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Mercury transit in Leo

Mercury transiting through Leo - big plans

  • Seeking more pleasure
  • Suitable for all sales, marketing and persuasive talking and
    writing in general
  • Big ideas and plans, Want to go large and not go home
  • Feeling more ambitious
  • Lack of attention to detail
  • More expressive romantic and social communication
  • Good for motivational or other speakers
  • Spreading gossip or talking for the sake of it- listening less
  • Wanting to make an impression on others in the way you
    communicate or carry yourself
  • excellent energy for teaching and receiving information
  • Negatively collecting facts for the sake of it
  • Increased interest in socialising, travelling, games,
    romance, and creativity
  • Intellectual study and enjoy strategy games chess or
  • Looking after health, negatively eating too much
  • Meeting new hook-ups or spending more time with
    existing ones
  • Playing an instrument, drawing, or other creative projects
  • If you have strong 5 th, 10 th or 11 th house, sun, Leo, Aquarius
    or Uranus, or Capricorn energy in your chart, you may
    have an influx of original ideas
  • Spending more time with children or being playful
  • Good for well-thought-out speculation and trading
  • Negatively they can be temporary breaks in romantic and
    social relationships due to miscommunication

Mercury transit in leo

All things that entertain, from singing to the theatre, having a dance,
appreciating fine art, design, clothes, food, and drink, come under
the spotlight.

At worst, people can become self-indulgent, stubborn, and quick-
Mercury is in fall, which is said to be not the best of places in
astrology when it is transiting in Leo. Things can become very
dramatic during this transit.
This is because people can think, act and speak with their hearts
more, letting their emotions lead the way, which may not always
bring the best outcomes.
Passions can run deep when the sun transits in Leo, and
concentration can be lower.
Due to the focus on pleasure and having fun, people can exaggerate
more and lie to get what they want.

Still, in general, visionary ideas and conversations can be had, even if
they are drunken ones. Some people can become more prideful and
refined and want the finer things in life.
Wanting to be seen as the best and having the best, words and
actions can become fierier and more egotistical.
Because people want to seem like they are the authority over all
matters, from everyday chats to business discussions.

Mercury transiting in Leo

Fun times

While on the other end of the spectrum, some people can become sloppier, more uncouth, wanting to experience everything, often for the sake of it. In general, when Mercury is transiting in Leo, you and others can become more interested in the social and romantic areas of your lives. When Mercury transits in Leo, it is perfect energy for artists and other creatives to focus on the projects they may have been putting off. If you have been feeling stressed or experiencing other emotional, physical, spiritual, or psychological health issues. Taking time out to work on a personal project such as learning to sing, draw or play an instrument can help you feel more at ease. If you overspend, use poor judgment, cheat or do things to excess when the sun transits in Leo, the repercussions may be more significant. Your need to have fun could interfere with your productivity and reliability, which can threaten your career or relationship(s) stability

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