What is esoteric astrology difference between exoteric and esoteric

What is esoteric astrology? The difference between exoteric and esoteric astrology | Two Significant Approaches to Astrology

Two significant approaches to astrology are exoteric and esoteric astrology. Exoteric ( Mundane) astrology primarily explores the characteristics of the twelve zodiac signs, their planetary rulers and corresponding houses of the birth chart.

Exoteric astrology’s primary concern is with our daily life and external circumstances.

Esoteric astrology takes a deeper and more spiritual approach, seeking to uncover the soul’s purpose, inner growth-evolution, and spiritual potential.

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Difference between Exoteric and Esoteric Astrology -In-depth version

The fundamental difference between exoteric and esoteric astrology lies in their respective focus. 

While exoteric astrology deals with the external aspects of life, esoteric astrology delves into the internal or spiritual aspects. 

Exoteric astrology seeks to understand the human being’s psyche and how to attain the highest state of consciousness to align with the universe’s harmony.

zodiac signs

The benefits of being aware of or practising esoteric astrology are numerous. 

It can help individuals deepen their understanding of themselves and others and identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can manage them.

To help you remember the difference

Classic astrology is all about that good ol’ ego – the individual/personality we all try to keep in check.

Classic-exoteric astrology focuses on how we interact with the outside, how we rub elbows with and interact with other people, and external perspectives- belief systems and expectations.

On the other hand, esoteric astrology is all about inner wisdom.

It’s like your very own GPS for the evolution of your multi-dimensional soul!

Esoteric astrology helps you dig deep down into the depths of your multi-dimensional soul and that ancient wisdom from within.

It’s like the difference between a flashy sports car and a trusty old bicycle – both will get you where you need to go, but one is way more interesting to look at.

When it comes to a simplified version of the difference between esoteric and exoteric, It’s all about whether you choose to look within or without for answers, baby!

So if you’re feeling lost or need guidance,  and external forces cannot give them to you, just turn on your internal perspective and let the stars do the rest!

exoteric astrology

Exoteric astrology:

Is the study of astrology that focuses on interpreting the planets and their effects on the individual’s life.

Exoteric astrology is the most common and traditional form of astrology that many people worldwide practice. 

Which Looks into individual horoscopes to analyse the effect of the zodiac signs, the rising sign, and the placement of planets in the different houses at the time of birth will have on the person’s life.

Exoteric astrology is mainly concerned with a person’s personality traits and the surface-level characteristics of individuals based on their birth chart; exoteric astrology tends to be predictive and provides guidance on daily lives, tendencies and relationships. 

While it has advantages, exoteric astrology doesn’t delve as deep into the spiritual and higher consciousness realms as esoteric astrology does.

Unless a person or astrologer takes a holistic approach to analysing a natal chart, exoteric astrology analyses can fall short when it comes to exploring the soul’s purpose, Karma, and evolution path. 

These areas are naturally covered by esoteric astrology, which goes beyond the surface and focuses on the spiritual growth and development of the individual.

What is the Meaning of Esoteric Astrology?

Esoteric astrology is a more spiritual approach to astrology that emphasises the soul’s- consciousnesses journey and development.

It goes beyond predicting events and analysing personality traits and aims to help individuals tap into their higher purpose by revealing their lives- destiny’s more profound meaning.  Esoteric astrology also delves into the karmic patterns of past lives and provides insights into overcoming any obstacles or challenges that may arise on the path to self-realisation. 

The benefits of esoteric astrology include a deeper understanding of yourself, the universe-higher power, and the nature of your own and all creation.

Finding a sense of purpose and direction in life, and connecting to a higher spiritual consciousness. 

It can be a transformative and enlightening practice for those seeking a spiritually-focused approach to astrology.


Esoteric astrology uses:

A different set of symbols and interpretations than exoteric astrology.

As discussed, Exoteric astrology is the most commonly known form of astrology; esoteric astrology is a branch of astrology that focuses on the spiritual growth and development of every individual through the study of energy and consciousness. 

Those practising esoteric astrology believe understanding the soul’s progress through time is essential to personal growth and development.

Esoteric astrology uses different symbols and interpretations than exoteric astrology, emphasise the understanding of an individual’s soul purpose and is highly symbolic in its analysis.

Attempting to make a connection between how someone’s past lives affect their current life rather than predicting future events and focusing on generic interpretations often given by sun sign horoscopes.

Esoteric astrology also considers other things, like the numerological meaning of a person’s birth name, life path and other numbers, taking into account things such as soul age.

To answer questions such as why was a particular person born into their zodiac sign.

Why do the planets talk to each other in that way- as seen by aspects and why a specific planet(s) rule a particular area or House of their chart.

In esoteric astrology, the central focus is studying the soul's evolution across its lifetimes.

By examining a person’s planetary and zodiacal energies through the lens of their spiritual implications rather than their ordinary exoteric meaning, esoteric astrology can provide an understanding of their karmic path and how it relates to their spiritual evolution. 

The main benefit of esoteric astrology is that it provides a deeper understanding of the individual’s spiritual development, which is impossible when strictly following the methods of exoteric astrology. 


Each individual:

Has a unique path to reaching their higher self, and esoteric astrology can give insight into their personal journey to liberation.

As we have discussed, Esoteric astrology delves beyond a person’s birth chart to uncover deeper levels of meaning and symbolism related to their soul’s purpose. By examining a person’s planetary and zodiacal energies, esoteric astrology can provide an understanding of their karmic path and how it relates to their spiritual evolution in their current life.

By analysing the hidden-esoteric meaning of the positions of the planets and their relationships to one another at the time of an individual’s birth, esoteric astrology can reveal key personality and soul traits, challenges, and opportunities for spiritual awakening.

According to esoteric astrology, our souls incarnate with a specific set of lessons to learn and tasks to accomplish in each lifetime, and our birth chart can help us understand these tasks and how to navigate them. 

By gaining this understanding, individuals can use esoteric astrology to gain greater clarity and guidance on their path towards reaching their higher selves.

A higher self is a concept that goes beyond the physical and material world and into the spiritual and divine realm. 

The essence of our being transcends the limited perception of our ego and connects us to a higher power.

It is a source of guidance, wisdom, and unconditional love that we can tap into to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life. 

The higher self is often described as the purest expression of our soul, stripped away from the illusions and distractions of this world

It is the part of us that is in tune with the universal consciousness and can access infinite knowledge and creativity. 

When we align with our higher self, we become aware of our true nature and place in the cosmos.

Esoteric astrology can help us reconnect with our authentic self-knowledge. 

It provides valuable guidance for individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and make meaningful strides towards reaching their full potential by discovering their true selves and unique enlightenment and liberation path.

Summary table: differences between esoteric and exoteric house rulers in astrology














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Short explanation of what the esoteric rulers of each House mean

The esoteric meaning of the 1st House and Aries involves inspiring others through healthy communication of higher knowledge, helping others to help themselves in egoless but boundary service, guided by the esoteric ruler Mercury. 

The esoteric meaning of the 2nd House and Taurus is to stand up for what you believe in and have unwavering faith in your abilities, beliefs and purpose; then, you can teach others to do this due to the influence of the esoteric ruler Vulcan

The esoteric meaning of the 3rd House and Gemini, the path involves pursuing the knowledge that cannot be found anywhere but from within yourself and trusting it, giving into universal love, to open up to feelings, and tempering those newfound emotions with your logic, to come to trust in the things that must be felt and not know, Venus is the esoteric ruler of the 3rd House. 

The esoteric meaning of the 4th House and Cancer opens you up to order beyond the chaos. As your imagination is propelled to new heights, you trust in a higher power and its ability to bring deeper meanings into your life, using your intuition and creativity and trusting in the divine rhythm and cycles. The esoteric ruler of this House is Neptune. 

For Leo individuals, the 5th House has the double rulership of the Sun that governs on the exoteric and esoteric levels; although some teachings say Neptune rules the 5th House esoterically too, creative expression is a must, as is the correct use of ego, you will be bestowed with the sovereignty of the divine as you learn to master yourself m you can teach others to do this too.

The esoteric meaning of the 6th House and Virgo is a call to higher service; you have the ability to be pure in thought, intention and action as you consciously and continuously rebirth in your higher consciousness due to the Moon being the esoteric ruler 

The esoteric meaning of the 7th House and For Libra, involves being open and using your electric ideas, quality and justice are sought on all levels and for all, using your intuition, sense of harmony and beauty guided by the esoteric ruler Uranus. 

The esoteric meaning of the 8th House and Scorpio is standing firm in your convictions-beliefs and going all in and using your creative- sexual energy wisely. So you can stay on your spiritual path and show others the way, intensely, with awareness fuelled by the esoteric energy of Mars. 

The esoteric meaning of the 9th House and Sagittarius grounded an practical approach to spiritual progress, putting feeling before logic but in an aware way, with a  balanced emotional and a heart-centred approach, esoterically ruled by The Earth.

The esoteric meaning of the 10th House and Capricorn spiritual and career achievement by obtaining all the knowledge that chains you to conformity. Setting yourself free from your own and others judgments, then teaching others to do so esoterically guided by Saturn

The esoteric meaning of the 11th House and Aquarius is opening up to endless opportunities by joining humanitarian groups or setting up innovative social enterprises esoterically ruled by Jupiter. 

The esoteric meaning of the 12th House and Pisces learning to manage your emotions and balancing subjective-subconscious- spiritual and logical-conscious, and deductive reasoning, seeing past restrictions and working to uplift the collective consciousness esoterically ruled by Pluto.

What is Karma, and how does it relate to esoteric astrology

Karma refers to our actions’ consequences in this life and beyond. 

Reincarnation, on the other hand, speaks of the endless cycle of birth and death, where our actions from our previous lives continue to impact our present existence. 

The idea of karmic debt, though akin to Karma, emphasises the debts we owe from previous lives and must repay in our present life. Esoteric astrology helps us recognise and comprehend our unique karmic debt- baggage by analysing our birth chart. 

What is esoteric astrology

The short version of what Karma, reincarnation and karmic debt are and how they relate to esoteric astrology

Karma refers to the universal law of cause and effect, where the actions you take in this life or past lives have consequences that affect your future. 

Reincarnation is the belief that consciousness survives physical death and is reborn into new bodies, and as our soul travels through various lifetimes, the accumulated karmic debt from past lives can follow us into this one. This is where karmic debt comes in, as it refers to the negative or positive consequences we face in this life due to past actions or unfinished business we carry over from our past lives.

Esoteric astrology can help us understand our individual karmic debt by analysing the patterns in our birth chart, which can provide insight into our past lives and the lessons we need to learn in this one. 

By understanding the role of Karma, reincarnation, and karmic debt, we can better understand ourselves and the paths we must take for spiritual growth. 

Esoteric astrology can provide valuable insights to navigate our karmic debt and move toward a more enlightened path.

By examining our chart and understanding the karmic patterns we carry from past lives, we can become more aware of the negative patterns holding us back and take conscious steps towards creating positive Karma for our future. 

With this deeper understanding, we can also learn to make better choices, align with our life purpose, and ultimately overcome our karma debt.

Longer version

Karma is the law of cause and effect, where our actions determine our future circumstances.

Karma is a fundamental concept that is central to many Eastern and other religions and is a term that is widely recognised throughout the world. 

According to Karma-the law of cause and effect, our actions determine our future circumstances. 

This means we are responsible for what we do and the consequences. In other words, whatever we put out into the world, whether good or bad, will return to us somehow. 

Karma is also seen as a way of ensuring that we learn from our mistakes and grow spiritually. 

When we understand Karma, we can begin to see how our thoughts and  actions shape our lives and those around us. 

By taking responsibility for our actions, we can create positive Karma to help us overcome unfavourable circumstances and achieve our goals. 

Esoteric astrology provides a unique perspective on Karma and can help us understand our karmic debt. 

By examining the planets’ position and the zodiac signs, we can gain insights into our past, present, and future Karma. 

This knowledge can empower us to make positive changes and overcome negative patterns holding us back in life.

Free will VS soul evolution

Still, free will overcomes Karma, yet most people do not or cannot use it; we must also be aware that a soul can come to life to learn specific lessons.

In lifetime’s such as these Karma is not always in play- the root cause of the effects in your life, but the soul’s intention- what someone’s higher consciousness is choosing to or needs to learn.

This is said to say that negative actions in this or past life are not always the root cause of why someone may have a rough life or keep going through specific experiences, as if in a loop.

During these times, it can be that the soul intended to perfect these specific lessons; for example, think of it as a game of Mario Bros. Do you know how Mario has to overcome all these obstacles, defeat the bad guys, and collect coins to advance to the next level? 

Well, think of your life as a game of “Soul Bros.” Your soul is Mario, and you have to go through all these challenges to level up. 

Maybe your soul needs to level up in patience, so you are consistently put in situations where you must wait.

Some more examples, you find yourself constantly stuck in traffic on your way to important meetings, only to realise that you left your phone at home or scenarios such as this? 

Yup, that’s the universe’s way of teaching you to slow down and enjoy the present moment. Or maybe there was a time when you were stood up on a date and left sitting at the restaurant alone. 

That’s the universe’s way of teaching you that sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Also, we must never forget that, at times, younger souls or due to other people’s actions, i.e. being born into a tyrant-ruled country.

It can interfere with a soul’s progress, and it is not always because a soul chooses negative experiences.

In such cases, it would be fair to say that that soul is a victim of other people’s will.

Reincarnation is the belief that the soul continues to be reborn in different bodies to learn and evolve.

Reincarnation is a concept related to Karma and karmic debt, and it involves the belief that the soul continues to be reborn in different bodies to learn and evolve. 

This idea is common in indigenous cultures across the world and in Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism.

The belief is that the soul is eternal and continues to learn and evolve through different lifetimes until it reaches enlightenment or liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

In esoteric astrology, reincarnation is considered a fundamental concept, as our natal chart is believed to reflect the accumulated Karma from past lives.

By understanding our karmic debt, we can use astrology to understand our current life lessons better and work towards achieving balance and harmony in our spiritual journey.


Karmic debt is the negative consequences of past actions carried forward into future lives.

Karmic debt is a crucial concept in the philosophy of reincarnation; It refers to the negative consequences, or debt, of past actions that individuals carry forward into future lives. 

These actions – negative or positive – create an energetic signature that determines the nature of our experiences in this lifetime and the ones after, according to the law of Karma. Esoteric astrology, which focuses on the individual’s spiritual evolution, provides a unique perspective on the concept of Karma and karmic debt. 

By analysing the unique cosmic blueprint of an individual’s birth chart, esoteric astrology can shed light on the nature of the karma debt a person must repay in this lifetime. 

This information can assist individuals in becoming more self-aware and taking the necessary steps to overcome negative karmic patterns and move towards spiritual evolution.

Energy signatures

Energy signature refers to the unique frequency or vibration of energy emitted by a particular object, organism, or even a thought form. 

Everything in the universe, from physical matter to emotions, has a distinct energy signature, so remember, every living being from the psychic realm, object, molecule, and even a thought has its unique energy signature. 

An energy signature is like a fingerprint but for energy. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Woah, that sounds super cool and sci-fi!” And you’re not wrong. 

Long version: Energy signatures:

May seem like a pretty wild concept, but they're also super important in the world of science.

You see, scientists can use energy signatures to identify different things. 

Scientists have long studied the concept of energy signatures. 

They use various tools to measure the energy emitted by objects, such as light, sound, and radio waves. 

They have also discovered that living organisms emit their own unique energy signatures, which can be detected and measured through various means.

In holistic healing and energy work, practitioners use their intuition and knowledge of energy signatures to help diagnose and treat imbalances in the body’s energy fields. 

They believe that tuning into a person’s individual energy signature can give them insight into the root cause of any physical, emotional, or mental issues.

For example, if a scientist is studying a new kind of rock, they can analyse its energy signature to see what it’s made of.

Another example: you know how dogs can smell your fear? Well, energy signatures are kind of like that; everything has its specific signature, which can be used to identify, track, or even manipulate things.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But wait, if everything has a unique energy signature, doesn’t that mean that we’re constantly bombarded by a bunch of invisible energy waves all the time? 

How come we’re not constantly feeling like we’re getting hit by a cosmic radiation storm?”

Well, my astute friend, that’s because our bodies are pretty darn good at filtering out all that noise. 

Think of it like a bouncer at a club. Just because there’s a massive line of people outside waiting to get in, doesn’t mean they all make it past the velvet rope.

Our mind and body have their sensors- velvet ropes, just like that club bouncer. 

Our skin, cellular membranes, and even our personal energy fields act as the ultimate party poopers for unwanted guests trying to sneak into our systems.

But in all seriousness, it’s not uncommon to feel the energy of those around us. 

It’s like we’re all walking around with our little auras; sometimes, they can clash or blend together. 

That’s why it’s essential to surround yourself with positive people and things that bring you joy, so you can keep your own energy signature high.

Traditional astrology focuses primarily on the personality traits and predicted events of an individual, but esoteric astrology goes beyond that to explore the soul’s energy signature and the purpose of one’s life. 

This approach can provide invaluable insight and guidance for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their path in life.

By exploring your past lives through the esoteric study of astrology, you can unleash your cosmic destiny and uncover the energy signatures guiding you on your path. 

From the positions of the planets and aspects at the time of your birth to the alignment of the fixed stars in your natal chart.

Every detail holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of your soul’s journey across multiple lifetimes.

In conclusion, Karma, reincarnation and karmic debt are complex concepts many religions and philosophies have explored throughout history.

Esoteric astrology is one tool that can help us understand our individual karmic debt and how it relates to our soul’s journey. 

By examining the placement of the nodes, the esoteric rulers, retrogrades, and other planetary aspects in our birth chart, we can gain insight into our past lives, current challenges, and the lessons we need to learn to grow spiritually. 

Individuals who are interested in developing greater self-awareness and connecting more deeply with their inner selves can benefit from esoteric astrology. 

The insights gained from esoteric astrological interpretations can help individuals to understand their unique purpose and mission in this life, and provide them with a deeper appreciation of their soul’s journey. 

Through this deeper understanding and connection with their true selves, individuals can begin to align themselves with their highest potential and live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

It can assist in developing greater mindfulness, self-awareness, and a deeper connection with the divine, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Ultimately, by studying and understanding our own Karma and soul path, we can take positive steps towards healing and creating a better future for ourselves and those around us.

In-depth meanings of the esoteric rulers of each of the 12 houses

1st House

The first House on the surface is the home of Aries and mars, which both rule the first House,  yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the first House is Mercury

The primary purpose of the energy of this House is to inspire others to follow the path of their inner divinity rather than let their ego take away their shine. To do this, your validation must come from within rather than rely on putting others down to build yourself up.

In astrology, Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and desire. 

The exoteric influence of Mars and Aries, which naturally rule the first House. Are both characterised by a strong sense of independence, impulsiveness and a desire for immediate results. 

Those with strong mars and Aries energy in their natal chart can act impulsively- without taking the time to think things through. 

However, the esoteric ruler of the first House and Aries Mercury calls for the individual to become aware of the needs of others and strive to put them first, without neglecting their self-care and boundaries, but without forcing their will on others.

This can be a negative trait of those who misuse their Aries, mars and other fire energy.

But because  Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries and the first House, it gives you the power to take the higher path in life and communicate knowledge to those around you.

You can inspire people to act towards their goals by working within their boundaries and capabilities rather than forcing them to do as they wish. 

This esoteric rulership of Mercury also allows for mental sensitivity and receptivity to others’ ideas, giving you the potential to be a strong collaborator and communicator.

2nd House

The second House on the surface is the home and is controlled  by Taurus and Venus usually, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the second House is Vulcan

Being faithful to your inner values with fierce yet calm willpower, you are able to vibe check yourself and others, teaching you and them to be their highest self.

The power of open-mindedness, objective emotion and logic can be yours, non-afraid to walk the path less travelled, which is also a great book by M. Scott Peck. 

Venus is considered the exoteric ruler of Taurus, and those with strong venus placements can appreciate the gifts of the Earth. 

Making them drawn towards material possessions and sensual pleasures. 

On the other hand, the esoteric ruler of Taurus is Vulcan, who is said to add to the stubbornness of the bull, giving you an iron will. 

Once the purpose is fixed, Taurus can be unrelenting in executing tasks with faithfulness, shedding light on their steadfastness and perseverance. 

Further, Taurus has the power to teach others to help themselves, be non-conformists and be sovereign over themselves in a detached yet loving manner. 

Individuals born under the sign of Taurus or with strong Venus and Taurus energy can possess a caring and nurturing nature and guide others towards independence and self-sufficiency. 


3rd House

Gemini and Mercury exoterically rule the third House, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the second House is Venus 

The ability to stay focused on your goals without changing your mind all the time allows you to step into logical love and be good at deductive reasoning. 

Mercury, the exoteric ruler of Gemini, is known for its expressive and multi-faceted nature, allowing us to communicate effectively in various ways. 

However, its versatility can often lead to restlessness and a lack of focus on long-term goals. 

This placement can also result in a dislike for physical touch and a preference for mental stimulation. 

Gemini natives may find themselves overly engaged with the world of ideas and drawn towards intellectual pursuits, leading to an imbalance in their emotional life as they cling to the surface.

On the other hand, the esoteric ruler Venus is concerned with the intangible aspects of life and appreciates the beauty in ideas and ideals rather than tangible things. 

The esoteric ruler of Gemini, Venus, inspires a love for ideas, nature, and human emotions; finding a balance between logic and intuition and a love of self and others, is the key to working with the esoteric energy of this placement. 

Use your heart and your head; finding a balance between your soul and mind- intellectual expression.


4th House

The fourth House is, on the surface, the home of the Moon and Cancer usually, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the fourth House is Neptune

Becoming aware of a hidden inner higher force that protects you will give you internal stability that’s not based on the love or opinions of others, using your mind to heal and manage your psychological, spiritual, emotional and spiritual health. 

On the surface, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the exoteric ruler whose influence motivates the creation of forms.

Individuals born when the Moon is in this sign often possess a deeply emotional nature, which they may conceal behind a hard shell. 

The Moon’s influence on this sign causes changes to stir within, sometimes leading to negative reactions. 

However, the esoteric ruler of Cancer is Neptune, whose inspiration can provide a sense of being loved and protected by a higher power allowing you to use your imagination and hard work to bring your dreams to life.

Enables you to cultivate -grow a deep connection between yourself and your higher consciousness- soul, where you get your emotional, psychological and spiritual healing from within. 

Individuals who embrace both the exoteric and esoteric energies of Cancer can channel their emotional depth and imaginative power towards the creation of a fulfilling life.


5th House

The fifth House is, on the surface, the home and is governed by the Sun and leo usually, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the fifth House is also the Sun 

Helping others resolve their inner trauma without doing the work for them, healthily supporting others to reach their self-improvement goals by first doing the work to heal your psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds. The zodiac sign of Leo, has the Sun as both its exoteric and esoteric ruler in the astrology world, the key phase of Leo is I will, and we all know those with strong leo the lion energy can be very wilful.

On an esoteric level, the Sun-in-Leo has a higher purpose: to guide others, give off knowledge, and shed light on their path. 

This archetype embodies the higher power’s divinity, sovereignty and regalness; first, you must learn to manage all the sides of your personality, and then you can teach others to do the same.

Through this sign, we can learn to align with our higher selves, cultivate authentic self-confidence and self-awareness and offer leadership that serves the greater good rather than id- egotistical desires.

The energy of Leo helps us develop our creativity and individuality, urging us to use and find our unique expression in the world while understanding our role as a leader and healers of those around us.


6th House

The Sixth House is on the surface- exoterically the home and governed by Virgo and Mercury typically, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the Sixth House is the Moon

Higher service, not forgetting emotions but putting them to a more detached and divine use, capable of selfless service to the creative order, estoreically this placement allows the mind to be fertile. And ready to be immersed with higher knowledge and direction, righteousness, freshness- integrity, forever giving birth on the psychological, cerebral and spiritual levels.

The astrological concept of Mercury’s exoteric ruler highlights this ruling planet’s analytical power. 

This placement empowers individuals to channel their reasoning abilities towards practical endeavours that benefit them. 

On the other hand, the esoteric ruler of Virgo is the Moon, where the focus is on service for the good and in the service of a higher power.

The individual with this placement is gifted with excellent intellect and purity of instinct to achieve a higher consciousness, coming to see your higher self, the soul, as part of something bigger than your physical life that will end.

Living in the spirit while in body, balancing the material and spiritual needs, this placement allows for the development of an ever-increasing power of thought, symbolising the growth of a continuous rebirth.

Overall, the combination of the exoteric ruler Mercury and the esoteric ruler Moon in Virgo signifies the expression of analytical power and service to the greater good, paving the way for spiritual growth and enlightenment.


7th House

The Seventh House is on the surface- exoterically the home and governed by Venus and Libra usually, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the seventh House is the Uranus 

Access to innovative ideas that can be manifested with speed with a little effort on your part, using your sensitivity to understand and guide others, and opening up to growth on all levels. Exoteric rulers Venus and Libra are known for appreciating the beauty of life and culture and sharing these interests with those close to them.

Uranus, the esoteric ruler with electric energy and force, encourages advanced decision-making, focusing on fair and just outcomes.

This combination of energies can lead to the activation and birth of the higher self to the loveliness and romanticism of life, as well as an increased intuition. 

Those who embody these energies may be drawn to artistic pursuits or social causes championing justice and progress.

It’s essential for individuals influenced by this energy to remain balanced and to avoid getting caught up in superficial appearances or getting lost in idealistic plans without taking practical steps to bring them to fruition.

8th House

The eighth House is on the surface- exoterically the home and governed by Scorpio, mars and Pluto usually, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the eighth House is Mars, on the esoteric ruler, mars, wants you to

Using your aggression to fight for a higher cause, putting your passion into a spiritual desire, transmuting base sexual energies into higher expression, powerful awakenings. Seeking meaning beyond the physical–material explanations of things and tuning into the ethereal realm to find answers. 

The eighth House in astrology is often associated with transformation, shared resources, intimacy, and rebirth. 

It is exoterically governed by Scorpio, Mars, and Pluto, which reflects this House’s intense and deep nature. 

When we don’t know how to use our pluto and Scorpio energy, we can get lost in feelings and underworld activities such as criminal behaviour or misusing psychic powers via non-consensual love and other spells.

Starting things but procrastinating to finishing them or being unable to complete them due to inner turmoil, often getting lost in addictive behaviour, thoughts or repression.

However, the esoteric ruler of the eighth House is Mars, which holds much hidden meaning and significance.

Mars is a planet associated with action, courage, and desire, and it suggests that the potential for significant change lies within the eighth House. 

Both the surface level and higher level of the 8thhouse and Scorpio, pluto and mars use the same energy, yet when we are not working to awaken to the higher meanings of life, we use this sexual energy in the physical act. 

There is nothing wrong with that; as we give ourselves to the higher purpose and consciousness, we still use this energy for the physical-sexual act.

But we use it more sparely; we choose who we use our creation – sexual energy with more intention and focus, balancing the physical with the ethereal. 

When we look at the 8th House from the esoteric perspective, it is clear that it wants us to take action to transform ourselves and our lives. 

By diving deep into your subconscious, exploring your deepest desires and fears, and facing your demons, dealing with your psychological, spiritual, sexual, psychological and emotional trauma.

We can harness the power of Mars and the eighth House to create lasting change and transformation in your life.

9th House

The Ninth House is on the surface- exoterically the home and governed by Sagittarius and Jupiter typically, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the Ninth House is Earth; on the esoteric ruler, the Earth wants you 

This gives an urge for practical spirituality, learning through the lessons of life experience to use your intuition rather than intellect, to feel your way rather than know your way, to embrace the uncertainty and walk by faith and not sight. 

The Ninth House is associated with higher education, philosophy, foreign travel, and spiritual pursuits. 

According to traditional astrology, the ninth House is the home of Sagittarius and is governed by Jupiter, which bestows this House with adventurous and optimistic qualities. 

However, the ninth House’s esoteric ruler is Earth, a hidden ruling element. 

This suggests that although the ninth House is outwardly adventurous, it is grounded in a deeper spiritual and practical reality.

Regarding Earth’s esoteric symbolism and rulership, the Earth’s energy guides us towards groundedness, showing us the importance of the embodiment of our values and beliefs practicality.

Highlighting the importance of taking action and implementing our spiritual insights in the physical world. 

The esoteric rulership of Earth encourages individuals to seek truth, wisdom, and higher knowledge in a broader, more inward manner rather than looking outside for it.

So we can bring our spiritual manifestations into the material world and how we can gain an understanding of intuition rather than only relying on our intellect, we must feel our way through, for that is the way of this realm.

Yet not, we foolish abandon but come to see love is the greater power and that things such as envy, rage, jealousy just waste, overly worrying and living in the past waste our energy.

In summary, the esoteric ruler of the ninth House- the planet earth suggests that we need to connect with the practical side of spirituality and seek to embody and express our divine nature in the physical realm.


10th House

The tenth House is on the surface- exoterically the home and governed by Capricorn, Lilith and Saturn normally, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the tenth House is Saturn

Although Saturn is the taskmaster, the path to true success will cause interruptions and frustrations, making the journey towards success an arduous journey that tests your resolve and endurance. Once you learn your lessons and set yourself free from societal and self-imposed bondage, you can teach others to do the same. Ultimately the tenth House is a house of higher service and a commitment to helping others to reach their goals, and the best way to do this is by achieving your ambitions first. Then pay it forward.

The tenth House in astrology is known as the “house of career” or “house of social status.” 

In Western astrology, this House is typically associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn and Lilith.

However, in esoteric astrology, Saturn is considered to be the hidden ruler of the tenth House. 

This means that while Lilith and Capricorn may play a role in how this House is expressed in your chart, Saturn ultimately holds the key to unlocking its potential. 

The esoteric ruler of the tenth House is also Saturn, so Saturn has double rulership over the tenth House and highlights the importance of working with restrictions and overcoming limitations being the necessary path to achievement.

Further emphasising this planet’s importance in your career, spiritual achievements, and social reputation.

Understanding the influence of Saturn in the tenth House can help you tap into a more profound sense of purpose and drive in your professional life.

When Saturn, known as the exoteric and esoteric ruler of Capricorn, is present in a chart, it brings a sense of patience required to lay down practical foundations. 

The planet is associated with discipline, responsibility and hard work, which is required to achieve outer success. 


11th House

The eleventh House is on the surface- exoterically the home and governed by Aquarius, Uranus and Saturn usually, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the eleventh House is Jupiter

As the realm of ideas and intellectual pursuits, the esoteric ruler Jupiter wants you to practically use Uranus’s ingenious ideas to create new beginnings and revolutionary transformations within yourself and others.

Jupiter’s energy leads the downtrodden and confused towards spiritual healing and enlightenment, encouraging you to seek knowledge and expand your perspectives, ultimately contributing to the greater good of humanity.

Aquarius is exoterically- mundanely co-ruled by  Saturn and Uranus.

These ruling planets provide invaluable knowledge to bring abstract visions into tangible reality. 

The esoteric ruler, Jupiter, expands the potential for innovative thoughts and their practical execution of them. 

Jupiter’s energy helps us obtain and channel knowledge and guide humans to help them towards self-actualisation on the material level or spiritual enlightenment on the ethereal one.

By first inspiring you to get out of your comfort zone and explore different cultures and beliefs, encouraging you to heal your emotional and psychological trauma related to your belief system or ability to learn or try new things.

So you can open up to your higher self, bringing in a new era of spiritual enlightenment, social progress and transformation. 

You do this by learning and expressing Saturn’s need for discipline, Uranus’s innovation, and Jupiter’s need for expansion, the esoteric solution Aquarius requires to evolve and perceive things with a more inclusive global consciousness. 


12th House

The twelve House is on the surface- exoterically the home and governed by Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune usually, yet the esoteric- hidden ruler of the twelve House is Pluto 

Fighting to survive and be themselves in the world of conformity and allow themselves to be born into their authentic self-expression and higher self. 

You still feel by giving up being controlled by e-motion and using your spiritual understanding and deductive reasoning to manage your feelings.

Yet you don’t let them control you; you open yourself up to boundary-empathic love as you work to uplift the collective consciousness and teach others to do so, seeing beyond restrictions and working with the creative infinite. 

Healing your past, so it does not affect your perception of your reality. 

The Twelfth House is the last House of the zodiac and is traditionally governed by Pisces, Jupiter, and Neptune on the exoteric-surface level. 

These planets hold significant influence over the twelfth house energy. 

The Twelfth House is the last House of the zodiac and has a unique characteristic that separates it from all other houses.

This House represents the ocean of consciousness, where existence originates and dissolves, and a person’s karmic debts and spiritual attainments are hidden.

However, in esoteric astrology, Pluto is considered the hidden ruler of this House, indicating a profound transformational journey towards spiritual evolution. 

Pluto, the hidden ruler of the twelfth House, is often overlooked despite its significant role in shaping the energies of this House. 

It represents transformation and regeneration, bringing about major changes in a person’s life. 

People with planetary placements are aspects of their twelfth House, are highly intuitive and are often drawn to esoteric subjects like the occult and metaphysics. 

This planet can also bring about a tendency towards self-sabotage and addictive behaviour if left unchecked. 

Understanding Pluto’s role in the twelfth House is essential for unlocking the hidden potential of this House and harnessing its transformative energies.

So you can evolve spiritually by caring for your subconscious mind, uncovering, understanding, healing and managing your fears, complexes, and toxic thought and behaviour patterns. 

Pluto, the esoteric ruler of the 12th House, can transform an individual’s subconscious patterns and break down illusions, making it a powerful force for spiritual growth. 

The effects of Pluto can appear as a deep, all-encompassing psychological, emotional and spiritual death, only to be reborn again; this cycle can repeat many times.

Until the full cleanse, and integration is complete, that may be uncomfortable or even painful, yet ultimately lead to growth and self-discovery.

This profound influence helps you to understand and manage your emotions. 

Pluto’s effect on the twelfth House may manifest as a tendency towards introspection or spiritual exploration. 

Self-reflection can be harrowing- emotionally- physically, and spiritually challenging.

Engaging in self-understanding and healing has the potential to change an individual in profound ways, leading to a greater understanding of themselves and their place in the world. 

Helping to uplift the collective consciousness in powerful ways.


In summary, exoteric astrology studies and interprets planetary movements and their influence on our daily lives.

While esoteric astrology delves into deeper, more spiritual interpretations of the planets and their effect on our souls.

The key difference between the two is that exoteric astrology looks to provide practical guidance for daily living. 

In contrast, esoteric astrology aims to help us understand our place in the universe and our ultimate purpose. 

Practising esoteric astrology can lead to a greater understanding of ourselves and a deeper connection to the divine. 

Studying our astrological chart and analysing the deeper meanings behind planetary movements can unlock insights and gain a higher awareness to guide us on our spiritual journey.


Esoteric astrology is a branch of astrology concerned with an individual’s spiritual development, as opposed to the prediction of future events. 

This type of astrology involves a deeper understanding of the cycles and patterns of the universe and how they relate to the soul’s journey. 

Esoteric astrology heavily emphasises each person’s unique spiritual path, including the lessons they must learn and the purpose they are meant to fulfil in this lifetime. 

This astrology looks beyond the traditional interpretation of the planets and delves into their spiritual significance. 

Through an understanding of esoteric astrology, individuals are able to gain a greater understanding of their soul’s journey and how to use the energies of the universe to achieve spiritual growth.

Exoteric astrology is a school of thought that aims to interpret astrological influences and events in a way that is accessible to the general public. 

Unlike esoteric astrology, which is more concerned with spiritual growth and self-awareness, exoteric astrology focuses on how astrological principles apply in everyday life, such as in our relationships, careers, and personal development. 

It emphasises the practical and measurable effects of planetary movements and aspects, and how they can be used to navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. 

Exoteric astrologers rely on traditional astrological symbolism and techniques, such as planetary rulerships, houses, and aspects, to create accurate and insightful readings for their clients. 

By understanding the meaning of exoteric astrology, you can gain useful insights into your life and make better decisions that align with your true purpose.

The concept of the soul in Esoteric Astrology refers to a higher, spiritual aspect of oneself that transcends physical existence. 

According to esoteric astrologers, the soul’s purpose is to guide an individual towards their true life purpose and help them evolve spiritually. 

The soul is eternal and reincarnates into different bodies over time to learn important karmic lessons and grow in wisdom.

Esoteric astrologers use astrological charts to gain insight into an individual’s soul journey and identify areas where they may need to focus their spiritual development. 

They also believe that the soul’s influence can be felt through one’s intuition, inner wisdom, and a sense of purpose in life.

Individuals can better understand themselves and their place in the universe by understanding and developing a connection with their souls.

The esoteric side of life refers to concepts and practices that are beyond the realm of ordinary or conventional human experience. 

It involves exploring the hidden depths of consciousness and the mysteries of the universe. 

Often associated with spiritual or mystical beliefs, the esoteric side of life can encompass a wide range of topics, including astrology, numerology, tarot, meditation, and other metaphysical practices. 

The study of astrology, in particular, delves deeply into the interconnectedness of the universe, exploring the relationships between people, planets, and cosmic energies. 

While the esoteric side of life may seem mysterious or elusive to some, it can offer great insight and personal growth for those who choose to explore it.

Many think that astrology only involves the horoscope readings found in newspapers and magazines; there are actually three main branches of astrology. 

The first type is Natal astrology which is the most commonly practised branch.

It deals with the positions of the planets at the time of a person’s birth, and predicts a person’s personality traits and life path accordingly. 

The second branch is Mundane astrology, which is concerned with events on a global level, such as political upheavals or natural disasters. 

Lastly, there is Synastry astrology which is used to understand the relationship between two or more people by analysing their birth charts and the aspects between the planets in them. 

These three branches of astrology provide different kinds of insights and can be used to gain a deeper understanding of the world and individuals around us.