What happens when Venus is transiting in Aries?

what happens when Venus is in Aries 2022

Venus in Aries – hurt and rushed feelings

When Venus is transiting in Aries, the gift to be more socially extroverted, self-expressive and going after whatever or whoever makes you feel more alive, is given during this transit.

Perfect for all forms of creative expression, write, draw, paint, sing, produce, dream, and imagine to your heart’s content, but positive actions will be needed to make fantasy reality.

You or others may feel more passionate and seductive when Venus is transiting in Aries.

Looking at life, especially the areas of romance and new beginnings, with your hearts more open than usual, thinking and acting positively can attract many people to you.

Wanting to try anything new, doing things for its fun, regardless of the consequences.

But behind every blessing is a curse. The curse of transit Venus in Aries is that you and others may be too forceful in going after what you want, causing tension and stress at worse endings in your relationships.

Positively in dating, you and others may feel more energetic and able, so you are bound to get yourself out of your comfort zones and take some risks.

But watch out for seeing only what you want to see and believing everything you hear or see when Venus is transiting in Aries.

  • Being more direct with your emotions and attractions
  • Unstable behaviour and reckless actions.
  • Being overly demanding, needing reassurance and being self-absorbed.
  • Feeling turned on by the idea of wanting someone rather than the facts – the reality of being with that person
  • Overflow of spontaneous energy VS feeling stubborn, fed up and wanting to take your aggression out on others in some way
  • A chance to succeed at anything you put your sex energy- creative life-force too, whether this is the physical act of sex or working hard towards achieving a personal goal.
  • Physically going after what you want- feeling passionate
  • Wanting to get your way at all cost
  • Asking too many questions for the sake of it can cause people to get angry with you
  • Allows for quick thinking but watch out for impulsive behaviour
  • You may feel less content at the moment, taking drastic action to feel better
  • Chance of overdoing it in romance, exercise, sex, eating or anything else you find desirable during this transit
  • You may act too forceful with others causing them to be overwhelmed
  • Thinking before saying or doing something can cause damage that’s hard to repair at a later date
  • Although your intention may not be to hurt them, your lack of diplomacy or politeness may cause issues.
  • You may decide such as committing to a relationship before thinking it through when Venus is in Aries.

When Venus is transiting in Aries, it is an excellent time to go after what you want, but make sure you read the room and consider other people’s feelings and needs.

Try to work with others rather than against them at this time. It may be challenging, but try to be patient, especially in romantic or hook-up situations.

Check the facts as people can exaggerate or tell deep lies at this time. Read the small print and make sure you know what you’re signing up for.

It can be hard not to hold grudges, but letting go and forgiving others may be the best option at this time.

This doesn’t mean forgetting what they are capable of, by the way.

It means setting yourself free from the pain their or your own actions have caused in your path.

This can be a substantial period of new growth, tearing up the old roots to sow-plant new seeds that will bear better, more productive and stable fruit/ rewards in your future.

Finding a sense of adventure in starting new things, some of you may develop a lifelong habit of looking at every day as a new one; this doesn’t mean forgetting long term goals.

It means committing that you will continuously work towards your goals no matter how long it takes.

Remember, some days you will run, others you will crawl, but you will get there if you keep ongoing.


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