Jupiter in Aries 2022: What you need to know

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter enters Aries from around 23 minutes past midnight 00:23 GMT on the 10th of May, until around 6:10 AM GMT on October the 28th, 2022, when it retrogrades back into Pisces.

Until December the 20th, when it moves back into Aries at 2:33 PM, Jupiter stays in Aries until 6:20 PM on May the 16th, 2023.

Jupiter semi-square Uranus on May the 11th, just after it goes into Aries on May the 10th


Jupiter energy is all about growth or lack of it, the things we believe in that can help us to develop or stay the same.

Jupiter in Aries transit allows you to take the lead and use your intuition-gut feelings to help you think and carry out new ways of thinking and behaving in this world.

The biggest danger of Jupiter in Aries is that you and others can be too hot-headed, believing your truth is the only one, causing conflict in relationships or within yourself.

 Because Jupiter transiting in Aries can make your ego- lower self argue with your highest self right now, the subconscious mind and gut feelings can defy logic.

Which may have positive or negative consequences; if you choose to trust your hunches and your intuitive mind, you may find success.

Yet if you ignore logic completely, you may not be prepared for the obstacles that will come.

The best use of the energy of Jupiter in aries will see you will go for what you really want out of life.

Transform your perceptions and behaviours, take the risk and make courageous steps forward to reach your highest potential.


At your worse

  • Wanting to break free
  • Living in the present
  • Seeking freedom- increased confidence-self assurance
  • Feeling more spontaneous and brave
  • Being open-minded
  • Believing in yourself and taking action that backs this up
  • But be careful; although you may want to rush in, it’s good to have a plan B or hold something back
    For instance, if you have 1000 pounds, invest 800, and save 200.
  • Having vivid dreams, nightmares or visions
  • Increase in unbreakable faith or positive thinking
  • Feeling inspired or being inspirational
  • Aries in Jupiter brings a youthful energy that allows those who tap into it to make radical changes in their lives, for better or worse.
  • Great new spiritual insight can be found. You may create a masterpiece or transform your life into one, especially if you have strong Aries, Mars, Pluto, Scorpio, Neptune, Sagittarius or Pisces energy in your birth chart.
  • Stepping into the role of visionary, using your talents to uplift others
  • Helping others overcome their obstacles by offering empathy and wisdom
  • Looking at your past mistakes and learning from them, making strategies not to repeat what’s gone by
  • Researching / and /or joining new philosophies, intellectual theories, religions or groups
  • Innovative thought and action
  • Being too overbearing with your self-expression or way of thinking
  • Being hot-headed thinking only you know the truth or do the right things
  • Wanting to create or support global changes on the social, educational, political, religious or individual level.
  • But don’t use two-faced, underhanded or deceitful actions or words to gain popularity, as this may backfire.
  • Make sure you make well thought out actions, creating a strategic plan which takes into account the challenges you will face in reaching your goal(s)

Transit Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter transiting in Aries can see you and others standing up and taking the lead, being open to new ideas and ways of being in the world.

Negatively, it can leave you fearfully holding on to relationships, thought patterns, and behaviours that keep you cut off from the richness of life.

You can feel more generous, revolutionary, determined, and passionate than usual, making a stance to accept yourself as an individual and step up and live your life your way.

Letting go of conforming to other peoples or societies’ standards, committing to live by your own standards and taking personal responsibility for your life.

If you find the courage and let the past be history right now, you can make a great leap forward as you pull out of any ruts or comfort zone.

Watch out for becoming too egotistical, self-absorbed or doing anything that can cause bitterness, suspicion or disapproval from others.

You may lie to get what you want, which can cause losses, especially in relationships, finances and status.

You may take resources that are not yours, overspend with household, business or otherwise accounted for money.

Any fraudulent activity may be detected later or give you an inner sense of being fake, causing emotional or psychological instability.

Using foresight, planning, being cautious, and holding something back in terms of emotions, money, or any other resource will be best, not to be manipulative or deceitful but to have something to fall back on, even if that thing is your sanity.

Do all you can to keep a stable and peaceful state of mind; taking this approach ensures you will always find a solution to your problems.

Struggles will always come in life, but planning for the obstacles make sure any plan can be executed or adjusted when the time calls for it

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