What happens when Venus is in Aquarius? : Meaning and How to cope

Venus in Aquarius transit 2022

Wanting freedom of expression, being reasonable, thoughtful and objectively neutral.


Feeling more avant-garde and non-conformist than usual.

You will seek more free will and autonomy in your close relationships, wanting to get your own way more than usual.

This can be a time of high sexual and other experimentation. Friends can indeed become lovers ,then friends again under this transit. Give others the same freedom you seek, be as honest as you can, and all should go well, and channel some of that sexual energy into your creativity and personal development

  • This transit is best used to look at your inner values objectively, changing what needs to be transformed, looking at ways you can bring more inner stability and self-love into your life
  • Looking after your overall wellbeing and healing your emotional, spiritual-higher consciousness or psychological wounds.
  • Focusing on creative projects, career development, learning or focusing on perfecting a new instrument, your writing or film making skills
  • Detaching from using external services, people, money to increase your self-esteem
  • It is crucial that you try and see other people’s point of view at this time it’s good to have your beliefs, but others are allowed this courtesy too
  • Good for writing quirky, offbeat romantic, science fiction or other content
  • You and others can feel calmer and more collected than normal
  • Temporary increase in popularity and socialising
  • Seeking adventure and excitement
  • Increase intuition- gut feelings, especially while in groups
  • Seeking intellectual stimulation as well as any other kind
  • Taking an interest in innovative social, legal, political or other reforms, research or groups.
  • Taking an interest in science, technology and technical information
  • Experimenting with listening or creating abstract art, music or other content
  • An increase in hookups another detached sexual or asexual encounters that may be short-lived
  • Temporary infatuations with people or food, alcohol or other things. Imagine someone trying a new drink and ordering every day for a few weeks, then going off it, like they never even liked it
  • For some can bring a break in a committed relationship due to infidelity- cheating
  • Joining a throuple or polyamorous relationship
  • Becoming romantic with a friend
  • Resisting committing to anything or anyone, even if you already agreed promised to do so
  • At worst, when Venus transits in Aquarius, you can become more stubborn, cold and detached
  • Craving attention and experimental situations, especially sexual ones, for the sake of it that can interfere with work and other commitments
  • Or cause psychological or emotional problems in the long run

What happens when Venus is in Aquarius?

When Venus is transiting in Aquarius, it is an excellent time to take a detached look at your life. Are you living in line with your authentic values?

Are you using products, services, money, other possessions and people to feel secure and have a sense of self-worth?

You may feel more impersonal right now, leading you to make questionable decisions.

This transit can bring a temporary increase in popularity, and you and others may be more lively and vibrant than expected.

Exciting and eccentric characters can come into your life, or you may spend more time with people like this, out of the box -non-conformist types that you already know.

You may feel more sexually liberated than normal, or you may be on the receiving end of a partner who feels this way, causing increased tension in your relationship.

Or you can agree to make your relationship open, leading to some exciting and attention-grabbing adventures. However, you may feel more sexually open than usual.

You will still want to do it with some class and will be turned off by uncouth–course and bad-mannered people. After all, Aquarius still craves meaning in a relationship.

Yet it’s more flexible in the conditions of your connections. Any new romantic hookups can be, more short-lived than usual, sudden and unexpected.

Bathroom intercourse, anyone?, nope not under Venus in Aquarius transits. If it does happen, it will be in a luxury toilet, maybe with diamond taps something like that.

What happens when Venus is in Aquarius? Continued


There is a need for more than a physical attraction; you may be turned on by someone’s intellect or something more profound. You may be turned on by eccentric types during this period.

Things like jealous possessiveness, even if you are that type, may turn you off at this time. You want more freedom at this time, remember.

You may take an interest in abstract art, NFT art, science fiction or futuristic writing like Octavia Butler, David Foster Wallace or Mark Z. Danielewski, music, or ancient civilisations at this time. Anything weird and wonderful can catch your interest right now.

You can also dislike routine right now, but it’s best to stick to some routine if you can. Yes, have fun, but yano, you have to pay the bills and keep that roof over your head, yano.

You and others can be more in tune with each other’s emotions and psychological state at this time in a detached way.

This can help with giving practical and straight to the point advice.

However, try and use some empathy when needed as others may see you as judging and cold.

 You could even experience mental telepathy with some people during the Venus in Aquarius transit.

Watch out for being overly promiscuous, practice safe sex, and try not to promise what you cannot keep, be honest in your dating profiles, lol.

As yano lying can hurt other’s feelings in the long run, this transit of Venus in Aquarius can make you not care.

Still, what goes around, often comes around and all that. If you want to end things with someone, be honest and try not to start a new committed relationship before finishing your current one.

If you need space, just ask. Your partner may be more open to a break than you think also, don’t feel guilty for wanting this distance. Just be honest about it.

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