What happens when Mercury enters Virgo?

When Mercury transits in Virgo, people can become more exact in words, actions, and thoughts in speech, thought, and process.

They get rid of what they see as toxic and impractical and concentrate more on facts and details.

However, there is a tendency to become critical, inhumane, and detached from human needs.

Which can cause problems when dealing with others. Focusing on details can make you lose perspective as you get lost in distorted concepts.

In general, they can be a loss of imagination and creative thinking that can keep you stuck in outdated modes of thinking and acting.

People can view you as brittle and apathetic if you ignore human needs and feelings.

Keywords of when Mercury transits in Virgo
  • Mercury is accidentally in dignity when in Virgo due to Mercury being Virgo’s natural ruler
  • Allows for you to be more methodically than normal
  • Detached thought, logical and impersonal approach
  • Mental flexible and persuasive thought
  • Becoming more interested in literature, music and art
  • Great for writing, researching and analysing 
  • Perfect for all scientific, technical, and medical exploration
  • Increase in common sense and honesty
  • Negatively people can become more sceptical and hypercritical, finding fault with everything
  • Lacking patience with those you see as less capable, intelligent, or who do things or who are different to you
  • Focusing on details rather than the small things such as human emotions and needs.
  • Wanting to have things fit neatly into categories rather than go with the slow can cause issues in relationships and with your overall mental wellbeing
When does Mercury enter Virgo 2022

Mercury enters the constellation of Virgo at 21:34 GMT on the 20th of August and stays there until the 23rd of October at 9:18 when it enters Libra.

Mercury enters retrograde in the constellation of Virgo on the 10th of September at 4:38 am.

Jump into the rhythm of the unknown

When Mercury enters the constellation of Virgo, it’s good to focus on your intellectual and philosophical development. Take courses to improve your educational or career advancement.

People will generally be more logical and given to deductive reasoning compared to being led by their intuition- gut feelings.

Mercury transit in Virgo is good for analytical thinking and research, so if you’re a scientist, data analyst, writer, actor and public personality.

Marketer or work in public relations or any other communications work, if you work hard, you can achieve a lot during the time Mercury is transiting in Virgo.

You may focus on improving physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and psychological health and becoming more efficient and productive in your daily and work routine. 

Spending time reevaluating your personal appearance, diet, hygiene and exercise regimes. 

When Mercury enters Virgo, some people can become more obsessive-compulsive with words and actions, which can cause tensions in relationships.

With some of you wanting things just so and to your standards, you may criticise what you see as others’ uncleanliness or laziness. 

Conversations with others may focus on routine, health and work more than usual.

What happens when Mercury enters Virgo? continued

Negatively when mercury transit Virgo, people can experience more issues with work schedules, health, finances, communication, and clear thinking.

Disagreements can break out with people you work or live with over matters of productivity, irrational thinking or actions, and excessive talking at work can lead to mistakes or accidents.

Resulting in flawed delivery of services or products, it’s necessary to get enough sleep, eat and exercise well.

Because there is a tendency to overwork when Mercury transits in Virgo and does not get enough relaxation, leading to fatigue or burnout.

It is crucial you let some things slide rather than aim for perfection, which can lead to constant worry and suck the goodness from your life. Yes, it’s good to see the bigger picture.

Concentrating on every detail also has its merit, but at times you just have to start things rather than let your need for things, to be just so, stop you from trying.

Feel the fear and do it anyway; not everything can or needs to be known.

The best use of mercury transit through Virgo is to remain cheerful and confident in yourself. 

All you can ask of yourself is that you do your very best, and have some fun while getting to your destination, enjoy the journey.

Listen and respect others, and you can gain a good reputation for being fair. 

Rather than being judgemental, seek help if need be, to release your mental tension and lower any overthinking.

Don’t let your mind trick you into reaching for the impossible. Work is good, but you can’t work efficiently if you don’t rest.

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