Venus transiting in Gemini -

What does Venus entering Gemini mean?

Venus, the planet of possessions, nature, beauty relationships, inner values, physical and spiritual romance, divine love and security, meets the flexible, logical, social and communicative sign of Gemini

Venus transits in Gemini from July the 13th, 2022 until August the 7th2022.

Keywords of Venus transiting in Gemini

  • Increase in verbal flirtations
  • Possibility of more hookups
  • Meeting potential lovers through social events
  • Intellectual infidelity
  • Creative expression of scientific and technical information
  • Increase in inconsistent actions and words
  • Feeling emotions on the emotional rather than physical- feeling level.
  • Needing change and variety
  • Feeling more curious and wanting to try new things can be new makeup, clothes, food, drink, and social environments.

Rethinking your relationships, with a focus on thinking about if they meet your intellectual needs.

What does Venus entering Gemini mean? Continued

When Venus transits through Gemini, you may find yourself feeling more generous, friendly and detached in your, self-expression. This is good for hard work, can be challeging for those who may be in committed relationships.

Cheating can happen under this influence, but it’s more likely to be intellectual and virtual rather than emotional and physical, not that this fact makes infidelity any better.

In general, people can seek more freedom and intellectual stimulation in all types of connections when Venus is transiting in Gemini.

Banter and superficial flirting are adding to the collective consciousness when Venus makes its transit in Gemini, taking fun adventures with new people and seeing the humour in the small and big things.

If you are single, you may fall for someone who is funny or at least thinks they are.

They can also be an increase in short-lived and superficial hookups while Venus transits in Gemini.

Intellectual stimulation

In summary, When Venus transits the Gemini constellation, you may find yourself wanting to experience everything and everyone.
You may find yourself increasing wanting a diverse experience rather than sticking to what and who you already know, your more open to broader spectrum of people.
Who may change who you think and feel about life for better or worse. All in all people tend to be more friendly, outgoing, and interested in others.

Increasing the probality of energetic and entertaining experiences, although more distant emotionally, placing mental connections before physical attraction.
This can be short-lived; after all, the shadow of Gemini is extreme unpredictability

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