What happens when Sun enters Virgo?- increase in practical thought and action, willpower and energy

Sun transiting in Virgo -keywords methodical, discernment and service – taking care of unfinished work and situations.

What happens when Sun enters Virgo?
When does Sun transit to Virgo?

The Sun transits into Virgo on the 17th of September using the Vedic and constellational astrology system. The Sun moves into the constellation of Virgo once a year.

Virgo is Feminine- Earth- mutable energy. Mutable energy Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are the last months of each season. 

Mutable signs remind us to finish the work on the previous 2 months and plan for the next season’s work.

Mutable energy is versatile, adaptable, subtle, intuitive and sympathetic.

Planning ahead

Earth energy is materialistic, so the Sun transiting in  Virgo signals to make sure you plan how you will provide for yourself.

Your family or anyone else you are responsible for in the next 3 months.

As well as taking care of our sensual and other practical needs.

Earth energy reminds us to recuperate our personal energies and be more conservative with our money and other resources.

Sun transiting in Virgo keywords
  • Articulated and precise communication
  • Wanting to help others
  • Making more room for delayed gratification and self-denial for the greater good but done in healthy ways
  • Increase in optimism, planetary support to manage illnesses and negative thinking efficiently.
  • Sticking to routine- creating or adjusting your habits to become more efficient
  • Focusing on your psychological, spiritual, physical, emotional and financial wellbeing
  • Paying more attention to your personal hygiene, appearance, diet and exercise routines
  • Checking the facts before progressing into action
  • Focusing on expressing yourself in your career or creative projects
  • Looking for new information and skills to expand your intellect and potential
  • A chance to take a leadership role in the workplace or in your personal life
  • Becoming more organised and productive 
  • A good time to ask those in authority for a promotion, help or advice on how you can increase your performance
  • Good transit for looking after the wellbeing of children or your own inner child
  • Negatively people can worry more
  • Become narrow-minded and be like kill joys forgetting how to chill out and have some fun. Sometimes we need to get lost in the superficial to have the energy to do the analytical
  • Nervous/anxious related digestive or emotional problems 
  • Become fussy- pedantic, particular about how they and others do things
  • Acting stubborn, arrogant or self-centred can cause problems in all types of relationships
What energy is Virgo?

The core of Virgo energy is devoted, practical, cooperative, focused on achieving good psychological, physical, financial, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, analytical, shrewd, humorous, and efficient. 

Negatively the Virgo vibration can be self-righteous, uncreative, involved in self-sabbatage, worried, overwhelmed, self-absorbed, tense, anxious and continuously finding faults with everything and everyone – condemning.

What happens when Sun enters Virgo?
Is the Sun in Virgo right now?

When the Sun transits in Virgo, people can become humbler and more conscientious, focusing on the practical and logical, ignoring the superficial and impractical.

You may find yourself paying more attention to detail, analysing your thoughts, people’s actions and the environment more negatively. People can become cold, calculating, hypercritical and interfering.

When the Sun is transiting in Virgo, you can become restless and tense. It is essential to take time out to relax.

Yes, autumn is here, and you may want to complete as many things as possible before the winter solstice.

Nevertheless, it’s important you take time out, or you may experience burnout.

All work and no play will make a dull person.

During the sun transit in Virgo, some people, especially those with strong Virgo, Gemini, 3rd, 6th and mercury placements, can become obsessive about their work.

Talking about work all the time can make friends and family bored, so please do try and talk about things other than your work right now.

Also, avoid being critical of yourself and others. Yes, having the knowledge and a set way of doing things is good, but each person is allowed this right.

While the Sun is transiting in Virgo, it is crucial to be dispassionate in evaluating your own value and performance and that of others.

Looking at the facts only to make your judgement.

The sun transit in Virgo
Sun transiting in Virgo
Take some time out to have fun

And the truth is there are only 24 hours in a day, and rest and fun must be part of it, so don’t be too hard on yourself and others.

The sun transit in Virgo gives us an energetic vibration to complete things. 

This vitality provided by the Sun transiting in Virgo should be put to constructive use rather than wasted frivolously on superficial behaviours and ideas.

Now is the perfect time to start or finish working on your goals and personal projects in the Virgo energy universe.

Work and service are the keywords, so all hard work put towards these goals right now will bring rewards in your future.

Taking responsibility

When the Sun is transiting in Virgo, it’s an excellent time to focus on your personal responsibilities.

Tell those you care about how you feel, or at less show it by helping them with practical matters.

The best use of this energy is to make your mind your servant and not your master.

Do all you can to heal unhealed emotional, spiritual or psychological wounds.

Which blocks your life progression and stops you from feeling the fullness of your life.

Sun transiting in Virgo
The sun transit in Virgo
What happens when Sun enters Virgo? Continued

The key lesson which can be learned while the Sun transits in Virgo is that the body must serve the mind.

So you must keep your body in good health so that it can serve your mind. 

Your mind must also be kept in good working order to serve your higher consciousness- the spirit, whatever that means to you.

The Sun transiting in Virgo reminds us that wisdom and personal growth result from learning from your life experiences, not remaining stuck in them.

The only way we can harvest the rewards of our lives is by learning from our past mistakes, not repeating them.

As I mentioned, the Sun transits the constellation of Virgo at the time of the autumn equinox, which tells you to meticulously go through your plans.

Maybe the ones you set at the time of the new year and all the other goals you have been putting off from attempting to achieve in your lifetime.

Keeping it real

Taking a realistic look at how you can achieve them by breaking your ambitions into small steps and working towards them daily.

Rather than letting the size of your ambitions overwhelm you as you try to do everything all at once.

Which also contains the title of a fantastic movie you may want to watch during this season; click here to read more about that film.

Anyway, when the sun transit is Virgo, it’s a perfect time to think over things carefully.

Discerning what to keep in your life and what to let go of bringing order out of chaos.

Learning to say no to excessive demands on your time, even if these demands come from yourself when the Sun transits in Virgo, now is not the time to be the martyr. 

Yes, give to others, help them in all ways you can, yet allow them to help themselves too.

Sun transiting in virgo meaning

Show them how to fish for themselves, rather than give them the fish as the old saying kinda goes, meaning support but don’t do it all for them.

Worry can rob so much of our lives, and yes, it is hard not to be anxious in the world we live in today. 

Still, the true lesson of the Sun transiting in Virgo is that you must do all you can.

To worry less, find balance, and not exhaust your mind and body by excessive overworking and agonising.

Nurturing your mind, body and soul to optimum health, be mindful of the food you eat and what you drink while the sun transit in Virgo to protect your overall wellbeing

The world was not built in one day after all, so take your time, like in this song.

And there is no such thing as perfection; just do the best you can every step of the way.

Take your time, work strategically towards your goals, making fun and relaxation part of the process

“Don’t be in such a rush to reach a goal that you reach the goal before you are ready. Sometimes, we learn such valuable lessons along the way. Sometimes, we learn more about ourselves and discover that we actually want something different. Put your heart into what you do, but don’t rush. Good things take time.”
― Akiroq Brost

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