Why observing the moon cycles is important part 1



Moon cycles and why they are important.

This is the first in a series of articles I will be writing about the moon cycles or moon phases. In ancient times people lived by the cycles of the moon and the sun.

Following the moon cycles helped our ancestors become aware of the repetitive, reaping, sowing and shedding cycles of nature; people recognised that they too were part of the natural cycles and this is when art forms like Psychology and Astrology came into existence.

The ignoring of these basic skills which our ancestors possessed, ancestors, meaning all those who walked the Earth before us, ignoring the blueprints, the roots which came before us, the solid ones that created stability, forget our roots.
Each persons roots- soul lineage is present in their astrological Natal chart which is each person’s unique blueprint. Ignoring the fact that each person is born unique has left us in the many predicaments we are facing in the world today.

Its no one’s fault, I mean sure we can point some blame, but how about we heal ourselves and create newness on earth instead.
Learning your natal chart inside out and working with moon cycles or moon phases will help you achieve this.
Since I been working with the Earth and Moon cycles life have different improved this is because instead of working against nature I am learning to work with it. The whole world is nature….after all; they do call it human nature, why is that?

Why Moon Phases are Important?

Well because just like Nature which shines one minute, rains the next, glows with rainbows one day and then turbulent storms the next day. It is in the same fashion as us humans changing our internal and external weather’s too; the trick is, is to learn to calm your internal storms.
Learning to work with and overcome your emotions, knowing that you can build up skills to help you manage and control your emotional states.

Not in the repressed ways humanity has done for decades now but by openly acknowledging our emotions to ourselves and healing our childhood and any other trauma- in essence, what aided me the most in my healing is admitting I was messed up and then going about the ways to reprogramme my internal hard drive- my subconscious mind. It is my firm opinion is that the only way through is through, if you want to get rid of the pain and suffering you have to not only see but heal through it. Not bury it as that’s how it continues to reign power over you.

Doing this- healing is a multi-step process including healing your previous wounds, finding your limits and boundaries, sticking to your limits and boundaries and then enforcing them. Meaning not allowing anyone or anything to remain in your life who refuses to accept your new life direction.

So back to the moon……..

The moon stays in each of the 12 zodiac signs for roughly 2.5 days a month, every 2.5 days the moon also goes out void of course for a period. This occurs for a few minutes but can last several hours, where the moon is neither here or there, it is in no zodiac sign it’s just floating out there in the ether.

Is it anyone wonder we, humans, are sometimes neither here or there also, especially if your Natal Moon North, node is in cancer or if the moon or cancer, Neptune or any other water sign heavily rules your chart. How this affects, each person will vary depending on the transiting energies in the skies and the makeup of their natal chart.

So how about this for a crazy theory, what if all us humans were doing in our changing “ human natures” was representing the many shades and energies of the moon, the earth, and all the universal cycles. What if our forever changing moods and state of mind deeply connected to the moon and its cycles.

The moon is in Leo

For example, when the moon is in Leo, the energy is going to be fixed and fiery. There will also be very strong-willed energy in all communications for that day; now other planetary positions will influence in this day.

When the moon is in Leo the day is set to be more a self-expressive day, so many people may show off on this day because of the natural ego boost, a normally reserved lover may do something highly unpredictable and expressive on this day, like propose.

Because the Leo energy will give people ideas and the follow through to bring out their ideas or thoughts into the external world, as we know Leo rule by the sun so an air of royalty will also be present when the moon is in Leo. So things are likely to be a bit unpredictable but fixed, and people may be a bit aggressive and gung-ho.

Be aware of the moon cycle

Becoming aware of the moon cycles will help you plan events, activities and figure out which days are best for certain things like exploring your emotions.
I found exploring your emotions when the moon is in water signs ( Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) can offer deep and powerful healing, uncover hidden wounds please note that you should mentally prepare to face your depths.

On the days when the moon is in the water signs, emotions are high and flowing rapidly, regardless of your awareness of this or not. So it’s always best to know that sometimes you may just be picking up on the energy frequency of the “collective consciousness.” And will not allow your emotions or the emotional energy you are picking up, sweep you away. Awareness of the moon and moon phases ( the moon is feminine energy- the yin energy) is helpful if your sensitive or an empath.

Moon is in your Natal sign

When the moon is in your Natal sign, i.e., if you were born with moon in Aries, when the moon is in Aries every month, it would be a perfect time for you to take part in as much meditation as this would help you.

Also if you want to complete a big project or manifest any form of change, it would be best for you to conserve your energy including limiting the time you engage in sexual experiences-
it’s only for two days, and it will do you the world of good choice is yours but the universal energies are there to support your abstinence.

The rewards for your conservation of energy will be that you will be coming more in alignment with your innate nature.
Try to spend time in solitude, silence and away from social media during this month also.
Remember social media is part of our lives now- yet it is not life itself.
It is all in the balance.

Click here to check the current moon cycles.

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