Mars Transit in Aquarius 2022 : What happens?

Transit Mars in Aquarius 2022

Mars in Aquarius key points


    • Fighting for personal freedom and others rights
    • Marching to the beat of your own drum
    • Wanting to do your best to complete your goals
    • This transit is best used to make quick progress in your ambitions, take the lead and work on your personal or career development
    • Write down a detailed plan of the future you would like to manifest in your life and the daily steps you would need to take to get there
    • Don’t get overwhelmed trying to do it all at once. This makes you give up. Just take small daily actions to make your visions a reality
    • Even the most challenging projects and communications can be handled effortlessly with the right mindset of positive thinking and action
    • Taking time to research specifically on matters of the occult, science, technology, philosophy, politics,
    • social change
    • You may want to focus solely on work, but it is best to take, even its 5 minutes, to appreciate those your closest to avoid conflict
    • You and others may become more detached from your thoughts and actions
    • Looking to new ways to solve new and existing problems
    • Thinking out of the box, challenging the traditional ways of doing things
    • Looking at things objectively rather than emotionally
    • Seeking more personal freedom and independence
    • Conflicts in relationships due to being cold or not fully present
    • Gives the drive to focus on projects you have been putting off and anything else you wish to get completed during this phase
    • Ability to follow through in ideals and creative visions
    • There can be an increase in actions due to highly changeable energy levels. You can be on top of the world one minute and at the bottom the next
    • Your ambitions can be achieved, but you may not have a detailed plan to do this, more like random actions may bring you the results you want
    • Working in groups can bring about new ideas achievement of personal goals more efficiently
    • However, you could resist cooperating with others which can cause temporary or permanent endings in relationships

Transit Mars in Aquarius 2022 , continued

When Mars is transiting in Aquarius, there can be a desire for more independence. You’re more open to unconventional and unusual ideas and pathways.

You may wish to do things your own way, but it may be best to work with others if you can rather than work against them.

For they could use these tactics on you, this transit can bring good organisational and follow-through skills.

To be honest, it’s best to work with others. You will get more done, especially in humanitarian, social and political work.

Yes, look after your own needs, but see the benefit of working in groups, bringing the concept of togetherness in your intimate relationship(s).

Also, you may want to say **** you to the system and want to dismantle it completely. Yet, it may be best to try and reform the system rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater.

If you don’t like that saying, how about don’t throw the cork into the champagne or prosecco or another of my personal new favourite sayings, don’t return the groceries with the shopping cart.

 After all, have you seen how much food prices have gone up!!!

Do not throw away valuable things just because they contain undesirable elements; instead, think about how you can change the things that need transforming and keep what is useful.

Often people forge ahead with innovative ideas thinking only of the positive outcomes and neglecting to see the downside. Everything has a downside, even the fresh, futuristic and original.

Yes, social media is an outstanding invention; at best, it can make people feel less alone. Yet, at present, it has the opposite effect for most people, making individuals feel more isolated.

But when it was first invented, if more was don’t to ensure people’s psychological and emotional health while using it.

We wouldn’t have all the backlash and increase in social problems as we do now if a bit of forethought was put into all the effects it could have on society.

Maybe employing psychologists and other healthcare professionals on call. Who could have spotted the red flags before becoming such an epidemic

Anyway, the mars in Aquarius transit can be extra good for those who work in, fringe- occult areas. Particularly those involving science, technology, healthcare, astrology, psychology and alternative healing work.

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