Waxing crescent transiting moon phase in astrology

We all shine on...like the moon and the stars and the sun...we all shine on...come on and on and on...

― john Lennon


action orientated

turning ideas into reality

quick learning

increased awareness

making contact

information gathering

laying foundations

prospecting - breakthroughs

What is the meaning of a waxing crescent moon?

The waxing crescent is the phase where the moon is illuminated with a shard of light, showing that things have started to take root.

This phase is the moons first step to fullness, as the crescent enlarges each day throughout the first quarter moon phase.

The waxing crescent moon rises before midday; it will transit the meridian at various times but before sunset, and the crescent moon sets before midnight.

What is the waxing moon in astrology?

In astrology, the waxing moon is moving towards the full moon period; with the latter in mind, this waxing phase is the time to start taking slow and steady action towards your intentions set in the new moon.

If you have not already, so you can eventually bring them to fruition; if you vowed to start eating healthy or exercise, this is the time to implement your regime.

How does a waxing crescent moon affect us?

The waxing phase gives you the courage to take a leap of faith; if you wish to change your career or start a new project.

Now is the time to look into how you can make this possible and take daily steps towards building your dream career; actualisation is the keyword for the waxing crescent new moon transit.


This phase is the time for collecting research, doing or saying the things you been putting off, making plans to update your skills if need be, apply or start new courses to enrich your life; now is the time to reach out to and create new networks.

What is the spiritual meaning of a waxing crescent moon?

The waxing crescent is the time to start actively working towards your highest potential; the full moon was the release, the new moon the intention setting, the crescent moon is the physical, mental and spiritual actionable stage of your goals.


Start to put your money where your mouth is, replace words and thoughts with action, it is time  to get going.

 Building brick by brick the solid foundation needed for your future success, the waxing crescent moon sheds first light to heighten your efforts, faith and intentions.

 It is an excellent time to meditate on your ideas or doing any ritual you feel comfortable to cement the wanted change in your life.

The pessimist may become more optimistic this phase, and those who are eternal optimist may become reckless with ambition during this face.

Temperance is essential in the waxing crescent moon transit; forging ahead- taking a leap of faith is the name of the game of the waxing crescent transiting moon phase.

Natal waxing crescent moon meaning

We ran as if to meet the moon.

― Robert Frost

Keywords: turning ideas into action- setting the pace- rapid growth if you allow it

 What does it mean when you are born under a waxing crescent moon?

·       Need to break free from restraints

·       Leaving the past

·       Forming a new identity – coming into your own

·       Emotionality


Habitual behaviours and thought patterns

·       Destructive addictions

·       Lack of support of self-expression

·       Need to become inwardly led

·       Independence

·       The need to get back up after life knockbacks

·       Building resilience



When you are born with a crescent moon in your astrology birth chart, you can be a self focuses, full of resolve and self self-


You will have an urge to follow through on your actions and change your family, local community, nation or the world. 

You have an innate sense of justice and understand the pain, difficulties and disturbance of life intuitively; you will always drive yourself forward.

When you are born during a waxing crescent moon, you were born in the growing phase of the moon; you will seek adventure, be go-getting and highly dynamic and creative.

 Yet you will not blind jump into a new phase of life, like someone born in the new moon will; you will think and plan before you take risks and move ahead.

The shadow side of the natal waxing crescent moon


As a child or in early adulthood, you may have had to struggle with the karma of the repercussions of your past actions.

The waxing crescent moon in your natal chart wants you to let go of past behaviours and thought patterns on the physical or soul level.

You may struggle with emotional, psychological and spiritual ties to your past and not strike out independently.

The waxing crescent moon birth placement is all about learning to take calculated risks and moving forward, getting out of your comfort zone and letting go of self-destructive habits.

Your sense of security can be rocked by your life lessons; you may have had many encounters with people taking advantage of you.

It’s essential to learn to be discerning when choosing friends and lovers and know in life, it is a painful truth, but you may have to distance yourself from those you care about, even family members.

What does it mean when you are born under a waxing crescent moon? continued

Especially if they are holding you back with manipulative tactics such as physical, emotional or psychological blackmail or warfare, you may have to strike out on your own kid to find your bliss and life direction.


 In doing this, you will build your self-reliance and resilience, which are invaluable tools in these ever-changing times.

You may find it hard to leave your family home or toxic relationships, seek help and support to do so, work through feelings of shame and guilt for not being as strong as you think you should be, know you are strong as you have been able to endure life so far.

This moon wants to always move forward, become a genuine individual, seek out opportunities to live the life you want; the first step of change is always the hardest.

And you will fail many times in your personal evolution; still, failure means you’re trying and making progress so, keep on going a surmount-overcome your life challenges.

Preparation is critical; follow through on your dreams and ambitions with good old fashioned hard work, focus on what you think and feel, do all you can to enhance these capacities, do not let others stunt your growth.

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