor.

This placement gives the ability to work with the occult and is often seen in the charts of astrologers, alternative healers, therapists and those who work in human behaviour in some way.

Your limitations are meant to serve as a destructive force, blocking traditional resources and pathways so that you look into other ways.

You can make your seemingly blocked ambitions a reality; this position is teaching you to strengthen your determination and resilience and build your self-will.

Innate strength and resources

This placement of Pluto opposite midheaven asks you to uncover inner resources that can help you rather than rely external ones.

You can have a natural affinity with nature or the subtle forces of life.

Instinctively you can know how other people feel, but you may struggle with your own emotional expression. Your feelings can be scary, especially before you reach 40, but if you learn to understand them.

You can uncover shamanic abilities by holding or looking into a person’s eyes to see where their soul has been and where it should be going.

You need to do all you can to have a balanced mind and psychological and emotional life, as not doing so can affect your judgement, and you can make the wrong or poor choices as a result.

Pluto opposite Midheaven transit
Song for this transit
  • Can bring changes in your family, career or spiritual-higher consciousness life
  • Destruction of the old way of being so you can create a new way of being
  • It can be a painful, fearful, infatuating or intense time
  • Having to consciously take action to deal with childhood or past life wounds because they affect your ability to function more than usual
  • A dark night of the soul, so you can transform into who you are meant to be
  • Passionate affairs or dramatic relationships endings of both
  • Letting go of toxic thoughts, behaviours, addictions, relationships and other lifestyle habits cut you off from feeling the fullness of life.
  • Making peace with your past and the people and experiences that have hurt you
  • Taking pride in your work or losing interest in your profession
  • Uncovering innate spiritual gifts or other resources that can help you with your higher consciousness career advancement

This transit brings changes in your personal life and household. This can be from having to do household repairs, redecorating, deciding to end a marriage or relationship, children moving out, or lovers moving in.

Changing homes because of a job, maybe your health or a family member’s health means they have to temporary move in.

Or you may have to move to their home so they can take care of you, or you may have to look after them.

You may take an interest in your family history to understand your addictions, thoughts, and behaviour patterns, or you may do some other historical research on your bloodline to feel more connected with your heritage.

Discovering aspects of your soul or physical lineage.

Which may make you feel more connected to your family (ethereal or material) or yourself, giving you a sense of belonging.

Whatever happens now is meant to, yet it can be intense, and you may feel scared, anxious or depressed. Get help if need be if there’s feelings come up.

Sometimes this placement can indicate you or someone becoming obsessed with you at work.

You and the other person may mutually be infatuated with each other.

Causing a passionate affair to start, or you can be on the receiving end or give someone attention they don’t want.

More about Pluto opposite midheaven transit

Tread carefully, don’t impose yourself on others, as this can cause scandal and loss of reputation, also, don’t be the other persons’ victim if they don’t listen to your rejection, then go through official channels to stop them.

Get support to deal with this situation or any other disturbing events that may come up now, don’t go through it alone if you feel overwhelmed.

This can be a good transit for higher consciousness or personal development work; you may decide due to an internal event, such as having a spiritual or other awakenings.
Or external events such as losing your job, getting disciplinary at work, or a partner leaving you can cause you to reach a breaking point.

Causing you to decide to deal with your emotional and psychological trauma once and for all.

You may do the work to understand and manage your personal issues alone or seek out the help of a traditional and alternative therapist.

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