Venus enters Leo; what does Venus entering Leo mean?

Becoming rejuvenated to love and romance, enhanced creative skills, feeling full of energy and taking life less seriously.

People will want to look their best and do things on grander scales.

So this can be a time of big romantic gestures; Venus in astrology represents love, nature, and our inner values.


Leo is all about being self-expressive, royal, generous and wanting an extravagance. Watch out for overspending. 

Remember, money can’t buy you love, yet it can buy you fake friends, lovers, a good time and lust.

People, in general, can wear their hearts on their sleeves when Venus transits in Leo.  

Watch out for being egotistical, attention-grabbing, and wanting your own way.

Although you may want to chase, it may be best to make people come to you and act a little mysterious.

Excessive focus on pleasure and sensual gratification can lead to you not meeting the commitments of your daily routine and can cause financial or other losses.

When does Venus enter Leo?

Venus enters Venus on the 31st of august 2022 at 11:49 am and stays there until the 24th of September at 4:34 GMT when Venus enters Virgo.

Keywords of what does Venus entering Leo mean- love games
  • Enthusiasm and Romantic happenings are the keyword of Venus transiting in Leo
  • Feeling more youthful and in touch with your inner child
  • People can become more dramatic and affectionate in their expression
  • Feeling more alive, warm, open-minded and positive 
  • Appreciating nature, pleasure, good times and people more
  • Enjoying being the life and soul of the party and networking
  • Throwing extravagant parties and enjoying the company of sophisticated people
  • Becoming prideful of your loved ones
  • Enjoying being the centre of attention, taking my pride in your appearance
  • Wanting praise and excitement
  • Enjoying colour, music, acting, writing, and beautiful surroundings more
  • Increase in loyalty with those you view as worthy of it
  • Negatively people can become self-absorbed, jealous, snobbish, indiscriminate in their hook-up choices and overly focused on porn, sex and personal gratification
  • People throwing their dummies out of the pram – having a bad temper as they cannot get their own way
  • Saying things for the sake of it without meaning  or for the public, such as social media likes, is the downfall of Venus transiting in Leo


The jump-off

When Venus transits in Leo, you may become, or at least it’s, an opportunity to become more warm-hearted and open-minded in the realms of love and affection.

Taking time out to woe- romance your loved one(s) appreciate poetry.

Enjoying the tease and chase, wanting the admiration, acceptance and to be validated. Wanting to indulge and be indulged 

Have some date nights to show those you care about exactly how much you feel for them. 

If you are single, why not date yourself? Take time to get to know yourself on all levels.

Indulge in healthy self-care, such as uncovering and resolving to understand and heal your emotional, spiritual, physical or psychological wounds.

It is also a great time to heal your inner child or help children become more confident.

Organising games and other activities to help them with their self-expression. 

Also a perfect time for all artists, musicians, actors, performers and all other creatives, especially writers.

Passion abounds

Passionate time can bring rewards, and experiences can be more spontaneous when Venus transits in Leo.

If your open, deep movements forward in your self-awareness, confidence, forgiveness, love, and acceptance can be made.

Exciting and unexpected news can brighten up your day, the perfect time for a proposal of commitment or marriage. If you are single, why not partake in a self-partnered ceremony?


If your old fashioned like me, it’s an excellent time to state your intention of courtship. Venus is in Leo. 

Is a perfect time for celebrations, entertainment, good company, food and drink.

Your social life can expand during venus transit in the constellation of Leo. You can host or attend many social events, making it the perfect opportunity to make new friends or love interests.

What does Venus entering Leo mean? Continued

Esoterically this energy is perfect for conception, whether an actual child or a creative idea. 

Also, if you wish to ask others for help, they may reply favourably, especially in matters of beauty, health and pleasure. It’s a perfect time for self-refinement, and creative abilities are greatly enhanced. 

If you have well-aspected Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, libra, Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 10th and 11th house placements.

Then well thought out financial speculation in the entertainment or service industries may go well.

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