What does Saturn being in Aquarius mean – Saturn Transiting Aquarius

Saturn Transiting Aquarius

Saturn is Direct in Aquarius , what does it mean?


Saturn is collectively transiting the 11th house of humanity.

Saturn direct in Aquarius October 10th 2021 – 4th June 2022-01-13

 Then Saturn turns retrograde on 4th June 2022 – 23rd October 2022

Then Saturn turns direct in Aquarius 23rd of October 2022, until it moves into Pisces on the 7th of March 23:48 GMT 2023

Saturn is the planet that governs karma, boundaries, restrictions, discipline, authority, depression and other deep psychological problems, pessimism, delays, having to get real.

    • Shows us the ways we lack or take personal responsibility for ourselves
    • The house and sign Saturn is transiting shows you what area(s) of your life will be activated and in focus now
    • Getting real about our obstacles and ambitions and making realistic strategic plans to overcome our issues and reach our goals
    • Resist being overly critical and making judgements, and respect those who may say harsh words as they may be giving good advice, even if it’s aggressively, but don’t take it to heart; I know this can be hard,
    • instead, use external words and obstacles as a starting point to your renewal via self-discipline and hard work.
    • This is a time of letting go of external illusions and self-delusion; this can be a time of self-pity, but in our weakest moments, if we allow, we can find our greatest strengths
    • How Saturn transits affect you depends on other transits to your natal chart and any aspects Saturn makes in your natal chart. If Saturn is in detriment either by house or sign in your chart or is in hard aspects, squares, oppositions and quincunxes, Saturn transits will affect you more.

Saturn controls rules and responsibility, and Uranus governs independence, eccentricity, innovation and originality, Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius, and Uranus rules Aquarius and Capricorn.

Aquarius deals with the intangible, the new, what the world needs now, what it already has; that’s Capricorn and Saturn’s job.

Capricorn and Saturn rule what is and what was, giving the guidelines to get real and deal with our obstacles before we try and can manifest the new.

What does Saturn being in Aquarius mean?, continued 

At is worse, Aquarius energy is erratic, not taking into account others feelings; at it is best, Aquarius energy is all about taking into account the needs of all of humanity.

When Saturn goes direct  In Aquarius, it is an excellent time to organise your thoughts, behaviours and life in general, you will be able to take a more impersonal and logical look at your own and other problems.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius gives the planetary support to look at your restrictions objectively and make clear plans to overcome them; you and others will be more concerned with truth and facts instead of speculation and subjective opinions.

 Know that no one transit can be taken on its own, but the Saturn direct transit is only part of the whole picture, so you must look at how all transit interacts with your natal chart to get the whole picture.

So this and all other impersonal writings like this only give part of the picture; however, if you make the concentrated effort to use the power of Saturn direct in Aquarius, then you can work through your life problems in an effective manner.

If you wish you could effectively put aside your ego desires and look at the broader issues that affect not only your own life but the life of all humans, you may research social or political issues.

 Some of you may strengthen your ties or join social, political, secret or occult organisations at this time.

Others of you will look at how you personally can change your life to live more ethically; scientific, mathematical- coding and technological innovations may also get your attention at this time, bringing favourable discoveries and for some of your recognition.

 You may decide to use these tools to enrich your life somehow; whatever it is you choose to put your attention to, the energy of Saturn in Aquarius direct will help with focus and take practical action to reach your goals.

Saturn in Aquarius gives you the ability to carefully plan out your goals; some of you will have visions or a clear perception of the steps to take to bring your best life into reality.

On the relationship front, you may find yourself more detached from your normal emotions, so this gives the ability to focus on the facts of any relationships issues and find practical solutions

Justice, loyalty, responsibility, and equality can be the focal point of all connections at this time if you allow it.

It is essential to watch out for selfish and controlling behaviour in yourself and others at this time; if you use others to reach your goals, there will be repercussions.

It is best to cooperate rather than discriminate, as this will ensure your own and others objectives are met at this time; also, it is good that Saturn in Aquarius brings in detached energy.

 But guard against emotional coldness and insensitivity, as there is a difference between emotional detachment and cruelty; being too intellectual or rational at this time can cause separation in relationships you wish to keep.


  • Watch out for following the crowd or a minority without doing your own research
  • Asserting your personal will without taking into account the right of others
  • Rebelling for the sake of it, real personal freedom has a purpose, make solid plans to achieve independence, rather than making random choices.
  • Misusing technology or intellectual knowledge in any way, don’t get sucked into anyone else agenda; use technology and information to enhance your life and not to escape from life.
  • Ultimately, Saturn in Aquarius wants you to balance your own needs, groups’ requirements, and ultimately the world’s conscious and subconscious desires, taking the subjective(ethereal) and objective (material) into account.
  • Looking at how you can make your life better by taking care of your subconscious and conscious needs, your efforts can help raise the collective consciousness.

To see what Saturn transit the houses mean, for your zodiac sign, check list below to see what house Saturn is transiting in, then click link


When Saturn is transiting Aquarius, this means

Saturn is in the 1st house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Aquarius

Saturn is in the 2nd  house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Capricorn

Saturn is in the 3rd  house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Sagittarius

Saturn is in the 4th  house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Scorpio

Saturn is in the 5th house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Libra

Saturn is in the 6th  house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Virgo

Saturn is in the 7th house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Leo

Saturn is in the 8th house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in cancer

Saturn is in the 9th house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Gemini

Saturn is in the 10th house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Taurus

Saturn is in the 11th house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Aries

Saturn is in the 12th house of those of you who were born with natal Sun in Pisces


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