Leo Moon Transit: What does the moon entering Leo mean?

Transit Moon in Leo

What does the Moon entering Leo mean?


    • Playfulness
    • Romance
    • Sexual drive
    • Time of generosity
    • Fanciful creations
    • Ask for that raise or promotion
    • Commit to the next level in a relationship
    • Fix ideas
    • Aggression- temper flare-ups
    • Displays of grandeur
    • Releasing your inner child or spending time with children and those younger than you
    • Time to take risk
    • Reflection how you compare yourself to others, and make plans to help you value yourself based on your own merit and achievements.
    • Focus on your innate talent and uniqueness

When the Moon is in Leo, which is a fixed fire sign, tempers may flare, and egos may rage, attention, getting and keeping it may be brought to the forefront.

The Moon is transiting Leo; this is really energetic and can be an aggressive time, where you double down on yourself to get task completed.

Or others may be a bit forceful with you in their bids for your attention, this the time your inner child or more egotistical side of your personality wants to come out and play and lead the way.

The moon transit Leo can be a time of great pride; try not to step on anyone’s toes and know your actions and words can bring far-reaching consequences.

Leo moon transit time is best to launch a project or showcase yourself somehow, be as humble as you can, but put your best foot forward, nonetheless.

You may resist saying the words that need to be said, and I know it can be hard to express your deep and meaningful, but if you find the courage, you may get a reply that you wished for

 Yes, rejection is always a risk, but as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained; this is a perfect time for grand romantic and creative gestures; after all, the Moon is in Leo, the sign of I WILL.

Moon transit Leo can be a time of high drama and rapid happenings; you may enjoy some role play, go watch a play or watch a drama or comedy from the comfort of your own home.

You may decide to step up and take more of a leadership role in your life or career; good news about a creative project or business proposal could be received during this phase.

Time to play

You may enjoy listening or dancing to music, playing a sport or wooing or being swept off your feet by a loved one or a new potential love interest.

You may receive an influx of self-assurance and esteem whilst the moon transit Leo, vowing to go after all the things you denied yourself in the world; you may abruptly end relationships that have stifled your authentic expression.

In the 2 and half days the moon transit Leo, it is excellent to focus on your personal, career or spiritual development; passion is the keyword for this moon phase.

What does the Moon entering Leo mean?, continued

You may enjoy passionate moments with a loved one or just feel more positive and enthusiastic about life in general, you feel up for and may give it large; you’re ready to party, be entertained or inspired.

If you have been feeling down throughout the previous moon phase, you may just snap out of your previous funk when the Moon transits Leo. Giving in to the lighter and brighter side of your personality, allowing your inner child to heal and lead you into fun and frolics.

Have some fun

Life may seem less lack and while and more full colour, you may even wear brighter colours or express yourself through your wardrobe in some other way.

Leaving the humdrum and mundaneness of routine and breaking out of any constraints, you may feel flirtier and have an I own the world and everything in it kind of vibe about you during the Leo moon transit.

Now is a time to shine, and you may help others shine too, by being generous with your time or other resources; all in all, this is a time to be silly, catch some jokes and look on the bright side, appreciating the beauty in the world.

Leo is ruled by the sun so, things will be more animated and illuminated during this period of the Moon transiting Leo; you may seek to emulate people who push you to be better than you are now and seek out a mentor or life coach.


At a high time of celebration, you may win a small amount of money, go on holiday or daybreak, reap the rewards from previous financial or spiritual investments.

However, when looking into new trades and investments, this is an excellent time to be cautious; check the small print; although you may not be so concerned about the small details now, it is in your benefit to check to avoid future losses.

 Be cautious with any investments regarding property; your energy is best used to have fun, take things easy and focus on personal growth during the Moon transiting Leo.

The shadow of transiting Moon in Leo

Avoid giving in to your temper, and avoid aggressive situations; if you feel pessimistic, try to engage in something which will lift your spirits.  

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you know it all, and stepping on someone else parade, just for the sake of it, and ignore anyone who tries to throw the spanner in your ideas.

But listen with an open mind, as they may be some good avoid mixed in with all that criticism, avoid taking dangerous risks,  and spending more than you can afford, neither gamble more than you have.

This is a time to spend time with people who make you feel at ease and who bring you pleasure, not those who bring out aggression and wildness in you.

Also, I know it’s hard when life often hurt; rejection and heartbreak is never easy to get over, but do not let past hurts stop you from showing what’s in your heart.

As potentially they may be a risk to avoid and lie about your feelings when the Moon is transiting Leo, you don’t need to have the perfect ways just say what you feel.

Self-love is the best love

And the one you say them too rejects you, go out and buy yourself your favourite meal, drink, not too much though, don’t want you drowning your sorrows, engage in some serious self-care, and know someone who wants you will come along.

But always speak your mind, as it’s often the things we don’t say in life we regret rather than the words we do; this is a time to start loving yourself and putting yourself first to attract what you need in the long run.

As there comes a time when all the material possessions in the world and notches on the bedpost won’t feel the inner void inside, only your inner connection with your entire being, mind, body and soul can do that.

Health, nutrition and gardening

When the Moon transits Leo, it’s a good time to exercise and eat food that promotes your heart, sense organs, upper back, and spinal column.

 Check that you’re taking in the right nutrients and do all you can to promote wellbeing, keep your stress levels low, and have a nice back massage if you can.

If you feel low in energy, make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy energy-promoting food, and do not waste your energy in any way.

When the Moon is in Leo, this is a perfect time to dig up weeds and cultivate your garden, removing all bad produce from your patch, looking at ways to improve your productivity.

This is an excellent period to harvest your crops, getting rid of pests and fungus; when the Moon is in Leo, it’s called a barren moon, so it’s not suggested plant things as such, more for upkeep work.

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