What happens when the sun is in Aries? Springy Steps

What happens when the sun is in Aries?, sun in Aries transit

SUN Transiting in ARIES 20TH of March 2022 until 19th of April 2022

Self-motivation, increased competition, taking the initiative and enterprising words and action


Short version


When the Sun is in Aries, you are more passionate and impulsive than usual. You will want to overcome any challenges and start new things.

You may become more resilient than average, getting back up more quickly after any setback.

Some of you may be more youthful in your thought and personal expression, seeing the innocence in yourself, others and life itself.

 You will feel more revolutionary than usual, wanting to do new things; you will be looking for more simplicity and directness in your communications.

But you must make strategic plans rather than impulsive actions, or your newfound venture or routine may be short-lived. Avoid taking shortcuts

  • Planting seeds for the next 12 months
  • Increase in vitality, optimism, sense of personal power, and magnetism
  • You and others may show off or compete against each other more than normal
  • Best to take a realistic look at your life circumstances, making strategic plans to slowly but surely overcome your challenges and reach your highest potential
  • You may want to rush, but slow and steady will win the race
  • Use your excess energy wisely, rather than wasting it on pointless arguments and projects
  • Daring to walk and talk where angels fear to tread as they say
  • Taking more risks, being aggressive and focused on taking positive action to transform your life
  • egotistical words or behaviour
  • being more assertive and direct in word and action
  • bee in your bonnet- spring in your step eager to take action and have fun
  • increase sexual and motivational drives
  • feeling more courageous, adventurous and youthful
  • increase in selfish, reckless and impatient words and behaviours

Extended version transiting Sun in Aries

When the Sun is in Aries, the spring has just set in, and the spring equinox provides the energy for new ideas. You may find yourself and others more ambitious than usual.

Seeking more independence, taking the lead rather than following and conforming.

They can be some rebellion against authority as you’re more likely to want to do things in your own time and in your own way.

Rather than doing what you are told, you should watch out for arrogant behaviour as this can cause conflict in your personal relationships.

Be clear about your needs, and explain to those, who, your decisions will affect why you want to do the things you do. If they object, go ahead and do them anyway, for it’s your life.

Yet don’t be overly selfish or big-headed in doing your own thing. Seeking others’ attention indirectly will backfire, be upfront about your need for admiration.

You may not get it, but at least you were honest. Instead, why not give yourself the extra attention you will need? If you are seeking attention, ask yourself why? What problem or real need are you avoiding addressing.

People, material possessions, entertainment can make you feel better temporarily. Yet, you can only fulfil your inner void by understanding taking time to heal and manage your psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds.

It’s best to seek others’ cooperation in achieving your goals, or at least not awaken their desire to block your attempts of personal, spiritual-higher consciousness or career advancement.

You could feel more sexually free than usual. In a quest for exploration, fun and adventure in your love and social life, your vital energies will get a boost.

Regardless of your physical, emotional or psychological limitations, you will have the urge to do more than average. Try not to overdo it, resist pushing yourself too hard, take time out to relax and look after your mind, body and soul.

If you have a lot of positive aspects to Aries and your first house in your birth chart, this can be an extra beneficial time for you. Where you will be given many opportunities to reach your goals.

Even if you have a lot of negative aspects involving your first house or Aries in your birth chart. If you use mind over matter, striving daily to transform your life, you can overcome any obstacles.

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