Sun transiting in Cancer what happens? – still, waters run deep

What day does the Sun move into Cancer?
The Sun will transit in the constellation of Cancer 2022 from July 16 at 10:50 pm until August 17, 2022, at 7.14 am

What day does the Sun move into Cancer?

Keywords of the Sun in Cancer transit

  • Increase in creative, social, romantic, and social activity
  • Taking time out to work through emotional or psychological problems
  • Spending more time on personal hobbies
  • Being forced to deal with emotions
  • Manipulative behaviour to feel more emotionally secure
  • Spending more time at home or in other people’s houses entertaining or cooking
  • Home improvements- taking care of bills and domestic matters
  • Good for well-thought-out property sales and trading
  • Spending more time with children or with your inner child
  • Negatively problems with everyday routine due to emotional or family issues
  • Feeling socially awkward
  • Arguments with friends, family, and intimate partner(s)

Feeling more defensive

What does the Sun entering Cancer mean?

What does the Sun entering Cancer mean?

When the Sun is transiting in Cancer, feeling and emotions can be more important; home, family, and partnerships, especially intimate ones, come under the spotlight.
You and others may want more time alone, in solitude, to work through your emotional, psychological, or spiritual problems.

If you are used to socialising with others or having a partner.
Conflict can happen in relationships due to a lack of communication of your needs, so if you feel you need a time out, explain this to others, although they may not understand.
Yet if you tell them how you feel, you have done your job, how they take it is their job. Nevertheless, you are generally more empathetic when the Sun is transiting in Cancer.
Yet people tend to care more about what people think of them in this time, so they may hide their real emotions.

Be real

Try not to do this, as this won’t work in the long run; Sun transit in Cancer can see your own home or friends become a hub of entertainment. Cooking, singing, and playing games together can be on the agenda.
Some people can become more emotionally reserved on the opposite end of the spectrum.
When the Sun is transiting in Cancer and more focused on the things that bring them security rather than spontaneous actions.

Adversely people can use manipulation and emotional control to get what they want when the Sun moves into Cancer.

The ultimate aim of this behaviour is emotional security.
If you have work that you must complete whilst the Sun transits in Cancer and find yourself sensitive to your environment.
Working alone can make you feel more productive, or if you work in an office or other social environment, you may spend less time with co-workers.

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