A karmic and Wholistic astrological look at Natal Saturn in the astrology chart: The need to advance by learning to control your recklessness


What is Saturn trying to teach me?

Saturn rules the 10th house and  Capricorn and co-rules Aquarius & the 11th house; it is both the exoteric and esoteric ruler of Capricorn, making it a critical planet in astrology

Now, I know what you’re thinking – Saturn, that’s the planet with the rings, right?

AKA “Saturn: the ring leader, king of the ring, the lord of the hoops and the boss of the bling.

The planet also rules over your natal chart’s restrictions, limitations, and responsibilities.

Saturn’s main lesson is to bring our attention to the fact that getting to where we really want to be in life will take hard work and dedication.

Remaining committed to your purpose through the storms of life and suffering, which are inevitable, you will find happiness if you are willing to keep on going despite your restrictions.

Saturn rewards go to those who learn to let go or at least manage their self-destructive thoughts, behaviours and ways of relating to themselves and others.

Committing to lifelong adulting and taking personal responsibility for your life and for all you do and who you allow into it, refining your personality and getting out of your comfort zone and your own way!!!!

Song for this placement  Blue Oyster Cult – (Don’t Fear), The Reaper

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Reaping your past lived and current life karma

Reaping your past lived and current life karma

Saturn is a planet associated with the archetype of the Grim Reaper, as it is often seen as a symbol of limitations, restrictions, and discipline.

One of if not the most feared planets in astrology, being seen as the great malefic, yet in reality, it is more beneficial than Jupiter.

This bad boy has been given a bad rap as the bringer of doom and gloom, but let’s give the guy a break.

But Saturn isn’t so bad once you get to know it.

Sure, it’s associated with hardship and limitation, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

In fact, I’d argue that Saturn is more beneficial than Jupiter, the so-called “benefic” planet.

I mean, sure, Jupiter brings luck and abundance, but can it really teach you anything? It’s like the rich kid who never had to work for anything.

On the other hand, Saturn is like a strict but loving parent who wants you to succeed.

 It might make you work harder than you thought possible, but you’ll be glad for it in the end.

Saturn and its tough love is just trying to help us by bringing structure and discipline into our lives.

But depending on where Saturn falls in your zodiac sign and house, he might require you to give up some of your favourite things. Like that daily trip to Starbucks?

Saturn might tell you to cut that out and start making coffee at home.

But hey, if it means living your best life, it might be worth it.

Saturn is like that strict teacher who always gives you homework, but in the end, you realise it was all for your own good.

So, if you’re ready to live your authentic life, buckle up and prepare to work harder than ever before.

What does Saturn mean Saturn spiritually?

What does Saturn mean Saturn spiritually?

Spiritually, Saturn is seen as a teacher and a guide, reminding us of the importance of hard work, discipline, and self-control in achieving our goals and fulfilling our purpose in life.

The lessons of Saturn can be challenging, as they often require us to confront our fears, limitations, and weaknesses.

However, if we are willing to learn from these experiences and embrace Saturn’s discipline and responsibility, we can ultimately achieve greater success, wisdom, and self-mastery.

Saturn is also associated with the crown chakra, representing our connection to the divine and our spiritual purpose.

By balancing and aligning our crown chakra, we can tap into the wisdom and guidance of Saturn and use it to manifest our highest potential.

Karmic meaning of natal Saturn


Karmic meaning of natal Saturn

Natal Saturn is one of the most significant planets in astrology that represents karma and past-life lessons that individuals must learn in this life.

In esoteric astrology, the planet Saturn has a deep karmic significance and is said to hold the key to an individual’s past life debts and challenges

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The meaning of Saturn in the birth chart indicates the areas we need to address in this life to rectify past mistakes and overcome our karmic debts by achieving mastery through hard work, discipline, and perseverance.


This slow-moving planet represents the karmic, esoteric, and past life influences that can affect our journey towards personal growth and development throughout our lifetime.

To master the challenges and obstacles that arise in life, you must be willing to put in the necessary effort, remain patient, and persevere through even the most difficult of times.

Moreover, Saturn also represents the limitations and obstacles we face, making us face the harsh realities of life.

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Those with a strong Saturn placement in their birth chart are considered to be serious, disciplined, and responsible individuals with an innate desire to better themselves and their environment.


However, if Saturn’s energy is not correctly harnessed, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy, fear, and self-doubt.


Therefore, the best use of natal Saturn in a birth chart is to learn from our past experiences and use that knowledge to tackle the present challenges with maturity and wisdom.

Saturn in the sign and houses

Saturn in the sign and houses

In astrology, the placement of Saturn in the 12 zodiac signs and houses can reveal a lot about the challenges you will face in life and growth areas.

Saturn represents the lessons you need to learn to achieve success and mastery in a particular area of life.

However, these lessons can often be painful, as they require us to face our fears, weaknesses, and limitations.

The influence of Saturn can be felt in different areas of life, depending on its placement in the birth chart.

For example, Saturn in Aries can bring challenges related to self-expression, leadership, and assertiveness, while Saturn in Taurus can manifest as issues related to material security, self-worth, and sensual pleasure.

Similarly, the house placement of Saturn can indicate the areas of life where one is likely to encounter obstacles and delays.

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For instance, Saturn in the 7th house can indicate difficulties in relationships and partnerships, while Saturn in the 10th house can suggest career, reputation, and public image challenges.


Understanding the placement of Saturn in both the zodiac signs and houses can provide insight into an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas where they may need to work harder to achieve their goals.


Saturn’s influence and the challenges and difficulties are important as it reminds us that these experiences are an inevitable part of our human journey.


Saturn symbolises the life events we all must go through, such as heartbreak, moving away from friends, having arguments with people, being scared, not wanting to leave your comfort zone or people, paying bills, passing and failing tests……


The death of a loved one and all the other emotionally stressful and painful life events that happen can leave you feeling psychologically and emotionally drained, but you will have to learn to deal with and handle these events and the emotional, spiritual and psychological wounds they cause.

Room to grow

Room to grow

When we encounter Saturn’s challenging energy and experiences, we may feel emotionally and psychologically wounded throughout our lives, leading to stress, anxiety, and even depression.

These wounds can manifest in various ways, such as self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, or a sense of being overwhelmed.

To address these wounds, you may seek support from loved ones, engage in self-care practices, or even seek professional help.

Talking to a trusted friend or family member can be a great way to gain perspective and receive emotional support.. for some but not all of you; it depends on your needs.

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Some of you need support, while for others, your lesson is to learn to go it alone, kinda like a lone wolf, this don’t mean you can’t have other people in your life, yet it does mean you have to take the sole responsibility to manage yourself and your life.

Additionally, engaging in self-care practices such as exercise, meditation, or journaling can help us manage stress and build resilience. In some cases, seeking the guidance of a mental health professional can be an effective way to work through emotional and psychological wounds.

With the right support and resources, it is possible to heal from the wounds that Saturn and life bring and move towards living a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Saturn’s challenges should be seen as opportunities for personal development and growth rather than viewing them as obstacles that hold you back and stop you from living your best life.

When we embrace the lessons that life throws our way, we can learn to enjoy the journey of life with all its ups and downs.


I want to thank the late and great, Noel Tyl and his 12 books on the principles and practice of Astrology for helping me write this series.

Ok, so now we embark on the journey of Saturn through the house’s;

some keywords for Saturn are:

• Objectives

• Social order/ conformity

• Time

• Strategy- forethought

• Boundaries

• Heartless- cruel- coldness

• Endurance

• setback’s

• Morbidity

• Withdrawal

• Depression

• Concentration

• Erring on the side of caution rather than jumping in at the deep end.

• Perseverance, against all cost

• Heritage-elders-tradition-father figures

• Pessimism- cynicism

• Wisdom

• Self-responsibility

• Self-limitation

• Ill health

• Hard work

• Self-discipline

• Test

• Family secrets

• Shame

• Long haul-----going and staying the course

• Guilt

• Blame

• Law and order

• Karma- fate

• Duality

• Practical

• Practical

• Childhood

• Authentic Self-expression

• Negative mentality- programming

Setting the right foundations

Setting the right foundations

Saturn rules Capricorn; Saturn is about bringing our wild dreams into reality by focusing properly and creating the foundations.

Saturn rules Capricorn and co-rule Aquarius with Uranus; December, January, and February are the months of deep winter, which both Saturn, Capricorn, Uranus and Aquarius influence.

The winter season offers us the physical sight of death because most trees are robbed of their leaves, with only the promise of renewal of their renewal in the spring.

Yet the promise is always delivered…into reality, and so will your hopes and dreams if you allow the entire process of life, death and regeneration to occur in your life.

To see the light, we need to know the dark.

Situations influenced by Saturn energy include Colds, failures, materialism, envy, real estate- land, insurance, past, privilege, hidden truths, and what we don’t see but need to see.

What body parts does Saturn rule

What body parts does Saturn rule

Body parts governed by Saturn are the endocardium-innermost layer of the heart, spleen, knees, upper stomach, nails, ribs, bones, teeth, hearing, skin, hair, digestive system-farting, and hearing-heeding.

Saturn takes 28-30 years to orbit the Earth and physically has a ring around its circumference, physically representing the limitation it represents in astrology.

Saturn’s goal is to make you aware of your highest potential; if you believe in reincarnation, as I  do, your highest potential is found in learning the lessons, you said you wanted to learn in this incarnation.

You can learn your lessons the hard way or the easy way; the decision is yours.

In ancient times the snake which ate its own tail, the Uroborus, represented Saturn; if you want to pass the Saturns test, you have to use your higher self to control your lower, base-primal desire, not giving them up completely no, but learning not to let them control your whole life- moderation is key.

To become master of yourself, and therefore the fate Saturn represents.

You cannot run from your fate, but you can rise above it, conquer yourself, to control your destiny

You cannot run from your fate

Saturn showed us the past we need to let go of to have our future; it can be viewed as a negative influence, and many of us try to cling to the old as we fear the new.

Still, Saturn only pushes back, When we refuse to heed and take notice of the need to let go of outdated patterns and relationships.

When we refuse to trust our small voices or gut feelings that call us into the new and unknown, we are doomed to live our lives chasing our tails as if we were dogs.

It’s important to recognise that letting go of the past is essential for growth and progress.

Instead of fearing the new, we should embrace it with open arms and trust our instincts.

Saturn’s influence can remind us to be more mindful of our actions and decisions, not get stuck in outdated patterns, and have faith in ourselves to navigate the unknown waters ahead.

Curbing our ego and passions

Saturn can be the angel of death or lord of the dance!

Curbing our ego and passions
Saturn can be the angel of death

Saturn is also about restricting your egotistical tendencies, calling you to engage in your own thinking processes rather than following the crowd – learning temperance and the many lessons life throws at us. 

As you gaze up at Saturn, the “Lord of the Rings”, you can’t help but feel a sense of solemn introspection.

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This magnificent planet reminds us that our own egos can be our greatest adversary and that true growth and wisdom come from engaging in the difficult process of introspection and self-examination.

In a world where conformity and groupthink seem to be the norm, Saturn challenges us to think for ourselves, question our beliefs, and seek out the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. 

Although it is not easy to go through the lessons that Saturn has to teach you, as you navigate the sometimes treacherous journey of self-discovery and personal growth, still its worth the effort.

The rewards of learning to temper your ego and engage in introspection are immeasurable and will lead to a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

So take the time to listen to what the “Lord of the Rings”, wants you to learn learning the importance of self-reflection and individual thought.

Embrace the challenges of learning these lessons, and know that with each step you take towards personal growth, you are one step closer to unlocking your true potential.


I firmly believe, through experience, that we need to obtain a level of self-awareness or at least gain the ability to look at ourselves critically.

Saturn can be the angel of death or lord of the dance! Saturn, the mighty planet of the solar system, is often associated with opposing personalities – it can be seen as the angel of death,

representing the end of cycles and transformation, or as the lord of the dance, representing harmony and inspiration.

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Saturn is about the material world; after all, it rules the 10th house and Capricorn, yet it also co-rules Aquarius, which has links to the spiritual and occult.

Saturn is practical but has a deep imagination; let’s not forget Saturn’s energy is very private.

So only because Saturn doesn’t go raving about its deeply spiritual and creative nature does not mean Saturn doesn’t believe; after all, it is the planet of karma; plus, Saturn’s humour is quite dry, cold and earthy.

As the planet of karma, Saturn embodies a certain wisdom and subtlety that belies its dry and earthy humour.

While it may not boast about its spiritual or creative nature, Saturn’s presence is felt strongly in matters of discipline, responsibility, and lessons learned through hard work.

In many ways, its quiet and restrained energy is a testament to the power of silence and reflection in your personal growth and inner stability.

Spiritual on the down low

Spiritual on the down low

So let’s not underestimate Saturn’s spiritual and artistic potential; it wants us to be practical and not think just because we meditate 24/7 that we are enlightened.

Of course, this may be some of your paths thief lifetime.

You lucky so and so’s; still, it is not all that spirituality is about; being spiritual doesn’t mean we have to revoke material things.

Instead, Saturn reminds us to find a balance between our lives’ material and spiritual aspects.

It urges us to take responsibility for our actions and work hard to achieve our goals while honouring our deeper spiritual and creative impulses.

By finding this balance, we can tap into the full potential of Saturn’s energy and embrace the wisdom and subtlety that it has to offer.

It just means we have to use them more wisely for the greater good; we can build a big business.

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But they must be ethical and not just on paper or in ad campaigns to give a false impression of caring about the environment, yano like honestly in real life, not just social media life – caring for your employees and the environment.


Saturn’s energy encourages us to be responsible not just for ourselves but for the world around us, and to build something that positively impacts society.


Doing so can create a materially successful and spiritually fulfilling life and leave a positive legacy for future generations.


Its best not to underestimate the spiritual power and potential of Saturn’s energy; instead, embrace its subtle wisdom and dry humour as we navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Balancing the scales.

Balancing the scales.

Saturn wants us to find a balance between the needs of our mind, body and soul, learning to control our self-destructive habits, emotional, spiritual, and psychological imbalances and personality disorders.

Of course, some psychological disorders are biological, but many are rooted in maladaptive behaviours learned in our past lives or as a result of unhealed childhood experiences and repression of our authentic self-expression.

Maladaptive patterns can significantly impact our emotional well-being and spiritual growth; Saturn’s call for us to balance echoes through the physical, mental and spiritual realms.

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Shining a light on the importance of breaking free from self-destructive patterns and tendencies and ushering in a shift towards holistic wellness.


Saturn beckons us to unearth these unresolved wounds, reprogram them and pave the way towards greater emotional and psychological harmony, which leads to self-understanding, healing and, ultimately, enlightenment.


It can be a challenging journey, but with Saturn’s guidance and discipline, we can cultivate the resilience and wisdom necessary to conquer our inner demons and emerge victorious.


This is not a quick fix – it requires patience, hard work and commitment to change.

But the rewards are worth it – a newfound sense of purpose, clarity and joy that stems from the alignment of our mind, body and soul.


So let us heed Saturn’s call and embark on the hero’s journey – a journey of self-discovery, transformation and, ultimately, liberation. The lord of the dance awaits us, ready to lead us towards harmony and inspiration if only we dare to follow.

Delayed gratification

Delayed gratification

Saturn whats to teach the proper application of self-discipline, focus, willpower, patience- timing, and delayed gratification, and these traits are in short supply in today’s fast-paced world. 

But Saturn is here to remind us that these traits are essential to achieving success and fulfilment.

Saturn’s rings represent the cycle of life – the ups and downs that we all experience. 

But by mastering the art of self-discipline, we can navigate these cycles with grace and fortitude. 

Focus and willpower help us stay on track, even when the temptation to stray is strong.

Patience and timing are also key factors in success. 

Like Saturn’s rings, life has its own rhythm, and we must learn to wait for the right moment to take action.

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Delayed gratification reinforces the fact that success is not an overnight thing but a product of hard work and persistence, so if you really want to make your dreams a reality.

You are going to have to sacrifice some of, if not most, of the things that bring you the pleasure of at least moderate them to achieve your long-term goals.


Today’s world is constantly bombarded with instant gratification – fast food, same-day delivery, social media likes, and immediate results.

We are used to getting what we want when we want it.


However, true success and fulfilment come from delayed gratification – the ability to put off short-term satisfaction for long-term gain.

This is where Saturn comes in – a symbol of discipline and resilience.


By embracing Saturn’s teachings, we can learn to take control of our impulses and channel our energy towards achieving our goals.


We can learn to be patient and trust in the natural rhythm of life, knowing that with time and effort, we will ultimately achieve what we desire and embrace the art of delayed gratification on our path to success and fulfilment by having patience and perseverance.

Stealing our Joy

What does Saturn mean Saturn spiritually?


As discussed, Saturn gets much stick in astrology for being the great restrictor, and we humans tend not to like restriction, so we often kick against the Saturns, call for us to move on or rethink our lives.

Rather than extracting the lessons and wisdom from OUR TRIBULATIONS, HEARTBREAKS  AND ADVERSE CIRCUMSTANCES.

This is because we do not understand- limitation, YES GRANTED,  sometimes it can feel like getting your sweeties robbed from you.

Now my blessings are here, my true love has come, oh no, now the gone again, oh the tragedy, oh the woe, the suffering, oh no.

And yes, I agree at times, Saturn is like the seasoned crooked thief who would even take a baby dummy from them while they were innocently sitting in their pram.

But I have learned, from my own experiences with limitations and setbacks, that Saturn is just as worthy of the adoration people traditionally give to planets such as Jupiter or Venus.

I personally have Saturn in Libra, and as all astrologers know, when Saturn is in Libra, it is exalted,

  • So hail Saturn, thank you for giving me the temperance and hindrances which turned my wet behind-the-ears ideas into concrete reality, built on a solid foundation rather than clouds in the sky.

Now, I will talk in great detail about what this highly misunderstood planet is genuinely all about.

Don’t fear the reaper

The negatives

Don’t fear the reaper
The negatives

We must stop seeing the Natal Astrological Chart placements or Astrological Transit’s as occurrences we must fear; no aspect of anyone’s natal chart needs to be feared.

Your aspects, planetary energies and transits are to be understood, healed, managed, and some of them transcended.

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Knowledge of your astrological natal chart and transits is meant to help you set yourself free from emotional and soul baggage, Societal expectations and familiar traps.

Astrological knowledge should not imprison you; instead, it is to be used as a soul or personality map to help you unlock your many depths.

Knowing thyself is the most significant life hack of all, and astrology can help you with that process .

By understanding your natal chart, you can gain valuable insights into your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life purpose.

Astrological transits can also help you navigate important life events and opportunities with greater clarity and wisdom.

 Rather than fearing the reaper of astrological influences, embrace them with an open mind and willingness to learn.

With the right attitude and approach, astrology is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

Saturn and Pluto and Neptune highlight your aversions, obsessions, possessions, addictions and dependencies.

These are all important to know as your aversions may make you hesitant towards certain people or situations.Obsessions may become all-consuming Saturn is about the material world;

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 after all, it rules the 10th house and Capricorn, yet it also co-rules Aquarius, which has links to the spiritual and occult.

Saturn is practical but has a deep imagination; let’s not forget Saturn’s energy is very private.

So only because Saturn doesn’t go raving about its deeply spiritual and creative nature does not mean Saturn doesn’t believe; after all, it is the planet of karma; plus, Saturn’s humour is quite dry, cold and earthy.

As the planet of karma, Saturn embodies a certain wisdom and subtlety that belies its dry and earthy humour.

While it may not boast about its spiritual or creative nature, Saturn’s presence is felt strongly in matters of discipline, responsibility, and lessons learned through hard work.

In many ways, its quiet and restrained energy is a testament to the power of silence and reflection in your personal growth and inner stability.

What is a soul contract?

What is a soul contract?

A soul contract is a spiritual agreement we make before we are born into their current physical bodies.

The purpose of these contracts is for us to experience things that will help us grow and evolve spiritually during our lifetime.

These contracts can involve various aspects of life, such as love, family, career, health, and personal growth.

These contracts are not set in stone and can be renegotiated or changed at any time based on your free will.

After all, the goal for each soul is first to become individualised with temperance, expressing every facet of itself as well as learning to be at one and at peace with yourself.

The next step is to meet each zodiac sign’s and planetary energies needs in your chart, balancing the needs of your mind, body and soul and training yourself to have a positive attitude, behaviour and self-expression.

Then the next step is to transcend the need to be defined by any aspect of your astrological natal chart or facet of your being……… using your free will to define who you are and learning to weather the evitable storms and joys of life.

The next step’s after that is, well, unknown…..on this physical earth plane.

Facing the unknown

Karmic meaning of natal Saturn

What is the unknown, and why do we fear it? The unknown is anything that is unfamiliar or unpredictable.

It is often feared because it represents a lack of control or understanding, which can be uncomfortable or even dangerous.

As humans, we tend to seek out patterns and meanings to make sense of the world around us.

When faced with the unknown, we may feel a sense of uncertainty or anxiety because we cannot predict what will happen next.

We humans in general, are uncomfortable with THE GREAT UNKNOWN, so we cling to “certainty” and “comfort” even though the familiar, for the majority of the time, brings us pain and suffering and many an emotional woe, day in and out.

Imprisoning ourselves in our past, torturing ourselves with our thoughts and emotional blockages, and turning ourselves inside out with our addictive behaviours and substance dependencies.

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The fear of the unknown is why so many people stick to the familiar path even though, in my opinion, repeating our past, refusing to let go of old experiences to new and unknown experiences, causes even more pain, than letting go and healing would.


I am talking from personal experience; on the other side of my suffering, I made my life so much more challenging by clinging to the things that needed to be composted and recycled, so they could rot and rot and rejuvenate, creating new forms of life and experience.


Yes, it may be better for the devil, but how about giving up the need to interact with the outer devil, by facing the inner devil and shadow, which is contained within us all.

Now as we know, that’s easier said than done, doing what is right for you as a person, it took me nearly 25 years to learn my lessons, and  I still have many more to learn, as life is both a cycle and a continuous journey.


Still, it is valuable to remember that although scary and hard to navigate at first, the unknown also offers opportunities for growth and adventure.

By exploring the unfamiliar, we can expand our knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

The fear within

What does Saturn mean Saturn spiritually?

A person’s nightmares start from within, although they may show without in external situations and people, so what is the fear within, and what are the root causes of it?

The fear within each person is as unique as their life experiences.

 It could be fueled by past traumas, deep-seated insecurities, or even subconscious fears of the unknown.

For some, their fear may be tied to a fear of failure, abandonment, or rejection.

For others, it could be a fear of losing control or of being vulnerable.

Identifying the root cause of your fears is a necessary first step toward overcoming them, and it requires self-reflection and a willingness to face uncomfortable emotions.

The biggest things we all fear are not achieving our goals, so many of us don’t attempt to try, and we also have a big aversion to heating now

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Saturn, the great reminder of the zodiac, loves to put obstacles in our way as we attempt to reach our goals and also givingus a big fat  NO,  especially when you were expecting a YES at the time, hearing the words “NO”, is painful.


The majority of my life, I  found it hard to listen to and say the word “no”, and the anticipation of hearing and saying “NO” nearly scared me half to death.

Saturn is the planet that keeps presenting our fears until we understand that there is nothing to fear, just things to overcome, reconcile with, manage and understand.


Once you understand what is causing your fear, you can take steps toward healing and move forward.

Whether that means seeking therapy, practising self-care, or simply talking to a trusted friend, taking action can help you break free from the cycle of fear and nightmares.


Remember, being afraid is okay, but don’t let your fears control your life.

I know once again, easier said than done!

Learning those lessons

Learning those lessons

Once you learn your lessons, learn to understand and work with Saturn’s limitations and restrictions, discovering that they are the spring broad to inner growth and higher responsibility. 

We must learn to understand the

frost storms of Saturn and enjoy its stern and sobering lessons, for they are

essential for personal and spiritual development.

As we face challenges and

obstacles in life, we often feel frustrated and powerless.

However, when we embrace Saturn’s teachings and limitations, we start to see these challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

Saturn’s lessons may be tough, but they are also transformative, allowing us to cultivate resilience, focus, and discipline.

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Through Saturn’s frost storms, we

learn how to weather life’s difficulties and emerge stronger on the other side.


So instead of resisting Saturn’s restrictions and trying to circumvent them, we can learn to embrace them as an essential part of our journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

After all, it is not just the brighter and often lighter climates -the experience of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter that are needed to navigate our individual psyche successfully.


To understand life and others, a person must first understand themselves, inside out.

To this, we must learn to take the hard as well as the smooth, coming to understand both pain and happiness have their place in life, without fearing or avoiding saturn’s limitations 


By embracing Saturn’s limitations and lessons, we become stronger individuals and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

This understanding allows us to navigate life’s ups and downs with greater ease and grace, and to appreciate the full spectrum of human experience.

So yep

What body parts does Saturn rule

We must also know how to handle the Storms of the SATURN, MOON, THE ASCENDENT, URANUS, and SATURN as well as partaking in the change, personal growth and transformation which PLUTO demands.

Remembering to look at the natal chart as a whole, not just in its parts, an individual must not be afraid of anyone aspect, degree or cusp of their Natal Chart.

To be afraid of any issue of one aspect or placement of your astrological natal chart is to be scared of part of your true self, a lesson I had to learn, and lack of self-understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and love stops our growth.

As we delve deeper into the workings of our natal chart, it’s important to remember that astrology is merely a tool to aid in our personal growth and transformation.

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We must not let fear hold us back from exploring every aspect, degree, and cusp of our chart.

Embracing each placement is embracing a part of ourselves and can open doors to valuable insights and lessons.


So it would be best if you welcomed the storms of your life represented by the aspects, sabian degrees, the planets, luminaries (sun and moon) and your ascendants, for it is in navigating them that we genuinely transform and grow.

And always remember to view the natal chart as a whole rather than just its individual parts.


Doing this helps us love all our parts, especially are shadow aspects, learning to heal, manage and temper them.

Saturn is the great revealer of your true self if you remain open to learning the often harsh and unpalatable lessons Saturn delivers.

Harsh realities

Life can be beautiful and fulfilling, but it can also be harsh and unforgiving.

Here are some of the harsh realities of life that we have to accept:

No one can escape death, and we all have to cope with the loss of loved ones at some point in our lives.

No matter how much we plan or prepare, life can still throw unexpected challenges and obstacles our way.

Despite our best efforts, success is not always guaranteed, and we may encounter failures and setbacks along the way.

Building and maintaining healthy relationships takes effort and can be challenging, especially when conflicts arise.

Sometimes, things happen that are beyond our control, and life can seem unfair and unjust.

Despite these harsh realities, it’s important to remember that we can make the most of what life has to offer and find joy and fulfilment in both the good and the bad, and yes, we may fail at reaching all or some of our goals but is it not best to try, rather than not trying?

We can learn from our struggles and setbacks, and use them as opportunities to grow and become stronger.

Yes, the external world has its harsh conditions, but I have found you can steer clear of most of them with a little self-determination and insight, which are hard for a person to find within themselves because of all the distractions and preconceptions present in the world.

Yet it can be done with training, personal willpower and reprogramming the subconscious mind.

It’s important to stay positive and keep pushing forward, even in the face of adversity.

Life may be harsh at times, but it’s also full of moments of joy and beauty that make it all worthwhile.

The mind of Chronos- time - Saturns reminder

The mind of Chronos- time - Saturns reminder

In ancient times, Saturn was known as Chronos- Time, and that is what Saturn is all about timing and making us all aware that there is, in fact, a limit to our time here on Earth; Saturn wants us to make the best use of our time here on Earth.

As mentioned in the intro, The house and sign where Saturn is placed and aspected in your astrological natal chart indicate the areas in life where you will feel the planet’s restrictions and boundaries enforce more.

Dane Rudyhar, called Saturn, the lord of boundaries, also had the view I also agree with; from my research into astrology, all the planetary energies and zodiac signs are not only opposites but also opposites polarities of each other.


  • Aries is the opposite sign of Libra and vice versa
  • Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio
  • Gemini’s opposite is Sagittarius
  • Cancer- Capricorn
  • Leo and Aquarius
  • Virgo’s polarity sign is Pisces


So using Capricorn and Gemini as examples, Capricorn’s opposite and polarity sign is Cancer, Gemini is Sagittarius, Capricorn is Cardinal earth, Cancer is cardinal water, Gemini is mutable air, and Sagittarius is mutable fire.

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Although they are different modes of expression, the other side of each coin, Cancer lets out Capricorns, repressed emotions;

However, those with intense Capricorn energy typically do not let emotional currents hinder their progress in general; they conceal rather than deal with emotions as cancers.


Although they can deal with emotions, their feelings can hinder their life’s progress.

Sagittarius gives birth to Gemini’s many ideas; sometimes, those with strong Gemini energy can fail to do as they are often seen as the jack of all trades and the master of none.


Yet Gemini recognises the benefit of teamwork and social connections more than what can be the lone ranger world of Sagittarius.

We often notice the differences between the signs, and in general, the world is polarised at the moment, with the good vs evil, black vs white, us vs them debates and more.


But nothing is black and white -straightforward in this life, and there are many grey areas, and it goes for every zodiac sign and planet in astrology whose energies all merge with each other.

Instead of being prejudiced and always focusing on the differences, it’s when we decide to see the similarities in things we can learn to understand, heal, overcome and break through them.


We can learn from the interplay of different energies and strive to cultivate a balance in our own lives.

Perhaps if we can embrace both the similarities and differences between ourselves and others, we can hope for a more harmonious world where cooperation and understanding prevail over conflict and division.

Jupiter Saturn’s opposite

Jupiter Saturn’s opposite

Dane Rudyhar states that Saturn is Jupiter’s opposite; Jupiter expands our horizons and gives us opportunities to progress.

While Saturn provides us with the experiences to grow from, Saturn places restrictions in the way of opportunities Jupiter bestows – gives on us.

This is neither a good nor bad thing, its the other side of the coin; the physical human or animal heart goes through a cardiac cycle from one heartbeat to the next.

Dane equated the energies of Saturn to the systolic, part of the process, which is when the heart contracts and lets the blood out.

Jupiter, he compared to the process in the heartbeat when the blood is refilling itself, after the emptying which happens in the systolic process.

So astrologically speaking, Saturn gives individuals experiences that provide them with no choice but to let go of their preconceptions and change their behaviour; you have to deal with your past, to have the future, Jupiter is calling you towards.

To do this successfully, you have to look deep within yourself, deal with your inner depression, release your toxic emotions, understand your strengths, and acknowledge and overcome your weakness.

Release your addictions and understand your childhood; work has to be done on all levels to use the blessings of Jupiter and life in general successfully.

How can we accept others if we don’t accept ourselves?

How can we accept others if we don’t accept ourselves?

More importantly, how can we love, respect, understand and heal others if we cannot do this for ourselves also?

Saturn’s energy gives us a choice: keep walking into our fears, living in our past, and following the status quo without question.

Or you can look into the reasons behind your failures, why do you keep coming up against a brick wall?

Why do your relationships fail? More often than not, if they do? is it because you do not see the bigger picture?

In reaching our goals we often miss out on the detail, the planning, the timing and the consistency; here is when Saturn steps in, causing us delays and frustration, to provoke your question, the reasons for your failures and relationship breakdowns.

Saturn is the personal wake-up call we all need at the time to time; most people have a Saturn return at age 28-30, it then happens every 28 -30 years after– read more about the Saturn return here.

The time of our Saturn returns is wanting you to take stock of the previous 28-30 years of life in great depth, questioning and weighing up the pros, and the cons.

During your Saturn return or to successfully work with the Saturn, 10th house and Capricorn energy in your natal chart, you should be asking a question like the ones below.

Questions to help you work through Saturn's karma-drama

Have I achieved my goals?

What’s my purpose in life?

What’s stopping me from reaching my goals?

How can I reach my goals?

Wait, have I even defined my goals?

How are my relationships?

Am I being fulfilled in them?

Am I fulfilling the needs of the people I am in a relationship with?

Are they meeting my needs?

Do I have any emotional baggage?

How can I deal with that?

Do I confront or run away from my emotions?

Do I numb myself from life?

why aremy exes, exes? ,

are the voices in my head factual?

Who put them there?

Are my beliefs my own?

Am I faithful to myself?

When is the time to be me? Surely the time is now?

Is fancying someone- being physically attracted to them, enough to sustain a relationship with them?

Yearly check ins

Questions like these should be asked during the time of Saturn’s return; in fact, I recommend it at least once a year.

I believe each person, during their Saturn return you, should keep a diary.

Seek counselling or any other professional help on any issues still not dealt with surrounding childhood or any problems.

Doing this during crucial turning points in your life will have lifelong benefits if embarked upon.

Yes, at times, it can appear like Saturn is being cruel when you experience one of its transits, and it rips the things you hold dear right out from under your feet.

Yet I have found in hindsight that it was for the best, for once we learn that what we crave is not always good for us; in fact, it is still better to look into the reasons why we desire certain things and curb that tendency within ourselves.

Then go out there seeking our cravings, only to find yourself yearning more until all you do is crave, becoming filled with an insatiable void you cannot fill that leads you further down the path of self-destruction.

Saturn is the often unwelcomed reminder of limitation, restriction, endings and the necessity of paying attention to time.

In conclusion

Time is essential in life; for instance, in my mid 20’s, I was full of so many ideas, and my work colleague once commented that I would need to live several lifetimes to fulfil all my ambitions.

This is what Saturn does best, it shows you that we can all have ideas, but it takes time to execute all plans, and time is limited; we all have anything from 30- 120 years max on this planet, if we are lucky, it is not a lot of time.

So we must restrict the activities we spend our time on, including limiting our self-destructive habits, such as the time spent using intoxicating substances and people we dabble in.

The relationships you get involved in and the thoughts you allow to swim freely in our mind affect your life, so as you get to 28,+ you should choose them more wisely.

Because of all these things and more can limit your capacity to reach your goals to pursue your authentic life purpose and make the right choices to do this.

To make the right decisions, you need to research; you need to question – you need to focus on your priorities.

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It is crucial to take the time to reflect on what truly matters to you, what brings you fulfilment and happiness.

It may take some trial and error, but you can figure it out with patience and perseverance.


Remember, your time is limited, so use it wisely and purposefully.

Don’t waste it on things that won’t truly bring you joy or help you achieve your goals.


With a healthy mindset and intentional actions, you can make the most of your time and live a life full of meaning and purpose.

Saturn is the great teacher, after all, and boy, does it teach; Saturn wants to liberate us from restrictions, and sometimes this takes restriction to this, paradoxical, I know!


You can learn the lessons Saturn wants to teach anywhere, from the prison cells to the investment banks, they are many layers and devices in Saturn’s lessons.

Saturn may be known as the “ringed planet,” but it also holds our hands as we navigate the ups and downs of life.


From feeling stranded in a sea of self-pity to being trapped in the depths of ego and materialism, Saturn reminds us that we’re all just floating around in this universe together.


But even in our lowest lows, Saturn encourages us to keep reaching for the highest heights, where we can find unity with our deepest inner selves and the great unknown beyond.

So if you’re feeling lost, just remember that Saturn has got your back… or hand, rather.

A little ditty I wrote about Saturn

Saturn’s lessons oh, so deep and vast

Egging us on to release the past

Yes, even if old friends are still a blast

Sometimes, the good things

Turn into bad

At times there is no reason

Its just life

Progress is the name of the game

Although letting go of our old loves

Live us lame, in bed in pain, guilt-ridden

Pleasures can become our shame

And then all we see is rain

Because we fail to understand the lesson

Which is life blessings can become our living hells

And our living hells, our blessings

The dualities of life

Such as, we are given breath

Only to lose it in death

The trick is to see

We never really lose

We always gain

When we understand the restriction of time

Is an illusion, for all is just part of the everlasting cycle

Growth is the order of the universe.


As the planet of karma, Saturn is associated with the lessons and challenges we must face in life in order to grow and evolve.

It is said to represent the inner teacher, the voice within us that urges us to take responsibility for our actions and strive for greater wisdom and understanding.

Saturn’s dry, cold, and earthy sense of humour may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it reflects the planet’s grounded and practical approach to life.

So while Saturn may not be the life of the party, it is certainly a planet worth getting to know.

Saturn, the sixth planet from the Sun, is the second-largest planet in our solar system.

It is known for its prominent and distinct rings, which are made up of millions of small ice particles ranging in size from tiny specks to large boulders.

The rings extend up to 175,000 miles from Saturn’s centre and are less than a mile thick.

The planet itself is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium, with a small amount of methane and other gases.

Saturn has a diameter of 116,460 km, which is about nine times larger than Earth’s diameter.

It has a very low density, making it the only planet in our solar system that is less dense than water.

Saturn takes about 29.5 Earth years to complete one orbit around the Sun, and it rotates on its axis once every 10.7 hours.

It has at least 83 moons, the largest being Titan, the second-largest moon in our solar system.

Saturn’s magnetic field is about 578 times stronger than Earth’s, and it has numerous storms, including a massive hexagonal storm at its north pole.

The Cassini spacecraft spent 13 years studying Saturn and its moons, providing valuable insights into the planet’s atmosphere, rings, and moons.

The planet’s iconic feature is its hexagonal-shaped jet stream at its north pole, which is about 20,000 miles in diameter and has winds reaching up to 200 miles per hour.

Saturn’s magnetic field is also unique, with a tilt of about 27 degrees from its rotational axis, causing it to wobble as it orbits the Sun.

Overall, Saturn is a fascinating and complex planet that intrigues astronomers, astrologers and arm chair space enthusiasts alike.