The balancing of the scales

Is Sun in Libra debilitated?

Now some might say the Sun in Libra is a bad position for the Sun to be in, but how I read astrology, no placement is either good or bad. Where are planets and aspects are in a birth chart, shows what your higher consciousness, soul or personality, has learned over its past lifetimes and needs to learn this lifetime.

However, you want to look at the Sun in Libra calls for you to express your ego and your core personality this lifetime, getting off the fence, and finding and then standing for what you really believe in, rather than being agreeable and codependent. Learning to transcend your ego expression if and when you ready to.

The Sun in Libra person simply needs above all to make a decision and do all the work necessary to know themselves.


When you have your Sun in Libra, as well as strong Libra energy in your natal chart, you will find it hard to accept your shadow traits, projecting your shadow on your partners and friends.

NATAL SUN IN LIBRA –  Manifesting fairness in all your relationships and actions, whilst learning to be decisive and proactive, allowing yourself to accept yourself warts and all, your good and your bad.

As all people have both sides, becoming less judgemental and less dependent on socialising and love relationships, for your internal happiness.

 Find the right partners and friends for you, give up people-pleasing and white lies, balance the scales always; temperance is key to your overall wellbeing.



Natal sun  Charm and pliability VS Decisiveness and languishing in Pleasure, superficiality  VS Working hard to seek depth

  • Element: Earth
  • Symbol:  The Scales
  • Modality: Cardinal Air/ Yang/ Masculine energy
  • Sign ruler: Venus
  • Esoteric Ruler: Vulcan
  • Exaltation: Saturn
  • Fall: Sun
  • Detriment: Mars
  • Envision all parts of your diverse self, the material, the psychological and the occult, working in harmony together.
  • The 1stth house- 7th house polarity

Natal sun in Libra Keywords:

  • Charismatic
  • Loves to socialise
  • Self-absorbed / can be a bit narcissistic, but they may not see it this way, it’s because they concern with how others view them, and this can in bucket loads, which most Libras are guilty of can come across as a bit egotistical and full of themselves. They don’t normally mean it, it’s just that….well…..they give so that they can receive the same!!!
• Flip flopper of personality traits, 2            distinct personalities, until they become secure in self
• Can be literal-minded
• Polite

• Frivolous

• Harmonious

• Passive aggression

• Indecisive

• Good host

• Superficial

• Romantic

• Partnership

• Unrealistic

• Can be wet behind the ears

• Good with interior and exterior design

• Ruled by Venus, so like Taurus can be         secretly or overtly vain

• sophisticated

• Laidback

• Can be lazy

• Lover of nature and beauty

• Tactful

• Mediator

• Resentful

• Changeable

• Flirtatious

• Gullible, easy led

• Impractical

• Attractive

• Elegant

• Conditional Compromise

• Creative

• Can put ideas into action

• Peace lover

• obsessive

• considerate

• in two minds

What does it mean to have Sun in Libra?

Esoteric insight: Librans have a dualistic nature, which can be confusing to themselves and to all those they in any form of close relationship with.

love and accept yourself

Sun in Libra, people know there is something more significant than the material plane of existence and the typical materialistic goals of marriage, kids, career, wealth and status.

However, as the soul level of awareness and existence are new to them, they often flip flop between the two moods, sometimes appear so holier than thou and mystical, almost in their self-expression.

Or they are lovers of social and physical Pleasure, chasing every status symbol going; this can confuse them and others, and as they often lack insight, especially in their youth and early adulthood.

Natal Sun in libra people often project their shadow on others; they don’t see they too have a shadow, and even if they do, it scares them, so they run from it into one of their many fantasy worlds.

Sun in Libras greatest task is to first become centre in their own being; this can take years of introspection and therapy even, which they can give to themselves or seek professional help.

 Depending on how strong their stomach and willpower is to transform themselves, You have to become fully anchored in your sense of self and live an authentic existence.

Knowing it is safe to be with you are, people may not accept the new you if they keep crossing your boundaries, distance yourself, and find people who respect who you trying to become.

Which when you have Sun in Libra is a soul centred, self-expressive person, in their own mind, who knows their own mind and makes decisions based on their logical and subjective perspective.

You have to become whole when you have Sun in Libra from within, giving up being polarised between personality extremes, tempering your desires, and balancing all aspects of your personality and expressing them in a seamless whole.

What does Sun in Libra mean?
What does Sun in Libra mean?

Balancing the Scales

When you natal Sun in Libra switching between extremes, self-expression is your life lesson; it’s a necessary phase for you to have more spiritual, mystical, soul centred experiences.

And superficial, lust-filled, flirtatious adventures, all the situations and people you encounter, are teaching you the spectrum of human personality, so you can accept the differences in people and within yourself and harmonise your personal expression.

 This section on the Sun in Libra will expand as the year’s progress.

 The mythology of Libra:  The symbol of Libra is the scales, which is associated with the judgement of the living and the dead in Babylonian and Zibanitu traditions. The scales of Libra weighed the souls of the dead and living; in Egypt, the harvest of crops was weighed when the moon was full in Libra. 

In recent times, Libra scales are associated with the Goddess Themis, who was one of the eldest and most sacred goddesses, who personified social behaviour and law; Themis was the goddess of law and justice and one of the original titans.

Themis was also the mother of the three fates who controlled destiny, the seasons and the hours; she was also a prophetess, who prophecies was based on a sense of balance with nature and structure/routine.

What does it mean when the Sun in Libra?, in-depth
Themes of the Natal Sun in Libra:

Give and take is the name of the game for natal sun sign Libra; fairness is needed in all dealings for the Sun in Libra person to feel at peace within, you have a good ability to make people feel at ease.

Your natural charm can have you wrapping anyone you come in contact with around your finger to subtly do your bidding.

When you have Sun in Libra, you will have many lessons around give and take, often falling into giving a lot to others, whether that money, time, love, company or any other of their resources.

Believe in yourself

What Sun in Libras, or those with intense Libra energy in their chart gives, they can often expect back and when others fall short, there comes the two faceness , Libras can be accused off.

Life is not fair, darling Sun in Libra, so you must first be honest to yourself, as you can have a perfectionist streak, and life will never be ideal.  And neither will the people you meet; you have to become responsible for setting your own boundaries and managing what you expect from others.

Giving can be good without receiving; often, what you expect others to provide you with, especially unconditional love and acceptance, must be given to you by you first, as you will never be able to receive it anyway.

Natal sun Libras can be highly sociable people. You can initiate projects quickly but often find it hard to finish; this is the same for romantic liaisons, and you love to start something, but at times can hate to end relationships.

You can simply get a bit bored and then just flirt with the next lover and find yourself in hot water, as you can be unfaithful at your worst.

You don’t mean it, yet that is not an excuse; you simply can find it hard to say no, and end relationships as you can be so agreeable and don’t like hurting other people’s feelings.

What does Sun in Libra mean?
What does Sun in Libra mean?

Face conflict
Why is Sun debilitated in Libra?

You can be highly intellectual and more strategic than people give you credit for; you are innocent, not like Aries, Virgos or Pisces can have.

Yours is more of a wanting to always do the right thing, regardless of how you really feel, sort of, measured out purity.

You simply can dislike conflict and do all you can to avoid it, including white lies and doing a disappearing act. To avoid arguments, people can tell you secrets that they do not tell others due to your apparent non-judgmental nature.

But in fact, Sun in Libra, it is not that you do not like trouble; it just that you like to remain sociable and have harmony in your day to day life; you want to come across as peace-loving. However, you and I both know Sun in Libra; your shadow loves a bit of poo stirring and causing mischief.

And as you don’t like arguments, and can be pretty slick with your manner and words. You often talk yourself out of any rabble-rousing you have caused; however, your behaviour often leads you in hot water and causes some people to become suspicious of you. Seeing through your I am nice and all things sugar and spice act.

You try and are all things to all people while being nothing to yourself, changing from one social mask to the next; this can cause insecurity, as you are accused of being dishonest.

You cannot please all the people all the time; you must find, establish and stick to your boundaries.

But sometimes, you can shock yourself and others. With your periods of deep spiritual and humanitarian insight and actions, in these moments, you come across as quite holier than thou, but it a charming way and an excellent shoulder to cry on.

Seek balance
Why is the sun weak in Libra?

Sun in Libras like balance in their lives at all cost but are prone to the odd tall-tale, if you really want truth in your life, find the truth within yourself and express it.

Your need for peace is an enormous strength, we need you, natal  sun in Libra, to keep social order and deliver justice, but your actions can sometimes land you hidden enemies.

Use your Potential


Because people can see through your phoniness, so do all your best to know the truth; it doesn’t always have to cause conflict if you deliver it with tact, which you have plenty of.

Develop your capacity to withstand conflict, as it will always arise in life, and once you accept yourself, you won’t care who likes you and who doesn’t; you be working from a place of integrity and justice.

Sun in Libras must also watch out for talking, thinking and seeing the world in an all or nothing way, seeing things as either right or wrong, life has grey areas, and you must become comfortable with them to reach your highest potential.

Which is a champion of the underdog, and seeking justice at all cost, even at the cost of people not liking you, you don’t need those types of people in your life anyway; those who want you to please and pander to them are not really your friends or allies.

Venus infuses you with the ability to see the beauty and harmony in life; you can have good attention to deal with, appreciate nature, artwork, and good music, as well as be quite creative yourself.

You can be a good house, lover and friend, and business partner as you think in terms of what’s best for the other parties initially, but to gain the peace you want, you must also think of what’s best for you too.

What does Sun in Libra mean?

Right relationships and partnerships

The best partnerships and relationships are based on compromise and mutual respect, understanding and care, also know that whatever decision you make, they will always be a better one.

Now I say this not to freak you out, Sun in Libra, but to get you to understand that you must learn to live in the moment, weigh up the pros and cons of all decisions.

Write them down as, at times, you can simply begin to live in your head, constantly mauling over the same thought patterns, without being aware and this cause mental confusion.

Writing your thoughts down will make you keep track of the conclusions you already formed, so you don’t go over the same thoughts over and over again to find the same conclusions. Which you forget as you didn’t write them down, and you can only remember so much, especially at the rate you can think.


Learn to live in the moment, do all you can to work through your inner tensions and stress, accept yourself; this is how you get others to accept you, natal Sun in Libra. Accept yourself first.

Learn to be realistic about how you see others and what to expect from them and yourself; you have a natural inner sense of fairness and justice; let this guide your life.

You best suit jobs that are concerned with fairness and the welfare of others, you could also be a great artist, writer, musician, interior designer, entertainer, hairdresser, business person, and you work better in partnership with others.

Shadow of Sun in Libra :

 Learn to mean what you say and say what you been; your family and friends may find it hard to understand why you can not speak your mind.

 You must get to the bottom of any psychological or emotional wounds and find the root cause of your inability to speak up for yourself.

You need to learn to stick to the task at hand and not party or waste time in any other ways too much, It good to party and explore, yet make sure you take care of the practicalities of your daily life, and you need to see beyond the superficial.

Being naturally in tune with what is right, learn to explore the laws of the unknown, spirituality and the deeper meanings of life, teach yourself to understand them, and integrate them into your daily life.

It is good to seek what is best for everyone Sun in Libra, but you must not manipulate people to get your own way, and often passive aggression can be a form of manipulation.

As your easy to hurt it is best to find people who respect you rather than abuse you

Libra is ruled by Venus, who is the goddess of love and harmony. Venus is a sign of love, marriage, and the ability to attract, and you can draw the right people to you as well as circumstances easily, don’t abuse this gift, as you never know when your charisma will run out.

Face your shadow to draw those you need
What is the most dangerous thing about a Libra?

Well, the lies, the temper they keep in, which can explode with dangerous consequences at times, the embezzlement and gambling they are capable of and their overindulgence in intoxicating substances and self-destructive behaviour.

Oh and the knife like words, oh my, you really thought that about me all this time, well not really, but yano I pent up all that rage and it just came out that way, oooooopppps I did it again like Britney sings.

Also, you may repel the very people and experiences of fairness and harmony you want to draw to you by being untruthful when you have Sun in Libra.

 I know you don’t wish to rock the boat by lies are lies, no matter how big or small they are, and often by keeping the peace and omitting the truth of the issue.

You can cause a lot more commotion than what would have been caused if you simply told the truth.

You must get off the fence and learn to stand up for yourself, the people you want and need to be around, respect this trait sun in Libra.

Know that for you to be balanced, you need to be with people who can give and take; equilibrium is critical for your overall wellbeing and stability. If you don’t have this, you can be highly irrational, more indecisive and driven to maddening thoughts.

Seeing all sides of a probably can induce stress, if not well managed, know they always are another way of doing and seeing things. If you learnt o work with your instincts, they would typically lead you in the right direction if you keep your mind clear from overwhelming repetitive thoughts.

You need to learn to make your own decisions natal Sun in Libra, as if you don’t, you will be bombarded by the many opinions of others. On how you should react in a matter that will confuse you more and remove your further from your inner wisdom.

Learn to make your own mind up

 Constantly seeking advice can keep you more stuck and drowning you in indecisiveness, it is essential as you age to learn to think for yourself.

Also, natal Sun in Libra it is essential that you learn to be alone, start by taking small amounts of time to be alone, and increase it as your feelings of loneliness can lead you into situations with people who are more trouble than their worth.

Increase your resilience, especially to others criticism; know that not all people will like you, your love of partnership in all areas of your life can only be beneficial.

If you seek out the right partners, seek those who allow and encourage you to be you, who don’t take advantage of your innate need for partnership.

Give up on falling in love for love’s sake. Solar Libras can typically be people who fall in love with the idea of being in love, which can lead to poor relationship choices that can cause physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional or financial problems instability.

Is Libra a good sun sign?

The gift of the Solar Sun in Libra: bring peace and harmony by seeing all sides of an argument and working to bring peace and a beneficial solution for all parties involved. Take care of the practical details, and do the jobs you keep putting off.

TO STAY ON TRACK:  express who you really are, learn to speak your truth; get help with this if need be, learn to mix the material with the spiritual/ deeper meanings of life.

 Respect your ability to see the fair solution for all and seek justice; know not all people can give you the depth of emotion and experience you wish for.

IMAGERY:   the scales, tarot cards, Justice, The Empress, and the suit of swords.

KEYNOTE:  keep the balance, keep the faith, learn to speak your mind.


CURB/restrict:  being lazy, yes it’s good to relax and have fun, we all know you like nice food, to watch a nice tv show, to take it easy in life, leisure and social time can be pleasurable to you. But you must pay attention to your personal and career development. 

The road to wisdom: make a decision, make a plan to get what you want and stick to it, as once you make your mind up, you are usually unstoppable, typically getting what you want one way or another.


Libra rules: the kidneys, skin, lumbar region, endocrine system, and buttocks.

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