What is Chiron in my chart? Meaning of Chiron in astrology

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The wounded healer Chiron in astrology, meaning

Chiron meaning

The meaning of word Chiron means wise and kind centaur. Chiron shows your deepest wound and how you can turn your suffering into self-empowerment by healing yourself.

Chiron takes about 48-50 years to complete its cycle; its movement is erratic, often like the healing process from the emotional and psychological wounds that Chiron represents. 


Chiron spends about 4 years in each of the 12 zodiac signs.

What is Chiron in my chart?

Chiron in your chart shows your deepest, darkest wounds and emotions, your Achilles heel – raw spot- your vulnerable points.

Which, when triggered, often evokes automatic responses in you, such as the things that make you drink too much or take intoxicating substances.

Engaging in risky hookups or other self-destructive behaviour often makes you regret what you did.

You will have to learn to control your self-destructive thoughts and behaviours.

Or they will stop you from reaching your highest potential and feeling emotionally secure and stable.

Chiron’s main lesson is to learn to turn lead into gold- meaning to turn your deepest wounds into your greatest strengths.

Working to manage your emotional and psychological trauma will teach you empathy.

Patience, self-understanding, love, and forgiveness, which will be a gift you can share with others.

Those who learn to manage their emotional and psychological suffering can show others how to do this.

Chiron gets its name from Chiron, a centaur and a great healer and teacher in Greek myth. 

Although he could heal others, he could not regenerate (heal) himself when struck with a poisoned arrow.

Chiron, on average, spends around 3-4 years in each sign, although it can spend up to 8 years in Pisces and Aries.

 About 2 years in the signs of Scorpio, Libra and Virgo, around 5 years in Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius and Taurus.

Chiron usually retrogrades, just shortly after it enters a new sign, back into the one it was before.

What Chiron means in astrology meaning of Chiron
Chiron retrograde

When Chiron is retrograde, it wants us to look at our wounds, especially the trauma we keep from ourselves, in different ways.

Chiron in retrograde wants us to push ourselves past our limits and look for new ways to heal our wounds and live our lives.

Making a conscious effort to understand the triggers that drive us to self-destructive thoughts, behaviours, and toxic relationships.

So that we can become aware of the insecurities that hold us back from expressing our authentic selves.

Paying attention to everything that happens when Chiron is in retrograde is a good idea to write everything down.

Especially drives, or voice or video record your chain of thoughts and emotions, you may want to start or continue therapy or self-help.

By empowering yourself to face your struggles head-on, although it will be painful to do so, you can uncover a wealth of self-forgiveness, understanding, love, esteem, compassion and acceptance.

If you brave the storm of your emotional, psychological and spiritual traumas, you will find a newfound inner strength and contentment.

The wounded healer

Chiron is classified as an Asteroid and Minor Planet; Chiron orbits the sun and was discovered in 1977.

 In a natal chart, Chiron represents your deep soul- higher consciousness, physical, psychological or emotional wounds.

Giving you the power to overcome them by bringing them to your awareness.

Dealing with the past is not easy; its journey is not linear; it is more like a circle. 

They will be setbacks, and you will regress at times, but if you keep on going, you can heal the wounds that live in your subconscious mind.

In doing so, you become the wounded healer.

However, you may never completely get over your past. You can learn to live with it, slowly empowering yourself to regain control over your psyche.

It is not all rose-tinted glasses, for it may take several lifetimes to heal some wounds, so be gentle with yourself always.

Yet Chiron calls for you not to let your traumas get the best of you completely and to know that although you have scars.

You can still experience some happiness in life; some days you will have to crawl, some days you can run, and most days, well, it be a slow-pace walk.

Chiron shows your deepest fears, the issue, or their issues!!! You have not been able to deal with it; for most of us, these problems go back to our childhood.

For others, several lifetimes ago, and as you go through your current lifetime, you will keep collecting more pain on top of the suffering you already have.

I say this not to depress you but to be honest.

 This life is hard, but facing that fact can and will make it easier; there are great lessons in pain. It may seem cliché to say.

 Yet if we didn’t have pain, we wouldn’t even know there was a need for happiness. 

I won’t bullcrap you; you may not deal with all your pain this lifetime.

 But hey, don’t you want to be in a better position when you incarnate next lifetime? 

 So it’s best to do your best to overcome as much of your torment as you can. 

This time around, Chiron wants you to keep on growing and to do this, you have to work through your problems, step by step, day by day.

What Chiron means in astrology meaning of Chiron
Live your best life by working through your psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds

The symbol of Chiron is the key, showing that the key to living your best life and reaching your highest potential is unlocking your repressions.

And your deepest sorrows and confronting your suffering and deepest wounds.

No, it won’t be easy, and it’s not nice. This is why we humans tend to run from dealing with our issues.

But after a while, the suffering caused by our distractions and our addictions make life unbearable. 

Then on top of your initial wounds, you have to deal with the hurt that can come from interacting with people daily.

Plus, The toxic thoughts, relationships, and intoxicating substances cause you.

Chiron is positioned between Saturn and Uranus, highlighting that in order to grow, you need restriction, adversities, routine and self-resilience.

So you can be unique and independent, which is the requirement for reaching the highest potential of Saturn and Uranus energy.

Chiron transits through the signs and gives you the opportunity to slowly work through your issues. 

However, it is painful because Chiron’s energy triggers old heartbreaks, despair, rejection, abandonment and other issues.

Yet the purpose of Chiron transits is to bring to your attention the need to heal and uncover your inner magic and, therefore, your greatest strength

Making gold out of coal
  • Channel your pain into wisdom, self-understanding and forgiveness
  • Face your problems, hide on- do not run
  • Know healing takes time. Keep on getting back up each time you fall, and we always fall
  • Avoid escaping your problems. You can distract yourself, but the piper will always have to be paid, eventually, meaning you may not have to face your issues now, but you will do one day.
  • Make a step-by-step strategic plan on the action needed to heal, starting with trying to be more mindful and change your thought process, as it’s our thoughts which drive our self-destructive behaviours
  • Healing won’t be easy. It will be painful. You may have to accept healing your deepest wounds is like a baptism through fire, so to speak, but if you allow you will come out stronger
  • The highest use of Chiron energy is that it gives you the power to face your deepest wounds and fears with conviction and courage
  • Think of new ways to live your life, letting go of  the old and inviting the new
  • Research innovative techniques to heal your life and get to the core of why you do things. When did your problems start? Are you living by your authentic standards? Or the trap you have fallen into or other people’s expectations?
  • Take a radical inventory of your life, and make a  vow to control the things you are responsible for,  which are your thoughts, words and actions
  • You can only heal yourself, you can support others on their journey, but it is them who have to heal themselves; heal yourself before you try to help others.
  • No one is perfect, so don’t feel less than for making mistakes. All humans do. It’s what you learn from those mistakes that matters
  • Channel your anger constructively, yes other people may be &^%$holes, and the world may have its fair share of problems, but adding to them won’t solve anything
  • But learning to deal with your pain so you can help others to do so will go a long way in helping the world to heal and change
Wounded healer in astrology
Chiron transits
Chiron is currently transiting in the constellation of Pisces

When Chiron is in Pisces, it’s a chance for us to look into the ways we allow other people to manipulate us and hold us back from our destinies.

This is also a chance to look at how you do not take enough responsibility for what you allow into your life.

As well as the unhealed emotional, spiritual and psychological blockages which you may numb yourself from or refuse to heal.

You may find yourself having a crisis of who you are, and you could lose faith in yourself, humanity and the universe, refusing to believe there is a higher power.

And let’s face it, it is hard to believe that, and it is hard to have faith with all the destruction we have to witness in the world each day, from wars to poverty.

You can find yourself cut off from all sense of good, believing that the world and the higher power are ruthless.

You may become numb and, at worse apathetic to the world and the people in it.

Any issues with poor boundaries, addiction and betrayal, may arise while Chiron transits in the constellation of Pisces.

You may have to face the secrets you keep from yourself and others.

Finding a way to be open with yourself and others, and if people cannot respect you enough to tell you the truth, you may want to think about distancing yourself from them.

Letting go

This can be hard to do as Chiron transiting in Pisces brings your deepest darkest fears to your attention.

And you may fear losing the very people, thoughts or behaviour patterns you cling to.

Yet it is crucial that you start to let go of your self-destructive habits, thoughts and toxic relationships.

Because without doing this, you will never fill the void you have inside, nor will you ever feel whole.

If you have strong 9th house, 12th house, Jupiter, Sagittarius, Neptune or Pisces energy in your chart, you may feel this transit more.

Typically, you want to believe in people and remain optimistic about love.

However, it’s essential to not give up on love but accept that they are people that will take advantage of what they see as a vulnerability in you.

No matter how many chances you give them to change.

So it is crucial to let go, even when it feels hard. The ways in which you play the victim can also come to your attention when Chiron is transiting in Pisces.

Childhood wounds may surface, especially if you have experienced bullying or any other form of rejection for your self-expression. 

Any issues with jealousy might also have to be acknowledged while Chiron transits in Pisces.

People may battle strongly with feelings of being disconnected from the world, issues with disempowerment and not being part of the whole.

May take you to dark places, so it is crucial you do your best to uncover the root of anything that comes up. When Chiron is in Pisces, seek out support if you feel you need it.

Chiron transit in Pisces can take us to some very dark places, into the depths of depression. It can be scary.

Yet if you do your best to understand your emotions and thoughts that come up now, make a plan to understand, heal and manage your emotional and psychological wounds.

In time there will be light at the end of the dark nights of the soul- higher consciousness.

Chiron transit in Pisces meaning
Chiron transit in Pisces meaning
What is Chiron in my chart? Meaning of Chiron in astrology continued

Key themes of the Chiron in Pisces transit

  • Are your relationships equal? Do you give or take too much? How can you regain equilibrium in your relationships?
  • Do you know yourself? How can you get to know yourself more?
  • Looking into the ways you are too lenient on yourself and others, so you can improve your boundaries
  • Becoming aware of how you are overly judgemental or if your lack of discernment keeps you repeating toxic behaviour and relationship patterns in your life
  • Do you forgive too easily, or do you hold on to resentment? How do these habits affect your life?
  • What or who do you need to let go of to feel more secure in your life?
  • What roles do shame and guilt play in your life, and how do they stop you from accepting and loving yourself?
  • Do you give yourself enough “you” time, and do you regularly engage in healthy self-care? 
  • Knowing that sometimes self-care means calling ourselves out on our own bullcrap! And removing the things we want to keep in our lives because they have become unhealthy for our overall wellbeing.

First, you must realise you have problems, then take the time need to heal them.

Chiron is transiting in Pisces for the next 3 years, so this is enough time to work through your wounds of not belonging or feeling connected.

And any fear of others and yourself, being secretive or avoiding what is hidden or what is unknown.

Feeling victimised, betrayed and unwilling to let go of toxic relationships, thoughts or relationships.

Change and self-acceptance or forgiveness won’t come overnight, so you must stay firm and build resilience, self-management and understanding.

Know you don’t have to have all the answers, and some things can never be known. 

Still, it’s essential to find and stand firm in your own truth and values.

Being prepared to respect other people may have different values to you and may not believe in all you do, keeping your mind open to adapt your opinions if you find it necessary to do so, and allowing yourself to grow continuously. 

Learning to have compassion for yourself and others, using your imagination and creativity to solve your problems and express yourself.

 Remember, you don’t have to be the best in all things artsy. You just have to do your best.

At the end of Chiron transit in Pisces, you should be able to :
  • Set healthy boundaries, learn to create relationships that do not interfere with your sense of self and where you don’t feel taken advantage of
  • Understand how to validate yourself. This comes from a lot of soul searching and self-questioning, in which you uncover the things you can do for yourself to feel self-acceptance
In May 2025, Chiron moves into the constellation of Aries

Chiron in Aries calls for you to look at how your impulsive actions stop you from reaching your highest potential.

Whether it be your explosive temper, words, addictions such as sex, drug, alcohol, or hook up – Netflix and chill compulsions. 

Your workaholic tendencies which I know may be a necessity due to the cost of living being so high.

But still, Chiron wants you to take time to deal with your inner turmoil and fill your internal void.

Chiron in Aries wants you to look at the ways you let your ego, the world’s dog-eat-dog culture, control your life.

Giving up on competing with others, learning to love yourself for who you are and not what the world expects you to be.


Chiron is not about judging. It is about facing your issues because running away from them makes them grow deeper out of control. Chiron in Aries asks you to make constructive use of your aggression and pain and use it productively.

By healing yourself and directing your anger into a positive outlet such as a sport, exercise, drawing, writing maybe a journal, a book even, learning an instrument, read books.

Watch empowering online videos, learn a skill you are interested in, and maybe learn astrology.

Numerology, handicrafts or anything else that helps you use your pain constructively.

Seek support if you feel the need. Chiron moves slow, reminding you that healing is a journey, not a destination, although Chiron in Aries is no-nonsense. It doesn’t want to swell in suffering. 

It wants to get over it, wanting you to become your best self over time.

Chiron transits

Life is while yano a   people can be & holes, but you can control how you respond to life, trying to find the humour in it all, and avoid the wolfs in sheep clothing of this land. 

Often we get in trouble as humans because we want logical explanations.

Yano, our gut will say run, do not stay in this situation or don’t get close to that person, but we do it anyway.

Except for yano, the wise ones amongst us, well done you! 

But for the rest of us, we often keep making the same mistakes, so yes, Chiron, ask you to stop putting your hand in the fire and change yourself before you even attempt to change others.

Then you see how hard it actually is, then you may stop falling for potential in others but see the reality of who they are.

Because you have seen the reality of yourself.

Chiron in Aries calls for you to put your, self-healing journey first, to go right to the beginning because Aries rules the 1st house. 

What childhood and early adulthood issues do you need to resolve to live a full life?

Are you authentically expressing who you really are? If not, how can you do so? What habits do you need to work at ending to heal your life? What relationships do you need to distance yourself from or leave completely?

From my experience, most of us humans know the right thing to do but struggle to put it into practice, so how can you put your knowledge into practical action? And if you really do know, seek out the answers.

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