What happens when Jupiter enters Aquarius? When was Jupiter in Aquarius?

When was Jupiter in Aquarius? What happens when Jupiter enters Aquarius?

Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19 2020, and stays there until May 13 2021,  when it moves in Pisces, until July 28 2021, when it moves back into Aquarius until December 28 2021


  • Good time to look to new ways of doing things
  • Increased benefits via friendships and group associations
  • More achieved by working together
  • A rise in social awareness
  • Need to do deep research before you believe what you are told and also before you repeat what you are told
  • Increase sense of social belonging
  • Outgoing and charitable attitude and actions
  • Collective concern for the welfare of others
  • The sharing of life experiences in groups to find solutions
  • Rise in personal and Collective interest in Cultural, religious, philosophical, spiritual, educational and humanitarian issues
  • Tap into your innovative thinking or intuitive capabilities
  • Increase in research to do with social, legal and political injustice
  • However, do not overextend yourself by joining to many groups or trying to take in too much information
  • Long-distance travel, to help others
  • Jupiter rewards cooperation at this time, group or personal integration, but taking time out to bring all aspects of your personality together to work as one whole
  • Detached thinking, without personal judgments that help you do the best for the group, not just for yourself
  • Out of the box, non-conformist thinking
  • Expansion of the intellect via objective thinking-open-mindedness
  • Ability to see all sides of an argument

What happens when Jupiter enters Aquarius?

Jupiter in Aquarius allows for the focusing energies and resources on collective humanitarian pursuits, care for humanity, or the lack of it is under the spotlight now. Many groups, friendships and organisations go through a change right now.

Nevertheless, when Jupiter is in Aquarius, there is a tendency to see life through rose-tinted filter lenses, seeing things from your own perspective without.

Taking into account the needs of others, on the global scale, the minority can, and have we seen, impose their rules on the majority.

Causing many conflicts between groups and organisations and many disputes between friends and family over what the right way of living is.

Your hope, wishes and ideals for the future play a significant role in your life now; friends and family can either support or get in the way of your dreams right now.

When Jupiter is in Aquarius, it is best to try and cooperate with others rather than stand alone; however, your individual belief systems may mean you will have to do that.


what is the Jupiter in Aquarius transit

What happens when Jupiter enters Aquarius?



Especially if it will cause you harm to follow the status quo and crowd, but if you can train yourself to have an open mind and agree to disagree, you will get more done with the help of others, rather than alone.

This is a time of meeting new friends or joining new groups that match your old or new viewpoints and ideals; you and others may feel more charitable than at other times, fixing your thoughts and actions to political, social and humanitarian work.

Jupiter in Aquarius brings the energy and mindset to achieve significant social and political advances when working in teams or on a personal project that main aim is to better the lives of the collective.

If you have negative aspects in your natal chart, such as squares, quincunxes and oppositions or any other adverse elements involving Jupiter and Aquarius or the 9th or 11th houses.

You could be misled by groups, friends or passing acquaintances; people may have ulterior motives in the information they share with you.

Or you can become too hedonistic or radical in your words or actions, overindulging in your own opinions or led astray by those who think they are speaking the truth.

But who don’t really have the facts, but are only repeating half or untruths, you must be very discerning about what you make yourself believe and repeat at this time as people may mean well but are misguided in their research, actions and words


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