Does Venus retrograde in 2021? What happens when Venus is in retrograde?

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Venus retrograde transit 2021 - emotional hypersensitivity

Venus station retrograde in Capricorn December 19th–  January 29th 2022
  • December 19th, 2021: Venus stations retrograde at 10:36 am GMT
  • December 25th, 2021: Venus conjunct Pluto at 12:02 am GMT
  • January 8th, 2022: Venus conjunct the Sun  at 12:48 pm GMT
  • January 29th, 2022: Venus stations direct at 8:46 am GMT
  • March 1st 2022:, Venus completely leaves the retrograde zone

This year Venus Retrograde, occurs in the 1st house of natal Capricorn sun or rising, 2nd house of Natal Sagittarius sun or rising, 3rd house of Natal Scorpio sun or rising.

The 4th house of Libra sun or rising, the 5th house of Virgo sun or rising, 6th house for natal Leo sun or Leo rising, 7th house for natal cancer o cancer rising.

 The 8th house for natal Gemini or Gemini rising, 9th house for Taurus sun or rising, the 10th house for Aries sun or Aries rising, the 11th house for Pisces sun or Pisces rising, the 12th house for Aquarius or Aquarius rising.

Scroll way down to read about which of the houses Venus retrograde, is transiting in this year.

When Venus is in retrograde from December 19th until December 29th in retrograde, it is a good time to think about what is really important and wha we value in our close relationships.

You will want to leave hookups and Netflix and chill behind as you look to deeper meanings and connections to use this Venus retrograde period to your best advantage.

You will work through your emotions as you can rapidly recover from current and past hurts if you use your will and action to do so. Although some of you may be tempted to lockout love and true intimacy due to past emotional setbacks, you keep reliving and repeating them in your mind.

Now is the time to start to let go of your past mistakes and woes, as hey, yano , your still alive, and I promise you if you heal yourself and train yourself to avoid ****holes and ****offs, you will be able to pick a partner that can give you what you need.

You pick a part that is new,  and find the place within where loves live, and why we at it learn to be your own fantasy,  a remarkable transformation can occur within in your allow it.

Go to the underworld only to rise again- as you 2.0-3.0-4.0++++

Does Venus retrograde in 2021? What happens when Venus is in retrograde?

Like Demeter, who finally allows Persephone to be with Hades in the winter, we must enable our heartbreak to rise, letting stale and outdated beliefs about money, love, intimacy and relationship surface.

 So we can burn them through our tears, allowing our sense of what love and pleasure are to rejuvenate.

So we can heal and manage them, planting new seeds of love, in the tears that may run, over past setbacks and upsets, eventually turning them to dust, so you can be like the phoenix that rises out of its own ashes.

Venus, who was seen by the ancient Greeks as the goddess of love, controls our relationships, especially how we view beauty, our possessions, money, our inner values, due to being the ruler of Taurus.

Venus not only controls personal notions of intimacy, beauty, and value but global; due to Venus association with Libra, the planetary energies are associated with equilibrium, temperance and peace.

However, she can also bring great heartbreak, rage, manipulation, stubbornness, and superficial relationships-hook ups; Venus retrograde often brings up memories and, for some of you, people from your past, which can bring destruction and pain.

Yet if we are willing to enter the turmoil- pandemonium and sheer out bedlam that transiting Venus brings, we can rise from this transit, better, faster, stronger than before.  Just like natal Venus retrograde in your birth chart, the transit of Venus retrograde is a highly karmic event, asking you above anything else to reflect purge and let go.

Venus rules
  • All human relationships
  • From marriage, business partnerships, serious commitments, dating, agape – motherly, sisterly, brotherly- platonic love and Eros love- passionate to obsessive love
  • How we view or deny intimacy and sensuality
  • How we seek pleasure, how we dress- our appearance, how we wear our hair, interior design, how we create or feel about art and beauty
  • What sort of entertainment you are into, such as your favourite music, films, YouTubers, social media streams etc.
  • Your views on luxury and indulgence, what food, drink, the alcohol we like
  • Venus is closely linked to our views on money, investments, possessions, saving and our inner values or lack of time

What is Venus Retrograde transit

  • When Venus is in retrograde, how we view relationships, our inner values, intimacy, how past memories stop us from fully letting love in and living our highest potential.
  • Our perceptions become hazy when our beliefs on possessions, money, investments, saving and business partnerships come under the spotlight.
  • So it’s best to put off big decisions in these areas, especially money and investments unless you get professional advice, but as this affects us, all the advice we receive may not be clear.


Like all other retrogrades, Venus happens when the earth appears to be moving backwards; Venus retrogrades around every 18-19 months and lasts for about 40-45 days. 

When retrogrades appear, the planets are not really moving backwards; they are actually swinging back and forth at the same spot, well, kinda, anyhow.

Whenever Venus retrogrades, it always happens in one of the following 5 signs, Capricorn (late Libra to early Scorpio), Leo, Gemini and Aries; Venus retrogrades can affect all areas of life, just like any other planet in retrograde or planetary transit.

 The Venus cycle often makes a pentagram shape when you plot the course of its retrogrades over an 8 year period.

The effects of all retrograde, including Venus retrograde, happen for up to 2 months after the retrograde is passed, could be longer for those born in the retrograde phase.

Does Venus retrograde in 2021? What happens when Venus is in retrograde?
Does Venus retrograde in 2021?

But there is always a pre-shadow phase of all retrogrades that start about 1 month before the beginning. Aswell as a post shadow phase that can occur up to 2-3 months after they end. So the effects of Venus retrograde last about 4-5 months

When planets retrograde, we go back into our past, either physically, psychologically or emotionally, often to try and gain some sort of closure or make connections between how our past still controls us in our present, with the view to heal what we find within.


The keywords of retrogrades are evaluation, re-examine-go back, and introspect, so we can live a better life in the now and our future. 

The events, especially heartbreaks and endings of life, put us all through emotional and psychological, often spiritual turmoil. Venus retrograde serves to trigger our past unresolved hurts, triggering us to reflect on and heal what needs to be resolved.

Venus in retrograde December 2021, Does Venus retrograde in 2021?, What happens when Venus is in retrograde?
What is the best strategy during Venus retrograde What happens when Venus is retrograde?

Work on releasing any barriers to yourself, love, as when you do this, you be able to not find more inner balance and clarity but lose the emotions and psychological wounds that keep you stuck in repeating your past relationship patterns.

Yes, heartbreaks are harsh, and we can get lost in distractions and hookups, but these typically make us feel emptier as our inner void grows bigger.

Venus retrograde is the best use to start integrating all personality traits, especially our shadow and the parts we have refused to love about ourselves so far.

Often, we don’t release our own individual actions that course our misery, as we get stuck in repetitive loops of repeating our past relationship, career, and financial mistakes. 

We can let our passions and romantic illusions, and fantasy keep us trapped in relationships and behaviours that keep us in misery.

Venus retrograde brings us transparency and clear thinking. First, we must go into our emotional disorder and chaos to find the lessons that need to be learned; Venus retrograde, as with all retrogrades, always has a karmic flavour to them.


During Venus retrograde transit, you may fall into the addiction trap, although Neptune, which is the higher expression/ octave of Venus, controls our extreme addictions. They often start out in Venus as habits and then turn into self-destructive addictions; when our habits become uncontrollable, they fall into the realm of Neptune.

What should you not do during Venus retrograde?

The chances of falling into addiction whilst Venus is retrograde in Capricorn is high due to the emotional and psychological turmoil you may go through; some of you may make declarations of love and be rejected, which leads you into an anxious and depressed state.

But it is crucial you seek help and not overindulge in self-destructive substances and relationships; although the compulsion may be hard to control, if you are struggling with this, seek help. You can join a free AA, codependency or any other 12 step group online.

You may decide to end a relationship due to it not meeting your needs, especially if you feel the relationship is getting in the way of your financial, status or career goals.

You may decide that you wish to end a relationship to be by yourself, making the decision to love, understand and be with yourself first before you try to be with another person.

Venus transit retrograde brings your lack of fulfilment under the spotlight, but I must caution why this is a good time to introspect and write down pros and cons; it may not be best to completely end the relationship, but take some time and space to yourself.

Sometimes, this phase can bring about hazy decisions that we regret later; for some of you, ending things is the right thing to do, especially if the situation is controlling and abusive.

Only your transit to the natal chart can help you make this decision, along with your own evaluation and free will; this is a time to dig deep into the inner workings of your love language, wants, desires and plans, for your life.

 Especially if you want to start a family, is the relationship you’re in the right one to do it, or if you feel you need a partner to have kids, maybe you decide you want to start a family on your own.

Major decisions are best put off until January 29th 2022, but to be completely sure, it’s best to wait until Venus comes out of its shadow period.


Which happens when Venus passes through the same degree it started its retrograde in.

What should you not do during Venus retrograde?, continued


KEYNOTE: The ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomena.


The ascent of the individualised consciousness to the highest realisations reached by the spiritual leaders of its culture.


This Venus retrograde Sabian degree, tagged by dane rudhyar is either the 26th or 27th degree of Capricorn, but whatever way you look at it, this is the perfect time to look for the hidden meanings of life, starting by u covering the hidden motivations within you.

Connections with water, even your own tears, will reveal hidden truths to you, and if you listen and take action in silent reflection and mediation, the way to your intimate release and ultimate relationship will be revealed to you

Tensions could erupt in the workplace, especially if you end or start a relationship with someone you work with; your ethics could be called into question, especially if you’re an older person who decided to date a younger co-worker.

A workplace scandal could be revealed because someone has been abusing their authority in some way, such as stealing company funds, someone(s) integrity and respectability will be placed under the spotlight

Someone may question your morality because you want to become part of a throuple, polyamorous or some other unconventional relationship.

Transit Venus retrograde 2021 can be a highly deceptive time, with not all being what it seems on the surface.

 Many fake confessions of affection can occur at this time, and a lot of fake friends trying to infiltrate your life to steal something or someone that is yours.

This can be a highly dog eat materialistic dog –deceptive time, where people use a lot of underhand tactics to get what they want, using affection to get what they want.

Suppose you or the people you met have strong Saturn, Uranus, Aquarius or Capricorn energy in their natal charts. In that case, you may be more withdrawn, taciturn, inwardly reflective, aloof, detached and isolated than usual.

The meaning of transiting Venus retrograde continued

So you or others may take this emotional coldness to mean disinterest. Still, typically it just inward weighs up emotions, as Capricorns and Aquarius can be pretty serious about such matters and wish to make sure they are doing the right thing, often for themselves, before committing, in general.

All in all, the transit Venus retrograde is a challenging time. Still, ultimately the relationships and business partnerships, investments and possessions that are meant to remain after this time will be there after this transit pasts.

You and others can be more shut off to genuine affection than usual during this transit, finding it hard, to be honest, trustworthy, or to trust at this time of the Venus retrograde transit.

This includes self-trust, and you find it hard to trust your own instincts and intuition, or logical thought processes, insecurities, and illusions can be high right now.

Transiting Venus retrograde can make you and others may inhibited, self-interested, absorbed and ego-driven than average; you may simply close yourself off from love due to past hurts, becoming overly defensive.

Venus retrograde transit

Venus retrograde transit and the rainbow's pot of gold

This is not the time to invest in risky shares or gamble too much; you should also rethink big purchases at this time, as you may buy something you regret, or it can cost you more than you bargained for.

Like you may buy a product or house a top price, thinking it’s all you need and don’t need repairs, only for it to need some form of maintenance and you have not got the money to pay for it.

However, you could get a good deal on items that other people are getting rid of at a reduced price during this time due to their cash flow problems; I know not good to make a fortune out of someone else misfortune, but still, you are helping them out of a hole right!

Venus retrograde transit

What to do during Venus retrograde transit

The do’s of Venus retrograde transit

  • An emotional, psychological and intimate life review, taking full stock of your relationships and what you expect from them and evaluating if your needs are being met
  • do think twice about reconciling a relationship at this time.
  • Also, question if you are meeting the needs of others and if your needs are being met
  • Remember this is not a time for all of you to make big decisions; at times, a relationship just need a break, some time to breathe yano,
  • Tune into your intuition at this time, but you may have to ground yourself with meditation or some nice soft music to do so at this time
  • This can be an excellent time to donate any items you no longer need or sell them on a selling app or site; this is a good time for a physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological clearout.
  • And as always, make sure you really want to get rid of, maybe put all the items you think you want to get rid of in a box or boxes, and put them out of sight until after this transit to make sure you really wish to rid.
  • This is a time of sentiment, so you should reconnect with your past and its people if they pass your way; just don’t jump heart first, steadily rebuild the connection. It’s also an excellent time to get closure and answers to unanswered questions.
  • If you used to like to paint, create music, write or anything else creative or artistic, start again now; this is a good time to channel your energy into the things you love. Any hobby restarted now is good, especially an instrument or singing; Venus is the tone of love and beauty, after all.
  • This is an excellent time to look into or deepen your spiritual or meditation practice and write down or voice note your thoughts.
  • This is a perfect time to good too and write down your emotions and psychological thoughts, so you can begin the work of healing them
  • Also, this is a reasonable period to write down the relationship you would like to manifest and the steps you need to take to get it, like self-understanding, forgiveness, compassion and love
  • This is a more than perfect time to reconnect to nature.

The Don’t’s of the Venus retrograde transit

  • Don’t waste money- in unnecessary investments, property, make plans though to create a new financial saving plan which you start after this period
  • Don’t change your appearance
  • Do not drive your sorrows in overindulgence in food, sex, Netflix and chills, drugs or alcohol.
  • Think twice before you make firm commitments or end something, as this may not be the best time for you to fully end or commit to a relationship
  • if you are superstitious and have a commitment or wedding ceremony planned. You can put off the official signing of the paperwork until after this period.
  • Don’t do extensive renovations on your home
  • Make sure you pick an excellent astrological day to start an entertainment, artistic or creative venture; I won’t say put it off completely; just be cautious when you choose to launch it, or it can be a financial sinkhole.
  • This is an excellent time to review, reflect and revaluate and projects your already working on, do all you can to be mindful

 All in all, there is nothing to fear in the Venus retrograde transit, but it will take us at times to the edge of our sanity and test our willpower; it is best to practice self-care during this transit and relax.

Also, be gentle on yourself and others; sometimes, space, not complete endings are needed; think before starting a relationship, remember slow, and steady wins the race.

If you move too fast, the relationship or business venture may end before it really starts; Venus retrograde can make us move too fast or forget what we really stand for.

 So you may make some questionable choices, still love yourself anyway as you can always move forward if you really want to; you can get hit by cupids arrow and get stuck temporarily in cupids chokehold.

And you can believe someone is more handsome, beautiful or awesome and wonderful, Bobbie Dazzler, than they actually are!!!!

Oh, well happens to us all; we are all only human, it is best, however, to hold off until March 2022 to make big life-changing decisions

But yano, how hasty us humans can be, so you may jump heart first, but forgive yourself anyway.

All in all, the transit of Venus retrograde is all about clarification,  endings can have new beginnings, and new beginnings can have sudden endings.

 Friendships, partnerships and all other intimate relationships may end and start several times during this phase and its aftermath.

Although closure is good, it may not be given; you may be kept hanging on a string,  Venus retrograde transit is an excellent time to clear out on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Because what is meant to be in your life will stay off if it goes, it will come back, if it is really yours, so don’t be afraid to let go and rejuvenate your relationships.

Especially in the first 2-3 weeks of the actual retrograde phase, but you may get spontaneous and compulsive  during the last 10-14 days of the retrograde phase and it is after shadow period January 29th -March 1st 2022

Venus retrograde can feel like a fated period


Summary of Venus Retrograde, Transit in Capricorn 2021-2022

  • Time to think about what and who we value
  • Be careful with financial speculation
  • Reconsider making firm commitments at this time
  • Even attending parties, family or social gatherings
  • Old friends, hookups and lovers may make a comeback
  • This is a good time for introspection-self healing, reprogramming your subconscious mind, and making plans and research to start a new life long personal development plan
  • However, taking actual action to change may not be good unless your progressed, directed solar arc and transit to natal chart says it’s a good idea
  • Transit Venus Retrograde is generally speaking not a good time to change your personal appearance, start a healthy eating or exercise plan or both, have a new hairstyle, get a tattoo, renovate your home, buy artwork, or any other large purchase, as they may be hidden cost.
  • Your consciousness will be set alight with the sentimental, and the past may come a-knocking on your door.

Venus retrograde in the houses

How the Venus retrograde transit affects you depends on the placements of Libra, Capricorn, Taurus, Venus, Saturn, and Aquarius and the aspects to your 2nd, 7th, 10th and 11th house.  Also your personal transit to your natal and progressed or solar arc directed charts. But below are things that could happen for each sign at this time.


Venus retrograde transiting your first house/  or your Sun or rising in Aries

transiting Venus retrograde
  • All houses ruled by Venus in your natal progressed or solar arc chart are in the spotlight now
  • Being too direct in speech that causes problems in all relationships
  • As are all relationships from hookups, intimate and those you have with people younger than you and children
  • Seeking too much comfort, affection and adoration
  • You may become self-obsessive and overindulgent in the substances you take, food, drugs, alcohol

Your personal appearance or expressions will be affected by this transit; how you come across to others is affected now, people may mistake what you mean by your words or actions.

 Even subtle communications like facial expressions and body language can be misinterpreted at this time, so it’s best to make sure you stay aware of how you’re coming across.

But even if you take this precaution, you can still be misunderstood; there is a tendency for you to come across stern or abrasive, detached- aloof,  at this time, even a bit self-absorbed or impulsive.

On the individual level, this is a good time to work on how you project yourself onto others; you may make to suddenly end relationships but proceed with caution, try and hold the routine you and your partner have come to rely on.

Don’t jump the gun; take your time right now, or you may regret it later.

As not to rock the boat too much, but if you want change to happen, talk with your partner, but be warned they may not be able to hear it until after the Venus retrograde has passed.

Venus retrograde transiting your second house/  or your Sun or rising in Taurus

  • Friendships, lose acquaintances such as workplace relationships may cause tensions at this time
  • Try and not end any relationship at this time, instead, trust it; how do you really feel around these people, if its constantly negative
  • Avoid being bull-headed- stubborn, and try and take into account others viewpoints, but don’t let them override your feelings, but do try and find a middle ground; sometimes you will have to agree to disagree
  • Review finances, and watch out for overspending and indulging in hookups or other activities that can cost you money or inner resources

If Venus retrogrades in your second house which governs, possession, money, investments and your inner values, as Venus retrograde can make you overspend or speculate, it is wise you think before you spend right now.

This is an excellent time to make plans to make your finances healthier after this placement. This is an excellent time to reassess, your inner values and question if you’re really expressing who you really are in your relationships. If not, why not? Out of fear of rejection?

It is also an excellent time to look at the ways you can make more money if you need to, what courses you could take, search online for courses, or look on free streaming services for tutorials that can help you learn a new skill, to increase your income.

What subconscious beliefs about money or your abilities are holding you back from reaching your highest earning potential? What relationships are holding you back from attracting resources into your life.


Venus retrograde transiting  your third house/  or your sun or rising in Gemini

  • Delays in communications which turn out to be positive later, but confusing at the time
  • Issues with communication devices and people you’re in contact with daily.
  • Find out what makes you feel rejuvenated at this time
  • Try new things, especially in the area of communication
  • This can be a very karmatic time, where people from your past or someone close to you past renter to trigger important events.
  • You may decide to recreate yourself at this time
  • This can be a great time of misunderstandings with you or others causing upset with the words or other communications, often

There is a lot of miscommunications and fakeness, gossip and things that keep you feeling uneasy and fed up, things you and others say may be hard to understand at this time.

Mainly because not everyone is being authentic at this time, and you yourself can be concealing you truth at this time.

Miscommunication and lack of honesty and care can make you more taciturn – introverted, and wanting solitude,which can be disarming or alarming to those you relate with on a day to day basis.

You can also feel very bored with the things and people that used to bring you happiness and security before Venus went retrograde.

This time is best used to rethink what makes you feel alive, maybe researching new hobbies, especially those involving writing, singing, some form of travel, designing.

Making videos or some other form of communication venture could give you valuable insight and set your life on a new course during the Venus retrograde transit.

Some of you may experience tension in your intimate relationships; you or your partner’s ex-lovers or friends can resurface now on or offline causing conflict. It may not be full on cheating, yet this can occur; however, whatever happens now is happening to transform the relationship and get it out of stagnation.


Venus retrograde transiting your fourth house/  or your sun or rising in Cancer

  • Shared resources may cause conflict
  • You may be feeling unfulfilled in your intimate relationship or due to a lack of relationship
  • Spend time loving and giving yourself self-care if you are single , rather than getting lost in Netflix’s and chills
  • Get to know yourself on a deeper level via self-reflection, questioning, understanding, forgiving, healing and accepting
  • It can be hard to find emotional, spiritual, financial and psychological support at this time

Your family heritage, home life and all matters relating to your home are in the spotlight at this time; they may be tensions that happen in your household due to a breakdown in communication or shared values.

Money could also cause arguments or anything else you depend on to feel a sense of security.

 You may decide to finish renovations or DIY projects or buy some new items for your home, but near home-related improvements should be put off until after this time.

However, some of you may not fix problems in your home at this time which causes, extreme damage or at least more damage than it would if you fixed it. Do yourself a favour get someone to repair any issues at home or with your car etc., asap.

This can be because of a lack of energy or emotional or relationship stress that cause you to not care, you can also not want to deal with any problems that come up at this time, but this will also make it worse.

Get a mediator, or try to write things down, giving space for the other people involved to speak; maybe a peace stick or object can work, and the only person allowed to talk at that time can speak.

 And yes, you may find it hard not to interrupt; this is where the pen and paper or writing on your table on the phone what you want to say will come in handy, so you can express your piece when they finish.



Venus retrograde transiting your fifth house/  or your sun or rising in Leo

  • Jumping to conclusions before having all the information
  • Old lovers coming back
  • Issues with children or those younger than you who may cause problems in your life
  • Time of feeling disappointed in life can lead to reckless behaviour
  • Spontaneous gambling, spending, socialising that causes you to be late for work, important relationships events etc., or yano spend the wedding budget!!! Which cause arguments and may separation
  • you may need to tighten your belt and save via sacrificing things that were once normal due to your overspending after this retrograde period, which causes upset with your partner
  • instead of going on wild spending stress, try and think of healthy ways to channel your disenchantment and boredom of routine
  • talk to your partner or if single with some who can give you good advice on how you can uplift your vibe without messing your current circumstances up

When Venus retrograde occurs in your fifth house, you may feel more playful, romantic, social than average, seeking to take risks and gamble on life and the people in it.

You may also want more enjoyment and personal gratification than average.

But you should think before you speculate, especially in finance and romance, as you may make some horrible decisions in these areas.

 Some of you may re-evaluate your love or causal relationships, seeking to bring more fun and creative expression into your life.

You or your intimate partner may withhold feelings or some other important information from each other at this time, one or both of you may need space, but this doesn’t mean you want the relationship to end.

You and your partner may just need to think of new ways to spice your relationship up and bring more enjoyment into your love life, also. Be careful if you are single at this time as you may meet time wasters.

Or fall under some sort of love illusion or spell; some of you may feel a lack of energy at this time, feeling less active or creative than usual.


Venus retrograde transiting your sixth house/  or your sun or rising in Virgo

  • struggles with co-workers or those in authority
  • delayed promotions or moving profession
  • remove obstacles that hinder your health and work performance
  • a good time to look into your self-destructive habits, get support if you feel you need it
  • some of you may feel lethargic that slows down your work and domestic performance as you get disinterested in routine and cleanliness-hygiene that could cause problems in your relationships
  • you can also become disorganised, preferring to overindulge in pleasurable things

The sixth house in the house of career-work, health and routine, conflict may occur with work colleagues, you could be the source of this tension or others could be agitating you at this time, but try and not let them cause you too much stress and anxiety, count to ten.

 Let it go in one ear and out the next; this is an excellent time to focus on your health and wellbeing, do some physical exercise, gentle meditation.

 Look into your eating habits or any other tendencies that stop you from looking after your physical and/or psychological-emotional health.

If they are not the best, may examine your unhealed emotional or psychological blockages and wounds, can help you understand the ways you may neglect, hold back, or harm yourself.

Some of you may decide to change careers, end a relationship that is hindering your real ambitions, or start a relationship that can help you advance professionally.



Venus retrograde transiting your seventh house/  or your sun or rising in Libra

  • emotional coldness
  • displeasure and frustration in close relationships
  • a need to reassess what romance, partnership means to you and what your needs are if they are being met, and if not, how can they be met
  • feeling out of balance and sync with your environment
  • in what ways are you not meeting your partner(s) needs, and how can you do so
  • strained relationships with friends and family
  • general discomfort in intimate relationships

When Venus retrogrades in your 7th house or partnerships, all types of relationships can be hard to deal with right now, from intimate to business, this is a time of misinterpretation and confusion.

If you are single, you may try and find someone to commit, but this may be hard at this time; they may want a hook with you, romance, and they may pretend they want a commitment to get what they want, which leaves you feeling used.

But it may be best to ask yourself why you’re open to such deceptions in the first place and what you can do to meet your own needs.


It may be easy to fall into passive aggression, but it is best to try and talk things through, and compromise, stating your needs and listening to the other partie(s) needs to make sure all needs and wants are being met.

Try to state your needs with patience and calm so they don’t come across as demands that can cause further problems, even separation in business or committed romantic relationships.

You or your partner can be just plain lazy right now, not putting in the effort, staying in your comfort zone that can lead to looking elsewhere for attention, however, this is not the best course of action.

Someone may make an indecent proposal to you or your partner, or your business partner could use company funds to wine and dine, date a new love interest, causing tension



Venus retrograde transiting  your eight  house/  or your Sun or rising in Scorpio

  • think before you speak or react as what you do or say now can have long term repercussions
  • you or your lover may be feeling disconnected from the relationship at this time
  • Feeling withdraw from yourself- needing to let go so you can transform of barriers that stop you from experiencing love
  • You can be confused about what you really desire or need from relationships at this time
  • Money issues- especially with joint resources and unexpected tax, insurance, debt demands
  • Increase selfishness –lack of enthusiasm
  • Lack of self-control, discipline and attention to detail can cause relationship breakdown due to misuse of finances

The eighth house covers everything from death, rebirth, hidden desires, sexual experiences, transformation, joint resources, taxes and insurance.

So you may experience difficulties relating to some or more of these issues at this time; you should keep on top of your finances at this time.

 They may be someone who is looking to deceive money or some other valuable resource out of you at this time so stay alert.

Unexpected bills may appear that need to be paid asap; needing you to balance your needs and wants at this time, you may need to put off buying any luxury items or experiences at this time.

It’s important to pay your obligations rather than ignore them; money issues that you or your partner have hidden may come to light now.

Causing you and your partner may argue over joint resources, causing tension in your home life, that may make sex and intimacy hard, but a healthy discussion can resolve conflict

However, you or your partner can lack warmth at this time, not wanting to take the time to solve issues rationally, nor explore ways to make matters better, preferring to distract yourselves from the situation, in drugs, sex(with others), alcohol or some other form of escapism

You may just need to try new things in the bedroom; if single, this is an excellent time to go deep within yourself and question why this is, and ask yourself about the ways you’re shutting yourself off from receiving and/or going affection.

Some of you may explore occultist ways to spice up your sex life at this time, ranging from tantric to more esoteric sexual practices.


Venus retrograde transiting  your ninth  house/  or your sun or rising in Sagittarius

  • A time of overconfidence and risk-taking
  • Physical or mental travel
  • Boredom in relationships
  • Re-evaluating your life and your opinions
  • Learning something new
  • Difficulties concentrating- focus
  • Problems and delays in educational and legal matters
  • Fear of change

When Venus retrogrades in the 9 th house, you want to expand your horizons in some way, or you may resist doing so, the 9th house covers higher consciousness, interactions with those who are born in a different county to you.

Adventures, long-distance travel, personal beliefs, some of you may fall in love whilst physically abroad or while talking to someone who lives abroad, make sure it’s not a scam, keep one foot on the ground firmly.

They may be disagreements over personal viewpoints between you, and those you are close with that can cause temporary separations; some of you might requestion your religion, philosophy, faith or any long-held beliefs at this time.

Seeking a new way of life may mean ending any relationship you have outgrown; however, make sure you are not blowing things out of proportion and burning your bridges behind you.

It may be good to detach from relationships, especially if they are destructive; someone from your past may come into your life to help you make present moment changes. 

But don’t fall head over heels, especially if they hurt you in the past; keep an open mind make their actions prove their words.

They can be changes in your professional status or associations, and relationships with co-workers may be complex at this time.



Venus retrograde transiting  your tenth house/  or your sun or rising in Capricorn

  • Career and personal relationships may undergo changes
  • Lack of energy
  • Over ambition or lack of it, that creates tension with your partner
  • Fall out or romantic entanglements with authority figures
  • Damage in reputation- loss of status

You may feel dissatisfied in your career, or a working relationship may become romantic, causing gossip and repercussions, your work performance could suffer, leading to disciplinary action.

The tenth house deals with authority figures, so some of you could start an intimate relationship with your boss, your reputation can be affected in some way.

 Or you could simply get tired with your job, deciding to have a hard think about if you should move to a different one.

They can be a lot of judgement or accusations at this time in your professional, family, friends or intimate relationship; someone or something from your past can catch your attention at this time.

Which can make you feel more emotional than average, which you may not like, you could have a crisis over staying or leaving in a  relationship, and temptation may come knocking on your door.



Venus retrograde transiting  your eleventh  house/  or your sun or rising in  Aquarius

  • Problems with groups, communications that cause endings of even long term friendships
  • You or others may feel unsupported, causing relationship separations
  • Finances causing tensions in friendships
  • Dislike of gossip and shallow speech, need for more depth and meaning
  • Looking into ways your associations cause you financial troubles with a view to end connections that drain your emotional and financial resources.
  • Make plans to reduce social activities to reduce debts and start planning for your future

Venus retrograde in the house of friends, groups and your highest ambitions can cause tension in your social groups and closets’ friendships.

You or others may want to be alone, which makes those who want to be close to you confused and upset due to your withdrawal, or others may want to detach from you at this time.

Lack of attention can cause strain at this time, you may feel confused by others actions and words at this time, or others may misinterpret what you say or do.

White lies can mislead at this time, and you or others can be two-faced; you may turn a friend into a lover. Or you may break up with someone who was also your best friend, making you extra upset about the separation.

You may break associations with groups to join a new one, but make sure your not joining some sort of cult or anything else that is detrimental to your overall wellbeing.



Venus retrograde transiting  your twelfth  house/  or your Sun or rising in  Pisces

  • Tensions in close relationships
  • Deep and unsettling emotions
  • Wanting to be alone, although you want company- hiding problems due to shame or guilt if you cannot talk to a friend or your partner, seek out someone you can talk to
  • Karmic relationships
  • Best to keep off major decisions to alter date but explore all options
  • You may want to avoid dealing with situations and emotions that come up now, but this would not be good as they will keep resurfacing
  • Avoid addictive and self-destructive habits as that won’t solve problems with
  • Get help with any addiction you cannot control
  • Hidden enemies can resurface; this can be people or pass habits of yours that cause problems now
  • Not all who smile mean you well
  • Resisting change will not make things stay the same; change will happen with or without your consent

The subconscious comes to the surface now, repressed issues can come to a boiling point causing harsh words and actions in intimate relationships.

This can be a time of deep exploration of your psyche and emotions that can cause you to detach or, evaluate your life to align with your authentic romantic desires.

You may reconnect with past friends or lovers; this can be by actually talking or meeting up with them or remembering how it felt to be with them or words they said to you in the past.

 Your recollections or reconnections with the past helps you make important decisions about any intimate or hook up type relationship you are in.

This can be a very karmic time for you as fate brings to you the lessons you need to know right now; although you may feel like ending a long term relationship, a break may be best until this transit has passed.

As you may regret decisions you make at this time later, this time is best used to heal what needs to be healed and engage in introspection and self-care.

ancientfuturevision uk astrologer

The individual spiritual meaning of transit Venus retrograde

Venus retrograde transit benefits


What does it mean when Venus is transiting? An in-depth spirtual guide on what to do, this time is best used, especially if your single, to do some deep introspect, star healing your wounds.

Learning to understanding, have compassion for, heal, love and forgive yourself, writing down your highest manifestations for your future.

The past has gone, and all we have is the now to create our future aspirations from

  • Twin flames or soul mates may appear
  • Although its best to discern and take your time before fully committing
  • You may reconnect with past lovers to say goodbye properly
  • But beware that not everyone you meet at this time is a genuine karmic connection, even if it feels like it
  • Best to get an impartial second opinion if you feel swept away
  • Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” ― G. Jung
  • Not all hookups are meant to move past that phase. Still, we must end the Netflix and chill to get the real deal
  • Ignore the mind and its many debates, do all you can to tune into your small still voice, that we don’t always like what it says, but it’s always right
  • During the 40 days of Venus retrograde, you have a limited but potent opportunity to release your soul tines, spiritual bondage of stagnant soul mate or twin flame reconnects that stop you from loving yourself and becoming whole.
  • It’s time to get honest about your relationship, especially the one you have with yourself.
  • Dig into the subconscious and reveal the thought, behaviour, emotional and psychological patterns that keep you repeating past mistakes
  • But know that now could be the right time to reconnect with an ex, past lost love, but you don’t need to move fast, if it moves fast, it may be an illusion, I mean you waited all this time to reconnect right, what’s the rush
  • This time is best used to become one within yourself, so you can connect intimately with someone else as an equal rather, than a half
  • Self-healing done at this time can open up a window in the spring/ summer time to actually get an “authentic romantic connection.”
  • Time for self-understanding, compassion, forgiveness, love, letting go of fear and obsession
  • Excellent time to release, and rebirth bringing the masculine and feminine energies of your personality together

If you choose to do deep spiritual, personal development at this time, here are some questions to ask

Venus retrograde is all about the evaluation of your values and relationships

What self-destructive habits, thought patterns, and relationships do you need to let go of?

What is stopping you from making the relationship you have with yourself a priority? Is it because society programs us to seek without what can only be found within?

Do you only feel loveable in a relationship?  Do the relationships you allow in your life reflect how you value yourself, your esteem and your worth? Are they low? How can you raise them?

Are you attracting those who take and leave you emptier each time? How can you fill your inner void?

Do you give too much of yourself, and why? Is it a co-dependent issue, or are you a people pleaser, and if so, why do you do that?

Do the values and people you hold near still hold the same meaning to you?

Do you keep manifesting experiences and people into your life that match your long time goals?

And if not, how can you change your lifestyle, so it reflects who you authentically are and who you authentically want to attract into your life?

In what ways are you materialistic and possessive?

Are you living your life according to your actual inner values or the standards your family, friends, religions or organisations you belong to, tell you to live by?

Do you know where you want to go? Where do you see yourself in 5 months, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years? How can you take daily steps to get there?

Remember you can do most things if you work hard and steadily towards them.

How can you reschedule your life to live according to your inner values? If you don’t know what they are, what experiences can you have to make you uncover them?

What is stopping you from being who you are? Fear of rejection? Lack of connection with people you don’t authentically connect with anyway?

Do you stay in a relationship out of fear of being truly alone?

What really gives you personal satisfaction?, don’t be shy, even if it’s a bit of BDSM or kink, its ok, if you explore it safely and with people who respect and have affection for you!!!

Do you really fancy and are you attracted to the kind of lovers you date or are you trying to date according to what society says is pretty, handsome, sexy, fire!!! Or peng? Are they really patterning you up?

If you’re in along term relationship, and you growing part, why is that? Is it you or your partner, how can you get closer, do you want to rekindle the fire?  Or are you holding on out of obsession or possession?

How do you overindulge in pleasure and sensuality, hookups, alcohol, drugs, food, and how does this stop you from meeting your career and financial goals? Are you too greedy? Is it because society programs us to want more?

In what ways are you excessive?

Do you have boundaries, and if you don’t have, can you establish them?

If you’re going to get married or make a commitment, how much do you really know your partner, I am amazed at how many people get married without know in their partner in-depth.

Here are some links to help and these, and yes epic, right, but commitment is epic; it is not a hookup or a Netflix and chill, it’s like yano, upgrading from no bottoms to red bottoms, lol, but some of you treat it like that.

Even if you’re in a committed relationship, already, you and your partner(s) should answer these if it’s serious about getting to know each other more, and reassess your couple values. I also recommend you assess your individual values.

What unresolved issue from your past stops you from loving, forgiving, understanding and accepting yourself? How can you come them do you need therapy or life coaching to help you?

In what ways do you hide from yourself?

How can you get into alignment with what you want to manifest in your intimate and business relationships? a life review and a a strategic life plan should be made.

This is a time to evaluate your emotions, psychology, and how you allow society to dictate what you want or don’t want.

What really turns you on and floats your boat?

No matter how far you think you gone past the point of no return, and transformation, trust me you can change your life around, by taking daily steps, I believe in you.

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