Transiting Mars in the constellation of Aries

Mars is in the constellation of Aries from the 17th of May 2022 to the 10th of August 2022, in the Aries sign, and then moves into the constellation of Taurus.

Keywords for transit Mars in Aries

  • motivated
  • Independent
  • self-assured
  • pushy
  • Living for now
  • Full of beans- more energy
  • revolutionary
  • saying and doing as you think
  • go getting- hands-on action and words
  • increased sexual and aggression drive

What happens when Mars is in Aries? Continued


is also known as the red planet, the planet that makes us humans more dynamic and wants to take action; Mars is also seen as the most masculine planet.

Mars influences Aries, Mercury and Scorpio; it influences Mercury (Gemini and Virgo, the 1, 8,6 and 3rd houses). Due to mercury being its esoteric- hidden ruler of Gemini and Virgo.
At its worst, Mars transiting in Aries can cause delays of all types, especially in all commitment issues and can cause accidents due to recklessness.

Mars transit Aries calls for you to seek independent thought and action. Mars is debilitated – not so good in cancer and exalted in Capricorn.

Mars in Aries transit brings a lot of surprises.

It brings a dynamic edge to your physical drive. Mars in Aries is in its dignity sign.

So if you have natal Mars in Aries or strong Mars, Mercury, Pluto or Scorpio energy or aspects in your natal chart, this is your season to put your best foot forward and do all the things you have been putting off.

short version

Mars feels at home in Aries, giving it more energy and authority. This makes it powerful energy for ambitious, assertive and hardworking people.

When Mars transits in Aries, your energy can be high and impulsive; in general, you and others can feel more brave and willing to take the risk.

You can have a competitive spirit and like winning. You can be very focused and are determined to improve and achieve goals.

You can be more self-confident, ruthless, and direct in words and action, acing hesitation and speaking without thinking that can be a good or bad thing, depending on your audience.

The dark side of Mars in Aries transit is intolerance, egotism, being prideful, impulsive behaviour, short-lived, lack of foresight and caring only for your own pleasure.

You’re quick to act and may be impatient to do things without fully considering the consequences.

Mars transiting Aries extended version

Mars in Aries can make people more forceful, enthusiastic, dominant, courageous and domineering, aggressively going after what you want. Taking the initiative to get what you want, this transit can make you selfish and egotistical, so it’s essential you pay attention to the needs of others, as not doing so can cause arguments in relationships.

Seeking fun

You can get easily bored with routine and seek out new adventure and excitement; some of you, if you’re in a relationship, may look to an affair or a hook-up to bring you this excitement.

Be careful, as you can lose what you really want to keep. It is essential you tell your partner your real needs as you may want to spice up your love life right now.

Rather than be with someone else, compromise, although difficult as this time is needed. If your single, your are sex drive can increase.

Go get it

However, it’s best to use some of this energy, if not all, to pursue your goals and do the things you have been putting off, rather than waste it all on needless hook-ups or any other adventure.

Negatively this transit can make you and others hot-headed bad-tempered, irritable and out of control.

Positively, all form of leadership work, sport, exercising, and physical activity is beneficial now. Your passion can be contagious right now, drawing the right social or professional network to you.

Success and advancement in your career, personal and wellness goals can be achieved right now if you stay focused and use this energy of mars transiting Aries correctly.

All though you may want to rush ahead, get your way and convince others to follow you.

It’s essential you are also patient, understanding and have some empathy for the needs of others during this period of Mars transit Aries.

More about Transiting Mars in Aries

Summary Mars transiting in Aries, and now it’s time to initiate and be active! Mars is the planet of action and drive and is your go-to sign for making things happen. Mars in Aries is urging you to take action and get things moving. This is a great time to get started on new projects, take on new challenges, or simply push yourself to go further than you’ve ever gone before. This is also a great time to assert yourself and take control of your life. This is the right time to put yourself out there and shape yourself for success. Go for it! Mars in energy is a strong, independent, and fierce warrior- calling you to be the creator and CEO of your own life. Nothing — and I mean NOTHING — will stand Mars in Aries’s way, regardless of obstacles. If you really want to achieve something, now is the time to do it. Mars in Aries is always the winner. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in the right zodiac sign for fast-paced, energetic, fiery and pioneering activity.

Your time is now

Mars transit in Aries, as mentioned, is direct, active, and always seeking adventure and change.

When Mars in Aries is in your life, your thinking and creative mind are at their greatest capacity.

What happens when Mars is in Aries?

Making you willing and very able if you put your willpower into anything you want to go after any idea or project that’s currently in your unconscious mind.

Mars in Aries gives you the planetary energy to get back up after failure or whenever you are challenged,

This transit is not about planning. It’s about moving forward, regardless of what will get in your way.

Whether that be relationships, money problems, and difficulties with authority figures are all common issues that may stop you from going after what you want in life; still, mars in Aries transit gives you the power to overcome.


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