What does Pluto symbolise? PLUTO IN ASTROLOGY- Continuous Metamorphosis

Destroy and reform, transforming your subconscious mind and psyche, which drives your conscious behaviours, The Bridge between the material and spiritual world. The cycles of birth, rebirth- death- transformation


The zodiac sign Pluto is in your birth chart and the house it is in. As well as the planets and house’s Pluto aspects. Reveal where situations will be challenging for you to overcome.

What sign does Pluto rule?

Pluto rules:  Scorpio and 8th house

Pluto Esoterically rules:  Pisces and 12th house

Exalted in: Aries

Fall: Leo

Detrimental: Taurus

Pluto feels at home (dignified) in Scorpio and Aries 

Polarity: Bisexual due to being co-ruler of Scorpio yin-feminine- passive energy and mars co-ruling Scorpio, which is Yang- Masculine – active.

Some astrologers see Pluto and Mars as co-rulers of the 8th house and Scorpio.

Pluto Esoterically rules: Pisces Influences the 1st, 9th and 12th house, Neptune, Aries, Pisces and Mars. 1st house due to Mar’s traditional rulership of Scorpio. The 10th and 11th houses due to Jupiter’s esoteric rulership of Aquarius, the 7th house because of Uranus’s esoteric rulership of Libra. And 3rd house due to Venus esoteric rulership of Gemini. 2nd house due to Venus’s exoteric rulership of Taurus.

What body and psychological influence does Pluto have: Cell creation and destruction, hips, reproduction organs and psychological growth or degeneration.

Medical disease associated with Pluto: psychological breakdowns or illness, sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive organs, cell or hip ailments.

Day of the week: as the higher octave/expression of mars co-rules, Tuesday

Colours:  fiery colours, dark hues, ultraviolet, deep crimson and dark red, bloody shades, lava, burgundy.

Animals:  Cerberus, mythical dogs, hell hounds, dangerous dogs like Rottweiler’s, American pit bull terrier, Akita, gull dong, ysu inu and Doberman. Vicious cape buffalo, cone snail, golden poison dart frog, putterfish.Black mamba, saltwater crocodile, tsetse fly and all predatory or dangerous animals.

Strongly associated with envy, jealousy, despair, secrets, repressions, revenge, destruction, finances, sexual perversions

Pluto keywords


  • Self-preservation instinct
  • Power
  • Strategy
  • Courage to face your own shadow
  • Letting bygones be bygones
  • The higher octave of Mars
  • Life cycles
  • Depth psychology
  • distrust
  • persistent
  • Introspection
  • Self analysis-personal transformation
  • Lifeforce
  • Individual and Collective consciousness
  • Individual and collective darkness- shadow
  • The subconscious
  • Unrealised talents that are found by personal growth
  • Transmutation
  • Innate talents and resourcefulness
  • Stamina
  • effectiveness
  • Drastic growth
  • Purging
  • intensity


  • Obsession
  • Intensity
  • Manipulation
  • magnetism
  • possessiveness
  • Dark desires, thoughts and behaviours
  • Abuse
  • repression
  • Power
  • Jealousy
  • Subversion- military coups – overthrowing government etc
  • Forbidden desires
  • Addictions
  • Manipulation
  • Contamination
  • Rot
  • Wrath- frenzy
  • Purging for the sake up it to do harm- i.e. slavery/ massacres/ terrorist attacks
  • Aggression
  • Eruption
What does Pluto mean spiritually?, How does Pluto affect us in astrology?, what does Pluto do, How does Pluto affect us in astrology?)

What does Pluto do in astrology?

The revolution of all we keep hidden will surely be revealed in the light of one day!! Calling you to purge, let go, so you can die from your old patterns of thoughts and behaviours. Continuously upgrading into you 2:0, 2:1, 2.3……3:0.4.0 etc…

Pluto is considered the higher octave of Mars; after all, Pluto is co-ruler of Mars, and Mars Co rule Scorpio.

Yet the whole zodiac is a symphony, each sign and planet merging into each other.

Where you will be forced to transform your behaviours and thoughts, Pluto energy is about personal responsibility.

You will have to solve the problems your repressions, toxic behaviours, thoughts, and relationships cause you alone.

You can get support, but it is you who will have to do the hard work of self-transformation.

Pluto rules everything we repressed within ourselves and throughout our families, communities and societies.

 All taboo behaviours like prostitution, drug dealing, corporate control, psychological illnesses, money laundering and everything we hide from plain sight.

Pluto, along with Neptune on the individual level, represents the things we hide from ourselves, our self-undoing.

Everything you do not admit or fail to see about yourself often controls you with devastating consequences.

Often resulting in a life of repeating past events, Pluto is associated with fascination, possessiveness, isolation. Transformation, death and rebirth, subversive tactics of control and manipulation, global and self-deceit.

What does Pluto Represent In Astrology? , continued Pluto associations

  • Mass anarchy- diversion-crimes-inequality
  • Political change
  • Secretive or occult groups
  • Governmental, dictatorship or corporate control
  • group madness – war
  • opposition- repression
  • drastic transformation
  • powerful force
  • Collective psyche-shadow
  • Analytical psychology and spirituality
  • Jealousy- envy-revenge
  • Sex in all forms
  • The things we keep hidden about ourselves
  • The forbidden
  • Soul lineage- occult talents
  • Survival- primal- urges
  • Extreme violence and war
  • Sadomasochism
  • Kidnapping- underworld-underground
  • Extortion- rage-power
  • Murder
  • Mass killings
  • Viruses
  • Fixation- mania
  • Waste

More Pluto Associations

Careers:  installing underground cables, pipes and all groundwork sex worker, sexual healer, dominatrix or other related professions, sex worker, psychologist, financial

advisor, accountant, occultist,  working with dead bodies, detectives, private investigator, paranormal- exorcist, acupuncturist, family planning worker, sexual health worker, obstetrician, physical therapist, fertility specialist, shadow worker, holistic life coach, insurance or tax worker.

Metals/ Minerals: bismuth and plutonium

Precious stones:  black onyx, axinite, tourmalinated quartz, indigo gabbro, Himalayan quartz and orthoclase.

Plants, trees and bushes:  corn, barley oats, Yohimbe, saw palmetto, rye, psilocybin, mushrooms, damiana, fly agaric, damiana, wheat

Pluto is associated with blurry lines, harrowing buildings like death camps, old psychological asylums and jails, buildings made or remodelled to imprison and trap.

The tastes associated with Pluto are bitter, caustic, and addictive.

What does Pluto mean spiritually?, How does Pluto affect us in astrology?, what does Pluto do, How does Pluto affect us in astrology?)

Collective meaning of Pluto

Pluto’s influence is generational; unless Pluto is in your 1st, 2nd, 8th and 12th house or is involved in aspects involving planets in these houses. Then you may not notice the effects of Pluto in your chart. Numerology and its calculations of soul age also impact the individual impact of Pluto’s energy on your life experiences.

On the collective level, Pluto is involved in mass events, wars, government or big business control, oppressive or dictatorship regimes, pandemics etc.

Think of the recent pandemic and the control imposed via lockdown and other measures that affect human life locally or globally.

The events that affect human life that can be destructive or constructive, regenerative or degenerative. Still, as you know, most of our human history points towards the repetitive degenerative elements of mass events. That stunts collective growth and reinforce the cycles of wars and all forms of division.

Pluto shows the continued fight between positive and negative human systems and behaviours on the collective level.

Pluto's generational karma

What is the collective karma of the generation you were born into?

  • Libra generational karma is to do with relationships, decisions, or lack of making choices and misusing
  • Pluto in Virgo was to do with the misuse of service, health and perfection
  • Pluto Capricorn, your karma is to do with public status, how you gain wealth as well as the abuse of professional resources.
  • Pluto in Aries, the misuse of ideas, initiation, projects, creation energy and courage
  • Pluto in Taurus the misuse of beauty, natural resources, inner values, possession and finances
  • Pluto in Gemini the misuse of knowledge, thoughts, flirtatious energy, neighbourhood resources, and communication.
  • Pluto in cancer misusing nurturing, emotions, inheritances and land.
  • Pluto in Leo misuse of romance, ego and vitality
  • Pluto in Aquarius misuse of humanitarian resources, genius and eccentricity- individuality
  • Pluto in Sagittarius misuse of freedom, adventure, higher learning and exploitation of other countries’ resources
  • Pluto in Pisces misuse of psychic and occult powers, vulnerability, secrets, subconscious powers and addictive substances
  • Pluto in Scorpio- misuse of sexual powers, retaliation, control, manipulation- persuasion power, other people’s resource, psychological knowledge.

Pluto quick fact- turning yourself inside out, so you can give birth to better days, via many ego deaths

“What’s hidden in the dark will come to light”, a saying

Ultimately suppression of change and feelings is at the root of many neurosis and obsessions; it is not about looking to blame by finding solutions.

How Pluto affects you depends on how dominant Plutonian energies are in your natal chart, it has its most significant effects in the 1st, 2nd, 4th,7th,8th and 12th house.

 But the aspects Pluto makes to the other planets are the telling factor of how influential  Pluto energy is in your life.

Negative aspects, Squares, oppositions and quincunxes cause tension,Pluto’s Influence will put you under strain in the matters of the house and sign Pluto is in, in your birth chart, and the planets, signs and house Pluto aspects.

Pluto conjunctions, especially in the 1, 2nd, 8th and 12th house, can also be as pressure-filled as the adverse aspects such as a square or opposition.

 Pluto effect can be like the annoying younger sibling that keeps pestering you.

Pluto will keep on giving you internal and external warnings to transform, and the more you ignore.

These warnings can get more extreme, especially if Pluto is in your 1st, 2nd, 8th or 12th house.


What does Pluto Represent In Astrology? continued

The things we don’t control manage us, often with explosive consequences.

The things we try to numb ourselves to or run away from causes us to do significant harm to ourselves and others. Pluto wants you to transform your self-destruction rather than trying to escape from it or hide it.

Yes it is painful to face yoru demons, uou shadow, however it is not as painful as a life lived in inner turmoil.

How does Pluto affect your personality?

You can have great insight into your own motivations and those of others; those with intense Pluto energy in their chart can be highly psychic and passionate.

Because they can see through the bullshit of superficiality, you can be highly resilient, dominant, yoiur sexual- creative energy can be strong. Others may see you as highly mysterious or magnetic.

Your eyes can have a look that makes others feel uncomfortable like they have been seen right down to their soul, this can make some people avoid you, whilst others a drawn to you.

You can draw plutonic people or experiences to you; when you are un-evolved. You can be manipulative, demanding, and coercive; you can do things that are spiteful, revengeful.

It’s crucial that you do your best to avoid controlling others; instead, use your penetrating insights to transform yourself often.

 Other people can project their feelings on you or pick them up via psychosomatic means. You can be in tune with the subtle energies of other people’s mind and body vibrations.

Time out

If this applies to you, it’s essential you spend some time alone clearing your energy and that you get to know yourself intimately, so you know what feelings are your own and which are not. 

So you can react to other people appropriately and avoid blowing things out of proportion. You can be good at getting to the bottom of things and getting people to reveal their secrets to you.

Often those with intense Pluto energy can suffer from obsessive thoughts or behaviours. It’s essential if this applies to you; you keep a diary and work through the unhealed traumas of your subconscious mind.

I say the words important, vital, and crucial in this post, yet it is not a turn of phrase, but because the guidance I am giving is important!!!

Leaping or easing into the unknown

When you have strong Pluto energy in your bitch chart, You can enjoy digging deep and diving beyond the surface.

You like to know the way for everything, but after a certain age, I suggest you realise that they will always be more to reveal if you keep digging.

So you have to learn to stop asking why, get comfortable with the unknown, and learn to trust your intuition.

But they are other priorities in life; channel your seriousness into a creative project or hobby you can really enjoy like astrology, numerology, stock trading, psychology.

 Something that will feel your curiosity for a lifetime and try to make your hobby your profession; this is how you quench your thirst for digging deep.

Realise you will die at least a million times this lifetime- if you decide to commit to your personal development. Get used to the constant call for regeneration; learn to forgive but don’t forget, after all.

Pluto needs us to remember our past mistakes, so we don’t repeat them.

Learn to fulfil your own needs, especially your sexual ones.

 Still, you will find that conserving your sexual energy will help you focus on your personal development, projects, hobbies, and other life goals.

Deep healing

Pluto represents death, physical and the metaphysical, death to the parts of ourselves that halts- prevents the birth and the complete formation of the new seeds. Needed for individual growth, so you can reach your highest potential.

Pluto is responsible for bringing all that needs to heal and manage in an individual psyche to their consciousness to their awareness.

However, its influence is typically subconsciously carried out in compulsive thoughts and habits until they are brought to your awareness.

On the esoteric level, Pluto rules Neptune that governs spiritual awakenings and chemical and other dependencies such as addictions to escapism, in its many disguises.

Such as heavy drug, alcohol, food intake, excessive sex or porn addictions, over fantasying, falling into illusions, self-imprisonment, repetitive and toxic thoughts, relationships, behaviours and all other ways you can escape being present in your daily life.

 “Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.”- Carl Jung.

Your compulsions may not be entirely stopped, but they can be tempered(controlled), and Pluto calls you to do this.

 Many self-destructive habits can stop over time once you get to the psychological or spiritual root of the reason for these behaviours.

What does Pluto mean spiritually?, How does Pluto affect us in astrology?, what does Pluto do, How does Pluto affect us in astrology?)

What does Pluto mean spiritually?
The occult meaning of Pluto

Esoterically Pluto is the symbol of reincarnation, the soul who has accumulated many personalities and therefore “egos”, vices, desires, inclinations and ways of being in the world over lifetimes.

Pluto calls you to integrate all aspects of the personalities you have built up over your lifetimes.

Shedding the parts that need to die, integrating all traits that can be aligned so they no longer act in the shadow.

Yet one must face your own shadow so that you can evolve.

Seeing and acknowledging your darkness for the first time can be mind and soul-numbing, destroying even.

Because you may become to see in yourself, what you once upon a time only saw, reflected in other people and the terrors of the world.

Pluto calls for self-awareness, acceptance, healing and evolution, letting go of your past mistakes and defence mechanisms.

So you can be rebirthed into your new, seeing how all human life is connected collectively. If you want the world to change, first, you must change yourself.

Transformation means to let go of self-destructive thoughts and behaviours that produce inner and outer tension allowing for a new you to be born out of lifelong, character refinement.

Many people are unaware of the need to change their ways until they reach a crucial point, typically after years of self-destructive relationships, behaviours and thoughts.

In reality, it often takes endless lifetimes of self-destructive habits and relationships to awaken to the need to change these things.

Still, free will is the highest power over fate, and if you train your willpower, any person can choose to change their life.

Even if astrology, environment or any other factor says they cannot, Mind over matter will power over circumstances every time.

I know it’s hard to forgive past mistakes and experiences, especially betrayals and heartbreaks.

 But the truth is all humans have skeletons in their closet- secrets, especially family ones like uncle Harry, who gets a bit frisky on the whisky.


Transcend the bullcrap

 This is not to play down your trauma, but I believe our childhood wounds and negative experiences have already been stolen so much from you.

If we cannot find happiness that eluded (escaped) us in youth, in adulthood, then when will we find it?

We cannot get that time back, and in reality, they have not robbed us because if we allow Pluto to work on our lives, we realise the lessons of our past experiences.

Even the painful, grim and abusive ones this does not limit or invalidate your pain.

Just a reminder to not let your past rob you of your future, Pluto ask you to transform your life because if you don’t.

You will always be a prisoner of your past setbacks and heartbreaks.

Meaning you will never truly find out who you really are if you do not do the work to understand, forgive, love, nurture and find your unique self-expression.

Training yourself to embrace all that you are and express yourself authentically.

If you don’t allow yourself to enter the death-letting go- transformation- rebirth cycles Pluto represents in astrology. You will become stuck repeating the path your past has set you up for.

So you can have a future, rather than just live your life, going through cycles of repeating your past.

I know heartbreak is horrible, but you can get through it and see better days if you allow yourself to be transformed.


The mythology and sexy nerd facts about Pluto

The myth of Pluto ( Plouton), Pluto- Hades( Aides), was seen as the ruler of the underworld in Greek mythology and could make himself invisible.

Pluto- Hades, was the son of Saturn and seen as the ruler of the dead- or the yet to be transformed- rebirthed.

Hades was said to rule dead human beings and mythical creatures in the underworld, they are a lot of ways the myth is reported, but in the main one, Hades was the son of Saturn- Cronos and Rhea.

Hades was the brother of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon(Neptune), Hestia and Demeter, who had a daughter called Persephone, who Hades became besotted with but more about that later.

Hades was said to help with crop and wealth increase, just like Demeter and Persephone, Hades- Pluto was also called the excellent counsellor by the Greeks but was associated with names such as hateful, fate fastener and renowned.

Hades had great control over his realm; the Greeks and Romans did not see him as evil or satanic. Instead, they saw him as a great governor over all those he ruled, for we must have darkness and light to grow.

 Vegetables, fruits, humans and the whole of nature go through these cycles, a seed is buried in the ground, and it finds its way to the light if it is to survive.

Hades and the myth of Pluto energy continued

Hades was seen as a jailer of all he controlled, but his domain was not seen as hellish. Hades- underworld was a place where those who lost their consciousness and went about repeating their past lives.

without any growth, so their reactions and actions become mechanical.

Hermes escorted the dead to the underworld; Hermes’ payment was said to be a coin from each of the dead.

Charon, the boatman of the dead, guided the deceased in his vessel across the river Styx and the watchdog Cerberus stopped them from leaving Hade’s realm once they got there.

It is said that Hades kept the dead in chains of forgetfulness and repetitiveness.

The lesson of Pluto is learning from your past mistakes allowing yourself to forget your past. So you can be rebirthed into the new.

Often many human beings get lost in bitterness or resentment; this makes them repeat their life in a loop.

Because they keep inviting the people and situations that hurt them in their past back into their lives. 

Instead of moving on, they repeat their history; one of the biggest life lessons: is learning when to start and when to end things.

(Persephone was also known as Kore- which means virgin)

Hade was said to rape his sisters Demeter’s daughter Persephone due to her beauty; Persephone was a goddess but became queen of the underworld.

 Because she had eaten 3 pomegranate seeds whilst in the realm of Hades, She was forced to marry him and held prisoner in his kingdom, but after a bargain.

 Demeter was allowed to have Persephone back for 6 months of the year and the other 6 she spent with Hades; in some versions, she gets to spend 9 months with Demeter and 3 months of winter. She returned to the underworld o be with Hades.

Persephone, in some myths, was said to enjoy her role of queen of the underworld.

In some versions of thee myths, she was never Demeter’s daughter but the child of Styx, who had always been the queen of the dead.

In summary

Pluto- Plouton (Pluton) was also the name of an old pagan sun god; in some accounts. Hades (Aides) was hated by humans because of his ferocious and unchangeable relentless nature.

In some myths, people offered black sheep to Hade’s and Persephone to be sacrificed; those giving the sheep had to turn their faces away from them.

Hades was said to own a helmet that gave him his invisibility; he loaned this helmet to gods and mortals.

 Hades was said to be the giver of all blessings of the material- earthly nature.

Hades- means rich one, treasures- surplus or the unseen, and it’s by uncovering your inner riches.

Which is achieved by allowing the destructive, reformative and regeneration energies of Pluto-Scorpio to sting you into refining your character so you can improve your life.

Pluto wants you to accept n the many egos deaths that you will have to go through, which are necessary for your constant evolution.

Letting your past go, so you can have new and better days, accepting the need for darkness to bear your light.

But not to get last in the dark, by going backwards and repeating your past- on loop.

Pluto calls for the remembrance of your past, so you don’t allow it into your future via forgetfulness; I know from personal experience that time can make you forget

It is good to forgive, but I found that forgetting can invite the same destruction back into your life unless a person has changed.

 When considering going back to an ex-lover or any relationship or situation. You once left, observe the person(s) and situation before committing.

There is no need to do it underhandly; just say you are unsure if you want to go back and need time.

Observe their behaviours, and if they have not changed, then your interaction with each other will not transform.

 You will doom yourself to experience the heartache you once felt.

Words are easy to fake, actions are more challenging to fake, they are always red flags, don’t ignore them.

Some quirky Pluto facts
How fast does Pluto move in astrology?

Pluto is the planet farthest away from the sun; Pluto’s orbit is erratic; it can take between 12-33 years to move through some signs. Pluto spends 32 years in Taurus, which is the sign of its detriment and 9-12 years maximum in Scorpio, which is its sign of exaltation.

Pluto can swing to an altitude up to 3 times higher than the moon, representing the rises and falls all humans can go through in their life.

 Pluto takes 248 years to complete its orbit around all zodiac signs. Pluto cannot be seen with the human eye and needs to be viewed with a telescope.

Because of this, many astrologers view Pluto as a generational planet.

 It is the third transcendental planet, with Uranus and Neptune being the other transcendental planets.

 Pluto’s movement into a zodiac sign often signals the start of a new generation, making its mark on all born when Pluto is in a particular sign.

Pluto was discovered in  January 1930 and was first called planet x; Venetia Burney, an 11-year-old girl who lived in Oxford, England. Her father submitted her proposal that the planet X should be called Pluto via telegraph, which was accepted.

Pluto is in direct orbit of the sun; they have been a lot of debate over the years over if Pluto is a planet or not.

In 2006, it was reclassified as a dwarf planet- nickname “icy little dwarf”.

At the time of its discovery, the planet Mars was opposite Pluto. Pluto was zodiacally in cancer and constellationally in Taurus. In western astrology, the sun was in Aquarius at Pluto’s discovery.

 Yet in Vedic and constellation astrology, the sun was in Capricorn, which Uranus- ruler of Aquarius also co-rules with Saturn.

Letting the higher temper, the lower


Pluto symbol is a monogram of the first two letters of its given name, P and L ♇; it is said its symbol come from the astronomers Percival Lowell’s initials.

 Mr. Lowell’s spent a lot of time doing calculations that sought to work out Pluto’s location.

However, sometimes Pluto symbol is recoded as , astrologer Marc Edmund Jones stated this symbol represented Pluto’s role as a “soul creating spirit out of matter”.

Again alluding to Pluto’s purpose of calling humans to transform from their past current or past lifetimes self-destructive thought patterns and habits to evolve into a new individualised soul.

The cross in the symbol stands for what the Greeks called metanoia, which is a complete change of heart- and lifestyle.

After a spiritual, philosophical, intellectual or religious conversion, shedding the old, to be, rebirthed into the new.

They have been some criticism that all astrologer’s interpretation of the planet Pluto’s meaning and influence are, guided and therefore clouded by the myth of  Hades.

So the explanations they produce that infer Pluto’s underworld connotations result from projection and not actual reality.

Nonetheless, as an astrologer myself and someone who has Pluto dominant in their chart.

As well as the input of other astrologers with vastly more experience than I, who have written extensively about the effect, Pluto’s placement in each of the zodiac houses or signs.

Will have on each individual’s life, taking into account the whole birth chart.

 Using the real-life experiences of many individuals by analysing their birth charts and the life events that each chart owner experienced to form their interpretations.

Being your truth


Pluto wants to shed light on the things buried in our psyche, family and collective history.

So we can find solutions to our individual and collective problems.

 If we were to make a truthful examination of our shared experiences here on earth.

It would become apparent that many, if not all, of our worldly and personal conflicts.

 Are a result of becoming stuck in our ways and continuing to use old solutions to problems, even when experience tells us they are ineffective.

On a side note, Uranus was discovered in the 18th century, Neptune in the 19th and Pluto in the 20th century.

What new planet will be found in the 21st century that reveals itself to be a key player in the vibrations of human life, I wonder?


The sexuality of Pluto: the energy of the other planets have been easy to define in astrology; Venus, Neptune and the moon are seen as female- yin-negative energy and Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter are seen as male-yang-positive energy. Mercury and Uranus are seen as neutral.

Saturn, by sign because of its rulership of Capricorn, is seen as female, as Capricorn Is Yin energy, but in mythology, Saturn is seen as male because of the links made to Cronos, the Greek god, is seen as an authority male figure.

 But when we see Saturn as the co-ruler as Aquarius, which is a yang sign.

So you could say Saturn is bisexual, along with Uranus and Pluto and because Hades/ Pluto is sometimes referred to as the daughter of Cronos/Saturn or mother of Tantalos.

 Evoking bisexual connotations, but if you think of it, there is a positive and negative  ( yin and yang) vibration to each planet and zodiac sign.

Just as there is a positive and negative (yin and yang) side to all humans and everything in nature.

In one myth in ancient times, all humans were born with two faces, one male and one female, then we become separated, cutting off one side of our nature.

Pluto calls us to acknowledge our higher and lower selves and transmute our self-destructive energies into higher consciousness behaviours.

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