What happens when Mercury enters Pisces? The Transit Messenger in the fish

Mercury in Pisces entering the sublime, experiencing the subtle movements of communication, being inspired to higher levels of relatedness

  • Feeling more reflective than usual, mercury is said to be at its detriment in Pisces
  • Due to confusion in all types of communication that can happen
  • Forgetting to take care of practical matters
  • Hazy thinking, which makes you forget facts, can also increase absent-mindedness and seeing and hearing what you want to hear and see
  • You can experience rapid changes in mood or become overly sensitive
  • You can feel morbidly obsessed with the negatives of life at this time, you may feel like you’re being victimised, or others may respond this way to you
  • Your imagination can be more vivid than normal
  • Being more susceptible to subliminal cues and manipulation
  • Experiencing and learning through osmosis
  • You are more likely to absorb information rather than learn it rationally
  • You may want to record yourself speaking about anything you want to remember and fall asleep with it on, listen to it in your spare time, and your subconscious will retain this information
  • This is perfect for creative types to produce poetry, emotional content, music, art, film, whatever you feel like producing
  • Increase in imagination, creativity, mysterious dreams
  • Good for all alternative healers and those committed to their spiritual- higher consciousness development or perfect their craft
  • Good time to look at symbols, meditate on them, and they may reveal to you more information than any internet search or book ever could
  • You could be more reserved or protective of what you say to others at this time, especially in the revealing of your emotions or psychological state
  • Increase in musical and ethereal activity
  • excessive daydreaming
  • More in tune with your subconscious rather than your conscious( logical) thinking processes at this time
  • You and others can be more empathetic at this time, giving more to charity and helping each other
  • It may be hard but try not to take other’s behaviours or communications personally at this time
  • Feeling imprisoned in your own thoughts, isolated, secretive or too shy to communicate
  • There is a need to avoid overindulging in alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances as this can increase neurotic thoughts and behaviours
  • Seek out professional help if you feel you cannot cope at this time
  • You may feel more sensitive to harsh words, people and environments at this time, preferring solitude
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Mercury in Pisces continued,

Subliminal suggestion can be high at this time, and so can innuendos- hidden meanings in communications. These can be real or perceived, and it is best to double-check information before repeating it.

What you thought you heard or seen may not be what actually happened. There can be double meanings and indirect speech, especially from a love interest or even if you have been in a committed relationship for a while.

You and/ or your partner(s) can have a hard time communicating at this time. At the other extreme, there can be an increase in telepathic communication, reading body language and other subtle forms of conveying- transmitting a message.

You and others can pick up on others’ emotions just by looking at them. Even if you don’t usually have this gift, you may have it now,

The unspoken( what is not said) can speak volumes; the spoken (what is said) can just be white noise.

You or others may try and manipulate each other via speech or other subtle cues.

Dreams and waking visions can reveal powerful insight and solutions to existing problems.

 Perfect transit to complete that book, song or anything else that is imaginative and creative you have been putting off.

You must try and stay as grounded in reality as you can. You may respond to the present through memories of your past, causing conflict in your personal relationships.

You can literally be stuck in fantasy, dream or night world at this time, not seeing things or people for who they are. You can fall for love and other scams and cons at this time.

You may be too idealistic in your communications, and it’s not that people intend to hurt you. At times, humans fall into negative patterns, which can be hard to get out of.

We live in a materialistic world where some people see facts and figures. Rather than human beings, check facts before handing over money, even to those you may trust. This transit can bring the energy of playing upon people’s emotions using words.

Your changing moods can also affect your decision-making skills. Get help to think straight either by asking someone who is plain talking and thinking if you are susceptible to being taken for a ride.

It’s essential to heal anything that comes up right now. Well start the work of healing; it’s a process, write down your thoughts and be gentle with yourself.

Mercury transiting in Pisces transit can make you feel more pessimistic, confused, stressed and anxious than average. You could fall into self-pity or resentful thinking.

If others have hurt you, tell them rather than act temperamental to them. Write your thoughts if need be to express your suffering. In fact, keeping a dream journal can help.

Emotional and psychological wounds can be triggered during this transit, particularly by things other people say or anything you hear or see online or in the real world.

If you feel affected, try and partake in self-soothing and care. You may not be seeing yourself clearly now, so it’s best to look at yourself and your problems objectively, although it may be challenging.

Forgiving yourself for anything you feel you said or done wrong, taking some time to heal any emotional or psychological wounds that come up right now.

Don’t be ashamed of your feelings. Try not to escape into distractions.

 If you feel overwhelmed, get help and seek out healthy solutions and situations that can help you feel better during the mercury in Pisces transit.

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