What does Venus mean in astrology?

What does Venus mean in astrology? What is the role of Venus in astrology?


                                           An ever-expanding guide on all things Venus

The myth of Venus

Venus is an Italian often referred to as a Greek goddess, although she has many associations, anyway Venus the goddess or god, or non-gender binary bringing of love and commitment.

Venus rules over farms, land, and gardens and is strongly associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, victory, prosperity, unconditional love, fertility, and sex.

Venus is said to help those who want to evolve in the highest forms of love; Venus’s son Aeneas was a wanderer who settled in Italy, who claimed him as their own.

Due to the connection with the Julian house, Augustus and his successors belong to via adoption through Aeneas son Iulus, Venu’s grandson.

Venus helped Aeneas escape the burning city of troy and protected him from the goddess Junos wrath, making Dido, queen of Carthage, fall in love with Aenas to grant him a refugee.

Venus also helped Aeneas with his final battle of Turnus by giving him back his spear that was embedded in a tree and placing it in his hand.

Venus meaning in astrology
What is the role of Venus in astrology?

In astrology, the planet rules love inner values and money in a nutshell. Still, as you see below, it’s not quite as simple as that, as Venus also controls our sentimentality, pleasure, what we value and how we seek gratification; Venus is concerned with how we pleasure ourselves and how we allow others to satisfy us.

Venus rules, beauty, manners-social graces, our joy, what creates lack of happiness, creativity, harmony, how we appreciate or don’t appreciate aesthetics- beauty-nature, taste, overindulgences; however, addiction moves into Neptune’s terrain.

In the natal chart, Venus shows how we give and take in relationships, how we go about establishing them, how we like to be staled or stalk our love prey.

The ways we seek balance, refinement and the food, people, activities, work, exercise and other routines we get our kicks from. And what home inner and physical home means to us via the way we dress our homes and our physical bodies.

At its highest, Venus energy shows us how we compromise, seek and give peace, how we appreciate nature and beauty, peace, give and take, and act in social situations; at its lowest, Venus shows our lack of taste, manners, our personal vanities, superficialness and how we are self-indulgent

What is Venus's cycle?
more about the meaning of Venus

How the position of Venus to the Sun gives more information about your love style and experiences than the house and sign your natal Venus is in? Did your Venus rise before or after the Sun? What does that mean? Are you direct or receptive in your quest for intimacy

What are the positive and negative keywords for each Venus sign? This ultimate guide to Venus in astrology reveals all this and more.

Venus, in a nutshell, shows how you give and receive affection, who/what you are attracted to, who/what is drawn to you and what things bring you joy or sadness.

 As all planets and zodiac signs have at least 2 faces and orientation of their energies, what may be suitable for Joanne may destroy Joe and all of that.

So, in a nutshell, there is a positive and negative expression of each zodiac sign, planet and asteroid.


Calculate your birth Venus placement here

What does Venus mean in astrology? continued 


  • Venus operates on a 584-day cycle, retrograding once during this period, so it retrogrades about once, every 19 months or so
  • How you seek to possess another or how you are possessed by another
  • How you love and how you are loved- what love and lust mean to you
  • How you desire and enjoy beauty and reassurance-comfort
  • The answers to the above questions varies, from person to person, due to astrological factors- i.e. sign and the house of Venus, environmental factors- up bring- life experience, soul linage and age- past life experience
  • The sign ( I.e. Gemini, Leo, Pisces) Venus is in shows the quality and intensity of feelings and affection, your individual principles and ethics, and how you understand them and your capacity to form intimate relationships.
  • The house Venus is in indicates the experiences that allow or disallow intimate relationships to be formed and how your personal values can be developed or refined- evolved.

What Venus shows

In astrology, Venus represents how you express your emotions in personal relationships, especially in marriage, love and business partnerships.

Venus orbits inside the earth’s pathway around the Sun and is a personal planet, which is not affected by social or collective patterns; Venus energies is an individualistic expression.

Yes, who you attract may depend on your social, religious, spiritual and material orientation.

 But how you attract these people depends on Venus’s zodiac sign, if you were born when it was direct or retrograde, and the house and aspects Venus makes.

Venus energy is directed towards bringing you rapture, release, gratification and enjoyment in the ways you consciously or subconsciously seek it.

The spirituality – higher octaves of Venus expression.
What is the role of Venus in astrology? continued

Venus represents all that is feminine, relational, intimate and loving, material and spiritual, and covers the whole spectrum of love from physical, psychological, friendly to unconditional and self-love.

In a female chart, or in the natal chart of someone who identifies more with their feminine energy, Venus shows how they feel about their femaleness and womanly ways.

Venus in a male or someone who identifies more with masculine energy natal chart indicates the type of person you are attracted to and the type of people you are attracted to.

As we continue to revert back to our origins, we are starting to recognise that all people have masculine and feminine energy within them, which can be expressed in traditionally masculine or feminine ways.

Or any one of the varieties of binary or non-binary gender expressions from androgynous to genderqueer and all other gender and personality expressions.

So Venus energy is not only about the people we attract or desire but is about how we reconcile the masculine and feminine parts of our own individual psyches, allowing ourselves to be both our own inner masculine and feminine lovers.

 Marrying the fe- with the male of our individual psyches, becoming whole within, so we can share this wholeness with those we attract without.

What is Venus energy?

Venus teaches us how to love, often by showing us what we don’t love, via our adverse love experiences.

The zodiac sign Venus and the house Venus is in and the aspects Venus makes to the other planets, houses, and zodiac signs in your natal chart.  Indicates your romantic and feminine love energy,  how you give and seek commitment, your inner values,  your lusts, compulsions.

As well as showing the ways your love nature can evolve and bloom and the experiences that will come your way to help you expand your love nature.

Venus energy aims to help you grow from seeking external love, the disappoints you face through your venus experiences.

Calls you to heal your inner void by sorting through your unhealed emotional and psychological wounds so that you can develop self-love and understanding to find your inner wholeness.

Ultimately Venus energy gravitates us via our attention to beauty, art, harmony, possessions, lust, commitment, passing fashions, flings, hookups, and “the ones” and the recognition and unlocking of our inner creative energy experience the divine feminine and masculine.

Venus also indicates your attitude towards personal possessions, money, how you seek comfort, social and artistic values; Venus shows what a person wants for themselves, how much they can enjoy intimacy, connection and appreciate the broad spectrum of life experiences.

In the realms of all things pleasurable, social, entertainment, intimate, Venus shows the magnetic pull of the experiences you attract to you via its motions, zodiac sign and the house it is in.

Through the experiences Venus, gratification energy, Venus acts as a magnet that brings to you, helping you build up self-worth and encourage creativity in relationships; Venus represents love in all its forms, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and unconditional.

What is the role of Venus in astrology?
Self-love is the key goal of Venus energy

The quality of your self-love and care represents the quality of the people you attract; the level of your recognition of your self worth determines if you accept or reject the people and situations that are sent to you.

Venus gives you the opportunity to keep or discard the experiences and connections it sends to you; this is why working through your emotional blockages and psychological traumas is important throughout your lifespan.

A lifelong practice of personal development and getting support from helplines, therapists or a counsellor, or an alternative healer like a holistic astrological life coach, can help you manage your inner turmoil.

Some people will hurt us; this lifetime, but they are people who can give us what we deserve, but if we do not manage our emotional and psychological health, we will miss these people.

Because we come to believe that we are not good enough or we deserve to be alone.

 This is not the truth; it’s our thoughts and not letting go of repeating our past relationships, which keeps us repeating them.

The higher octaves of venus energy

The highest expression of Venus energy knows what and who is good for you and what is not, seeing what will bring you happiness and inner contentment and doing all you can to get it. Having a foundation of self-love allows you to recover quickly from relationships setbacks, as you always have your inner sense of self to fall back on.

The quality of what we attract and accept in our lives is connected to the potent magnetic pull of Venus; if you keep attracting toxic and self-degrading relationships, you need to reevaluate. How you see your worth and value, with compassion, understanding,  doing all you can to build up your self-esteem and love, for the external reflects the internal.


Yes, we can say things like all people are bad, liars etc., but why do we entrain such people? Why repeatedly allow them into your life? These questions must be answered, what is going on within you that allows you to repeatedly allow undesirable people into your life?

Are you bored? Lonely? Trying to escape? Do you not like spending time alone?

 Are they a distraction from dealing with your emotional, spiritual and psychological issues?

Do you think you are not worthy of love? Why? Is it because your parents or past lovers withheld their love from you?

It is essential to know that we consciously or subconsciously attract people, possessions, and experiences into our lives because we need to learn something from them. 

Without these connections or situations, we would not attract them, so there is always something to learn from each experience.

Because even when you think you have dealt with or learned a specific lesson, internally, they may still be something to learn, as we humans deceive ourselves the most.

The planetary energy of Venus gives you the ability to attract what gives you enjoyment and contentment, so you have to answer what is it that gives you pleasure? Is it pain? Is that why you keep attracting painful relationships?

Balance and harmony

Venus is a planet of balance, contrast and evaluation; due to its rulership of Taurus and the second house and Libra, the 7th house, Venus wants you to objectively and subjectively think about your intimate connections and relationships in general.

Weighing up their usefulness and asking yourself, honestly, what you get out of your relationships, especially if you keep attracting toxic ones.

This is why it’s important to introspect and question what you want out of any relationship before getting into them, so as you reach your late 20s- to late ’30s, you know exactly what you want.

As you learnt from your past, what you won’t accept in a relationship so that you can create intimate relationships with clear foundations and boundaries.

Rethinking your desires and the personal, spiritual, psychological, and emotional cost of obtaining what you really or think you need.


Did your Venus rise before or after the Sun? What does that mean? Are you direct or receptive in your quest for intimacy


Venus is either a morning or evening star; it rises before (morning star), or after (evening star) the Sun and is never more than 48 degrees behind or in front of the Sun.

Because of this, the aspects it can make to the Sun is limited.

How Venus interacts with the Sun at your time and day of birth gives significant information on how the energies of Venus will operate in your life.

Venus is never more than two signs away from the Sun; if your Venus comes before your sun sign, this means Venus is placed in a different sign to your natal sun sign, for example, Venus in Cancer, Sun in Leo, it is called a morning star.

Venus morning star- Venus Lucifer

This gives you a more direct approach in your relationships, you like to take charge and go for what you want, but your attractions are mainly based on physical appearance and not mental or spiritual.

My darling and late Dane Rudhyar calls Venus rising before the sun “Venus Lucifer, bearer of the light” because those with morning star Venus are more naïve, spontaneous and enthusiastic in Venusians pursuits and general optimism for the future.

Venus morning star people often learn love lessons the hard way, from their own experience, rather than the wisdom or advice of others.

If you were born when Venus is a morning star, it’s crucial to deal with disappointments in love after each occurrence, or at least periodically. Because if you do not, you can become disillusioned with love,  leading to you becoming closed, off, stoic and cold in your emotional aspirations and expression.

We humans often just close down our emotional body after many disappointments; however, this is not the true point or endgame of your negative experiences. Which occur to show you the inner areas you need to work on and your urgent need for self-love and care.

In summary, venus morning star- Lucifer people are more adolescent-naive, spur-of-the-moment-impulsive, have blind faith in love, which makes them yano lovers of this song, or at least its sentiment of it may not work out but ill give it a good try anyway.

But they can often rush into things without weighing up the repercussions of their actions; they often go after who and what they want.

Venus evening star meaning- Venus Hesperus

Venus Hesperus is when the speed of Venus slows down, in comparison to its speed in its morning star phase

If Venus comes after your sun sign,  so Venus raised after the Sun, for example, Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Capricorn, then you are likely to wait for the other person to make the first move.

You prefer to let your partner take charge in the bedroom, at less at first; as we all know, Capricorns are undercover kinks.

Evening star Venus allows you to make deeper connections more easily, but after time, you don’t jump right in, although you’re more receptive than proactive, focusing more on stability and authentic emotional connection.

Venus evening star people are more controlled, introverted, and not as intense in general as venus morning star people, at least at first; they can be more private about their emotions.

Although they may experience emotions intensely, they find it hard to share their raw, authentic emotions with themselves and others. Evening morning star people can find it hard to get over emotional setbacks, and you can ruminate in relationship breakups for years, often shutting down for life after one failed love attempt.

Venus evening star summary, you are more likely to be more strategic, calculated and rational about love decisions; although you can be reserved, you operate best when you experience with others and are social.

 No one is saying to turn into venus morning star but, do not close yourself off to love, as in doing this, you are shutting down your full access to your self-love and total wholeness. Heal yourself first, then share your completeness.

You have a real need to want and belong but belong to yourself first.

Also, try and break out of your cultural or nations expectations of love, and get in tune with your own authentic love language, desires and needs.

Guard against being possessive of those you love, as yano most lovers become exes, this is a fact of life, but what is yours, truly will be yours, if you do not cling, get over your fears


What does it mean if Venus is in the same sign of your Sun, one sign apart or two signs apart from your Sun?



Venus same sign of sun sign


The Sun in astrology represents self-integration, ego, personality, uniqueness and core principles; Venus in astrology shows how you seek pleasure, love, comfort, security- and balance due to Taurus’s and Libras influence.

If Venus and Your sun sign are in the same sign, i.e. your Sun and Venus are both in Leo, Aquarius or Taurus, etc.…

What you seek from relationships is the same as the traits of your sun sign, so if your Sun is in Aries, you will seek relationships that are passionate, emotionally demonstrative enterprising with a slight competitive edge that can be based on impulse.

 If your Sun is in cancer, you may seek nurturing, resourceful, empathetic and protective relationships.

 If your Sun and Venus are in Aquarius, you may seek detached, idealistic, independent, and unconventional relationships.

Venus is one sign away from the natal Sun

If Venus is one sign away from your Sun, then the modality (modality/ fixed/mutable) and element of the signs (water/earth/air or fire), whether masculine or feminine, will be different.

For example, if you have Sun in Scorpio ( feminine-yin/ water fixed sign) and Venus in Sagittarius ( masculine-yang/ fire/Mutable sign), your sun sign and Venus sign have little in common on the surface. Still, all signs ultimately in the zodiac, as well as houses, are interlinked.

But that’s another article when Venus is one sign away from your sign, it will think differently, react differently and want different things; your Scorpio sun will want intense, possessive, secretive types of relationships.

Yet your Venus in Sagittarius will want emotional and physical freedom, idealistic, less deep romantic liaisons, sag may wish to play, Scorpio will want to stay.

 If your Sun is in Leo and Venus in Virgo, Leo may seek forceful displays of affection, passionate liaisons, seeking to boss around the partner(s).

 Venus in Virgo wants orderly and calmer, emotionally withdrawn types of relationships and seeks more perfection.

Having a different sun and Venus nature is not bad; it means you will have a lot of fun trying out different romantic relationships until you figure what you want; variety is the spice of life, after all.

It just means you may go through a lot of confusion figuring what you want; in the end, once you know all aspects of yourself and integrate them, you can create powerful, intimate bonds. Think symbiosis when two different entities come together to work as one.

Venus is two signs away from your sun sign

If your Venus is two signs away from your Sun, for example, your Sun is in an earth sign ( Taurus/ Virgo/ Capricorn), or a water sign ( cancer/Scorpio or Pisces).

Your Sun in an earth sign will want you to look for more practical romantic connections. Whereas Venus in a water sign will want you to look for more emotional or spiritual bonds.

So if you have Sun in Capricorn, you will be more reserved in your emotional displays, but Venus is Pisces you will seek more artistic, emphatic, and artistic connections.

When the Sun is two signs apart from your Venus, this gives you the opportunity to create unique relationships based on deep understanding and willing compromise, allowing you to make connections that often have the opposites attract element to them.

Keywords for Venus in each sign

What are the positive and negative keywords for each Venus sign?


Aries: passionate, demonstrative of emotion- at times impulsive, pervasive, convincing poplar, erotic, egotistical, self-obsessed and absorbed. Shallow flame- projection of our feelings on others.

Taurus: affectionate, imaginative, arty, poetic, gregarious, pleasure-loving, possessive, covetous, selfish, greedy, laid-back, rapacious. Large capacity to love deeply.

Gemini: light-hearted, good-humoured, flirtatious, logically- affectionate, changeable. Duality – mental-logical love. Rational feelings, without actual emotional feelings.

Cancer: idealistic, romantic, loyal, introverted, shy, nervous, effortlessly flattered, possessive, tender, empathetic, nurturing. The emotional need for security.

Leo: resourceful, creative, full of yourself, condescending, overly proud, jealous, warmhearted, honest.  Dramatic expression of emotions- dignified and altruistic expression of love.

Virgo: orderly, calm, fussy, withdrawn, refined, perfectionist, unpretentious, meek. Venus is in fall here; intellectual love can express emotion without feeling it. Keeping distances, preferring acquaintances over friendships, friendships over lovers.

Libra: temperate, placid, loveable, frivolous, messy, appealing, good company, sociable, restless, sentimental, charming. Keeping up the appearance of love, seeking harmony – by projecting own affections on love object.

Scorpio: Envious, spiteful, hateful, deep feelings, magnetic charm, can be depraved, out for self, not caring about others feelings etc. Venus is in detriment here, emotions become intense, yet intense love can turn to strong dislike. Out of control feelings and overindulgence.

Sagittarius: Idealistic, loving, inconsiderate, flirtatious, shameless behaviour, thoughtless, fickleness,  selfish, passionate feelings. Can be too speedy, forget real love values, in emotional highs, that can lead to declarations then retractions of love.

Capricorn: humble, faithful, unfeeling, reserved in showing emotion, spiteful, indifferent, faithful, strict. Emotional austerity and restriction.

Aquarius: detached emotion, friendly, quiet, unrealistic, quick-tempered, inflexible, eccentric desires, sensitive. Electric emotions, erratic devotions, humanitarian prophetic emotions.

Pisces: passive, imaginative, sensitive, too giving- pliable, people-pleasing, bewildered, overly romantic, sentimental. Bottomless emotions, their emotional expression can be only the tip of the feelings that run deep, yano still waters, run deep and all of that. Private intuitive sense, tenderness and care, artistic expression of emotions, via creating love objects music, artwork and such things.