What does the finger of God mean in astrology?
How do you know your Yod Astrology?

What does Yod mean in astrology? The Yod Pattern in your Natal Chart

In depth Guide about , What A ‘Yod’ in Your Astrology Birth Chart Means For Your Personal Growth, Relationship and life in General.  

 Karma ,Drama, Inner Transformation , Understanding and Fate, the life of a Yod Owner .



Is the Yod good in Astrology?


I update this page regularly, last update 28.9.21.

Song for Yod owners

They say this is,  if not the most, neurotic- bi polar astrological placement.

However I say the battle Yod owners make us prime candidates to be frontier psychiatrist, life coaches and psychologist.

After all who feels it knows it right, another great song for us- or this version.

No placement in astrology is good or bad, all placements are to be understood and manage.

Because even placements seen as beneficial placements such as trines and sextiles can cause  havoc if not utilised.

In a nutshell Yod(s) want you to overcome the blocks you have to reaching your highest potential.

The Finger of God In astrology Natal Chart

Some of you may not believe in a God, and may believe in a higher consciousness or power, this is ok, I am just using its ancient name in this article. if you don't like the term finger of God, replace it in your mind with a term you do like.

How do you read the Yod in your natal chart?


A Yod is an astrological configuration of two planetary bodies,  Yod's are formed by sextile(s) and quincunxes with planets. 

Some astrologers include  asteroids such as Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Psyche and Ceres when interpreting Yod's in a natal chart.

But I personally only consider these influences if they aspect a Yod involving inner and outer planets.

 Yod's form a pattern that looks like a witches hat-isosceles Triangle.

Yod's are made up  of sextile and quincunxes that have to be within a 3 degree orb- for the quincunx and 4 degrees for the sextile.

In general, although some planets allow of a wider range.

A sextile is 1/6ths of the zodiac well which is 360 degrees in total and the quincunx is 5/12ths of the circle.

In a nutshell, a Yod is a astrological aspect, made up of one sextile and two quincunxes that form a narrow triangle.

Quincunxes Occur when Planets are 150 degrees apart. And a sextile Happens when two Planets are 60 degrees apart.


What does a Yod indicate?

Those with Yod’s in their astrology chart are often called “Yod Bearers” as they will have to struggle with burdens throughout their lives.

These struggles go against their best efforts to avoid them; the adversities and obstacles Yod owners face, act as signals to get the Yod owner to seek out deeper meanings within life and themselves.

The struggle plays out like this the sextile planets want to achieve something this lifetime.

Hands/ base of the Yod

Sextiles in Yods are harmonious working in tune, well kinda, as they struggle to flow although they share complementary elements, air and fire, earth and water, still you find no shelter.

As their sextiled meanings are hard to decipher, often getting lost in translation, battling the apex-foot planet, who is out of their element and modality.

The finger/apex of the Yod


Quincunxes struggle to relate to the foot, refusing or walking out on the first date, they don’t want to hook up, yet still, they come together time and time again.

Conflicted and afflicted as they struggle to understand each other, continuously moving the goal post, in this strange and ethereal land.

Joan Kellogg says the sextiles are the hands of your Yod, and the joining  of the sextile planets to the quincunxed planet.

Also know as the foot/ Apex planet, creates the finger of God.

To manage your Yod, you need to fulfil the purpose of your sextiles and overcome the challenges the quincunxed planet has in relating to the requirements of sextile planets.

In short you need to met the demands of all the planetary forces, energies and elements involved in your Yod to work together.

So that you can reach your highest potential.

Which is easier said than done.

Is a Yod rare?


In astrology people with authentic Yods are extremely rare, when you include MC, Descendants(Ds) and Ascendants(As) in Yods, these are not true Yods- Per-se .

But in my Astrological practice I do include these Yods, when they are conjunct or influenced by an actual planet which forms a Yod.

Yods with Inner Planets are stronger, but they can be made up of Outer Planets. I will also include Yods made up by Mc, Ds and As, if they are multiple Yods in the chart, and at least one is made up of a “authentic Yod”.

Although some astrologers feel Mcs and Ds can create standalone Yod's.

In my experience as a astrologer , if a person feels affected by a Yod’s presence. I will investigate it but typically the friction they feel are made up solely from the quincunx or square aspects which may be present in their chart.

As well as other hard aspects and configurations, I wouldn’t force myself to see a Yod if I was you, as yano they are kinda hard work- not to be bias or anything.

I always say it how it is, well almost- I am a libra rising after all😉

What does a Yod symbolise? 


Yod gives you a compelling feeling that something is not right; you can be in your perfect soulmate relationship, have your dream job, be financially and otherwise material secure.

But something deep inside of you will not allow you to enjoy your “happiness”; it can be pretty confusing, as you can be living your best life in theory.

But behind the surface, there is deep discontent bubbling inside; as a Yod owner myself, I know how discerning this all can be.

As you struggle to understand the pushing feeling that tells you to give up the things you feel you love, why?

Yod owners often fall back into past life patterns that brought them comfort and happiness. But this lifetime is about finding deeper connections and sources of contentment.


Yod - finger of God,  owners can be very stubborn and lie to themselves, falling into comfort zones and finding it hard to let go.

Deep down they are spiritual warriors but, they have become stuck in their evolution as they wont move to the next step in their souls/ higher consciousness evolution.

The Yod wants you to create and progress, with humility- what are your passions?


What did you want to be , before people told you things where impossible in achieve in life?

And yes we cannot all be rocket scientist but life has taught me, if we are prepared to learn our lessons and work steadily and consistently towards our goals , we will achieve them. 

Yes we wont all reach the moon, but we can all aspire to reach the sky if we try.

The trick of the Yod - finger of god placement,  is integrating any quincunxes , sextiles as well as all other aspects you may have in your chart. This can involve a big wake up call as you realise your problems are within you, and not in the external world.

Some Yod owners meddle in other peoples problems to stop them having the time to focus on their own, this can be a pattern of resistance built over lifetimes, making it hard to break.

How do you understand Yod


Some of the things you need to build and let go of to manage your Yod(s)

  • self confidence
  • taking personal responsibility
  • expression of individuality
  • self discipline and control
  • healing of emotional, spiritual and psychological wounds
  • need to set own standards and not follow the status quo or social expectations
  • letting go off self destructive habits built up over lifetimes
  • basically , pardon mon French, but its all about calling yourself out on your own bullcrap, letting go off your inner fears and tensions.
  • giving into chaos and the unknow, giving up attempting to control everything. Yes self control is a must but not if it hides your authentic Personality. 

Often , transits involving your Yod planets and houses, give opportunities to follow the path of your highest potential.

Many forks in the road will occur, where you can choose to let go and move into the unknown, or stay as you are.

the choice is yours, but you may find every step you walk hurts if you choose to not live up to the expectations of your Yod.

Yod in astrology is also know as  "The Finger of God." 

 The Yod, since Ancient times has been referred to as the “Finger of God”, the Yod is a fated aspect, Joan Kellogg in her book The Yod: The Esoteric( hidden) Meaning.

States rightly, in my opinion, as someone who has a Yod in their Natal Chart, that the Yod contains hidden energy and information in the aspect.

Which is not revealed until the Yod owner learns the lessons, needed to activate the Yodal energy.

There is an old occult saying, which is the ring will pass not, meaning someone can have something pointed out to them a million times.

Indeed they can experience it 1 million times; however, they will not gain an understanding of the meaning behind their experiences. until they learn the lessons behind their experiences.

This is why it appears some individuals never learn their lessons in life, in fact, esoterically they are some things that are only  understood, by observing them with your inner sight.

Some things in life need to be felt and intuited. Not rationalised and mulled over.

In order to be understood.

Embracing the Yod in your Natal chart 

This is why its important that we come to understand that, yes we can support others, and yes, others can support us, but as you transition into adulthood.

With the finger of god in your natal chart, You are responsible for the direction of your life, the buck stops with you, this goes for all people, regardless if they have a Yod in their astrology natal chart or not.

The Yod, regardless of whether it is the finger of God, itself or not, is differently a strong aspect and can override another mundane aspect in the chart, even strong ones like oppositions and squares.

Although, all aspects, degree's and all of information contained in your astrology natal chart, make up your whole, and every single part of your natal chart influences who you are, as well as environmental, psychological and spiritual forces and factors.

Joan Kellogg, in her book, also states that the Yod is a powerful and positive energy which opens the door to higher spiritual knowledge and service, once the Yod native has learned their lessons

Mysteries of the YOD


What is a golden Yod in your natal chart?


A golden Yod Pattern is when a planet creates biquintiles , which happens when the planet is 144 degrees apart from two other planets separated at 72-degree angles.

Generally, a golden Yod is easier to manage than a traditional Yod, as there is more ease with the planetary energies.

But if any of the planets involved in the aspect are in fall or determent or form aspects to other hard configurations in your natal chart, the golden Yod can be just as challenging as normal Yod's.

Interpreting Yod's in a astrology chart


• Yod's involve planets that are in different houses, elements , i.e. water, fire, earth and air, polarities- yin or yang/ masculine and feminine. 

And dissimilar modes of expression cardinal, mutable or fixed , so all these points as well as other finer details must be taken into account when interpreting Yod's in a natal or transit chart.

How do you Know your Yod in Astrology?


The Yod, its the signpost to your life purpose in your natal chart, however, because the language of intuition comes from within, and not without.

It can be hard to understand, mainly because we are always rushing around nowadays, not taking any time to be still and at one with ourselves.

Indeed we are often running away from ourselves into the arms of our toxic addictions and relationships.

The Quincunx aspect, which makes up the YOD, is between two not quite compatible planets, and for them to work, they need to adjust and accept, one another. Left-brained thinking and rationale are not applicable when discussing the astrological Yod aspect.

For it is a mystery within itself, so we must use our right-brained thinking, our subconscious to tune into the tones of the YOD.

When mastered, when lessons are learned, and you let go of restrictive thinking, behaviours and relationships, The Quincunx’s can work in unison , as if they were a trine.

Or your finger of god, YOD, can remain as tricky as a square as quincunx energy can be complicated to navigate because of the sear incompatibility of the planetary energies involved.

If there is something in your life that is good and not so good at times that cannot be steered in a particular direction, whether in business or relationship, chances are quincunx energy propels it.

The Yod aspect requires that you learn your life lessons, slowing down from the rat race to get aligned with your higher self.

Summary of Yod owners life  experiences 

• Karmic or fated placement

• Creates strange and unusual experiences and relationships

• Purging of past ideals and relationships/connections- behaviour and thought patterns

• Can give a higher consciousness or way of seeing and being in the world.

• Unusual talents

• Important to yes get advice, but train yourself to keep your own counsel- know your own mind, and be self-reliant and resilient to external forces.

• Life can be rocky with this placement, with lots of ups and downs, the ins and outs, returns and separations.

• Yod's sometimes seem like delving in and out of insanity – torn between staying in the comfort zone or facing the unknown- the comfort zone in Yod's in the apex planet.

So if Venus is your foot/ apex planet, you tend to escape into partnerships or other Venus activities instead of working with the foot planets energies and aspirations

• Self-care and routine are paramount to handling the energies of this placement, as well as embracing change and accepting, forgiving, loving and having compassion for yourself and others, even when hard times, and especially in the dark moments-which can be abundant.

What do two Yod's or more mean?

This is rare but it does happen, prince or symbol as he once asked to be called/ referred to, had more than two Yod's in his chart, personifying the subtleties and extremities
Princes life and rare artistry magnified what two or more Yod's can do to a persons life.
As he was truly in a league of his own, love you forevermore, and know your soul will continue to evolve. 

So yes if you have two or more Yod's, Darling you have a lot of work to do, in a nutshell, indicates lots of past lives experience which is a plus.

But also many failed attempts of overcoming the issues the Yod's want you to let go off and progress through in previous lifetimes.

Not everyone with two Yods will or need to be famous, but you do have access to extreme talent and resources. 

Sometimes the best you can do with a Yod is understand it, as life seems to throw challenges your way, regardless of your inner evolution.

Read on to to answer the question-  What does finger of god, Yod mean in astrology?

The Yod aspect in  Astrology is somewhat more connected compared to a quincunx , stand alone or no- yod, quincunx, since the yod aspect is also made up with sextile.

More about the finger of God, Yod meaning astrology?
The Main Psyche-soul-ogy of the yod and its meaning in Astrology:

The sextile in the yod aspect helps the Planets involve in the quincunx communicate and interact better.

Authentic/ traditional Yod's always involve one of the main inner planets. Yod's formed by at least one inner planet sun, mercury, Venus , moon and mars, are strongest. However Yod's which are formed with the midheaven or ascendant can hold significance as stand alone Yod's . Or when they is a traditional Yod in the chart, which includes one of the inner planets. The whole chart must be taken into account as well as the events a person experiences in their lives and how they feel the MC or AS Yod affects them.

The Yod aspect in astrology can create relationships, experiences and events, which occur in the life of a person, not out of their own choice, but in a karmic manner- a reparative process.

It is thought by many astrologers that the individuals who have the yod aspect, are perfecting lessons and skills that they have spent manner lifetime trying to build up.

Yet in their past lives, they may have failed several times to achieve their true soul desires, so the yod aspect acts as the “ finger of God”, pushing the yod native to their fated destination.

Depending on how you look at it, the yod aspect can turn out as a blessing or curse.
Some people with yod have stated that, having a natal yod, whenever they are engagingin self destructive, toxic or addictive behaviours it is is like taking every step in tight shoes, until they learn the lessons of the experiences they often repeat.

Finger of god, Yods in astrology can bestow gifts such as higher intelligence or enhanced talent in spiritual fields, they can also bring about sharp turns or unusual situations in life that can lead to steep ups or downs.

And from first-hand experiences, the lows the yodel aspect drives you down to can be very low indeed, yet the highs can also be out of this World.
When the Yod is taking you a life adventure, you lack control over what can and will happen, and this can be positive or negative. Imagined or real, there can be a feeling of another force that controls the show from behind the scenes!
One moment you can be feeling talentless and depressed, and the next moment you discover a hidden talent, an extraordinary gift. You can be poor then become rich all of a sudden or find themselves in rather unusual circumstances.

A progression or transit often triggers Yod energy as well as the sign, area of the chart, and the planets involved in the finger of god- Yod, with those involved in transits determining the outcome’s nature.

Key points for the main Planets at the foot of the Yod - finger of God

Yods are created by two Planets that sextile ( what Joan Kellogg calls the hands of the aspect) each other; both sextile planets also form quincunxes with a third planet ( the foot of the aspect).


The presence of Yod in your birth chart indicates the area(s) in your life you need to refine or let go of.

A yod is driving you to fulfil a goal your soul needs to grow, you may never know what this goal is, but you will be given pointers from within, or people will come into your life to provide you with experiences, which highlight the things you need to let go off.


Think of the themes of your life; which situations or people do you find yourself continuously involved in?


You may have smaller goals, yet if you have a yod present in your chart, you will have a feeling which won’t go away that you have to complete one particular task in life.
The details of which you will be blinded to until you activate the hidden energies of you Yod.


There is a fire that is pushing you to achieve something. You can understand this something through the fulcrum/foot planet and study your overall natal chart and Yod.


The Moon fulcrum (FOOT) at the finger of god, is mostly motivating you to become a nurturing force in your own life; looking at ways you block or neglect your need for nurturing, how others nurture you or how you treat others will also be major themes in this life.
You may have to look in-depth at the relationship you have/ had with your parents or primary caregivers, allow yourself to heal any wounds you have.

Karmatic ties may need to be broken, as well as letting go of old habits of seeking security without and learning to feel secure within. This foot deals with all aspects of feminine energy and how stable or unstable you are with integrating it into your life.


The mars foot of the Yod wants to look at the ways you assert yourself, and deal with your self-awareness, how you navigate your physical environment and look after your body will impact this yod foot energy, your primal life force and personality will have to be refined in some way.
It is essential to handle your life force and project your willpower in the correct ways when mars is at the foot of your Yod.


With venus at the foot of your Yod, harmony, balance, possessions and resources will be called into question as well as how you bring harmony and justice into your life; experiences will push you into managing your mental, physical or spiritual resources correctly.


Self-love will also be a big theme; you may have to learn to have compassion for yourself and not be too egotistical, unconditional love, and the right relationship with yourself and others. It is important to seek connections between things and people, including all aspects of your personality, and work to unite and not separate.


Mercury’s foot at the finger of god, wants you to look at communication, the right and wrong use and refine it in yourself and others; your early environment and relationships with your family, friends and local community will give you plenty of reflection points. Discernment of communication and relationships is significant with this yod foot, only because you can say and do something, doesn’t mean you should.


You may have a very philosophical, intellectual or spiritual nature, but you must find a practical way to use these talents correctly and not simply become an armchair philosopher. The Widening of your perspectives and giving up perfection may also be a theme of your life.
You may have to learn to accept that all people are on different levels of evolution and accept that life can never be ideal, but in accepting this fact, you can find solace.


The Uranus fulcrum in the finger of god is expected to revolutionise while, thinking of humanity as a whole, your primal urges such as those to misuse your sexual energy or aggression may be called into question, as well of the way you use your energy and electromagnetism.
Self-assertion and right use of humanities resources may also be themes, sharing and caring, freedom and growth on an individual and universal level.


Neptune a the base of the Yod ask’s for the proper use of your spiritual and addictive forces; karma is a big thing with Neptune at the foot of your Yod. Fate plays a gigantic role in your life, and you are called to let go of your negative subconscious thought patterns and handle the mystical correctly.


The accurate use of psychic energy and powers, how you serve others is also called into question, the ways you neglect or escape your responsibilities or play the victim. Letting go of rigid thought, addictive or behaviour patterns, the precise use of mind, body and soul.


Jupiter’s foot at the finger of god encourages the broadening of horizons that can occur in the form of travel, religion, higher learning, expansiveness is the keyword for this yod foot, and breaking out of your limited material outlook into higher consciousness.
Giving up past life habits of narrow mindedness and judgement, you need to allow spiritual, cultural or intellectual growth.


Saturn at the foot of the Yod indicates themes of discipline, order, structure, limitation, boundaries will be significant in your life in some way.
Tradition, parental, community or national expectations will be brought into the spotlight, personal responsibility will be needed for you to create your place in the world via your work and personal achievements. You have innate talents that can uplift others, and it’s your duty to uncover them and use them correctly.


Pluto’s foot wishes to transform the way you view yourself and others, themes of the correct use of your own or others financial, psychological and spiritual resources
learning to manage your sexual energy. You have deep insight into the occult and the human psyche; you may have to develop deep psychological strength to withstand your life lessons. Transformation is your keyword as well as destroying the old, to manifest your new.


Where Sun at the foot of your Yod ask you to look at the way you bring your willpower into reality, uncovering the ways your rigid thought and behaviours patterns may block your creativity.


Remember, the foot, in the finger of god, Yod, is the planet which the two sextile planets form quincunx too; it is all out at sea on its own. The sextile job is to focus the “Fulcrum/Foot”, Planets energy, stabilising it until its ready to stand on its own to feet, with a bit of help from friends, so to speak.

what is a boomerang yod - finger of god in astrology

yod what is it in astrology

Image courtesy of solar fire professional software

A boomerang yod involves planets that oppose your yod foot; you seen in the picture venus in the 7th house is the foot, and mars and venus sextile, and quincunx venus. However, the asteroid ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon act as a boomerang; this yod is a more complex and rare yod. A boomerang yod is sometimes called a focus yod.

This yod owner has to make sure their take care of the needs of their Jupiter, Moon, Saturn, pluto to achieve the requirements of this yod. How they view responsibility- Saturn, how they expand their beliefs and control their extravagance – Jupiter. And how their assert themselves- mars and how they nurture themselves and others and accept their karma- Moon.

Will play a big part in their life; tension is high in this boomerang yod, as they will have to manage all aspects of their personality to become more self-aware.
As the activating point for this yod – finger of god is in the first house, so will need them to become less codependent and take responsibility for their life direction.

They will have to manage their needs of attraction versus the needs of their Moon, managing the sexual needs of mars and the optimistic needs of Jupiter.
The boomerang points and planets act as extra forces to help overcome the needs of the overall yods. As all these planets conjunct each other in this chart, all these energies how past life experiences work together.
So the focus yod can be more beneficial to the yod owner than a yod without any boomerang points or planets.
The heaviness of the boomerang can help the yod owner release the weight of this karmic placement a bit more quickly, but if they ignore it, they will experience the repercussions more deeply in the areas of life the boomerang yod planets control in their natal chart.
If mismanaged, the boomerang yod owner can be like dynamite as they bash around unaware of all this boomerang yod energy, yods must always be controlled, oh woe betide, only kidding, it’s a case of seeing you next lifetime.

After all, we all have free will, and if we miss the mark, reincarnation levels it out for us until we hit the mark.
Yod owners can be insecure in their abilities in their youth, battling with low self-esteem, rejection, depression, an inner feeling of discontent with no real reason why.
As a person with a yod can have reached all their material goals and relationship ambitions but still feel unsatisfied, this is because a yod needs you to move in a new direction this lifetime.
Yod owners have typically lived many materially and sometimes spiritually prosperous lifetimes; they innately have wisdom but have a fear of leaving their comfort zones, deeply entrenched in them. And some yod owners can fool themselves into thinking there are happy when they not, so it can be hard to help.
Yods, boomerang or otherwise, need a person to take personal responsibility for their evolution, sacrificing their debased desires in some ways for their higher needs and wants. Giving into a power greater than themselves and letting go of their own and others expectations.

It can be a lot, but it is a must to this very fated life; this position needs you to step out of the chorus line and impart your wealth of wisdom.
once you heal your emotional and psychological wounds and commit to overcoming the obstacles, you face to your ascension.

Read more about the yod below

What is the meaning of the Yod in astrology last – updated October 2021


I wanted to add an update, on the yod in astrology and what it means.

song for Yod owners

“most yod owners are old souls, stuck in their ways, or who are here to teach specific lessons only, so may feel like their full potential is never being used, i.e. the feeling of being a great warrior yet a coward at the same time.


We are often blinded because if we have seen from the start, we would not be able to learn the very lesson, we need to learn, so many things going on with you.


We really should know about these placements from birth, as once I found out about my yods, i became less critical on myself, and less of a control freak and a people pleaser.


Which was some of the few paradoxes of my yods, so yes, also the feeling of looking for an external person or service, job title, etc to fulfil us, when it is only own true inner reflection and acceptance of our shadow and our light.


Balancing all aspects of ourselves, which will set us free.


It takes time , to bring yourself  solace and to find your direction, yet the yod often just drags us along, and we may die, never really know if we fulfilled our purpose, maybe that’s the whole, purpose of the yods, letting go, going with the flow, gaining inner peace.


Learning to calm the internal storms and rages inside, unrevealing the many false self’s we have built up, so when the world and its events try to push us , we stay solid in our inner knowing.


I found it’s about accepting ourselves for who you are now, without judgement, with deep love and compassion, then you can do the work, which the yods require of you.


Which from my work so far with yod owners, really seems to centre on themes of control, self deceit, living in the past, imbalance, impatience, double-checking- lost in intellect.


Myself included in all the above, I know we have been programmed as human beings to hate our shadow and bad points.


But from experience, I have learned it is in the accepting, healing and managing, of all aspects of you, is where life authentically begins.


As you can see, my style is direct, it’s never to induce any negative feelings but to show you a direct path out.


Yod’s can make you flip flop from one stance to the next within 24 hours. The best you can do is just see through the tension.


By simply becoming aware , that this is how life is going to be and the best I can do is to train myself to see through the illusion, especially the ones you have within yourself. 


Self awareness can be the highest calling , when you have a yod in your chart. This talk from Anthony Demello can help you.



It is long, but hey so is life, maybe you will find gems within this talk, like i did. Not directly about Yod’s but it helps with the practicalities of life, and why most of us run around in misery creating our own groundhog day-everyday.



YODS, AS WELL AS ALL OTHER ASPECTS AND FACETS, of your natal chart, are not easy to navigate, life,  It’s not simple, and we will never have all the answers

But maybe that’s the whole point….



Implications of a Yod, Poem.


Fears appear in every step of your walk
A mystical force drives you on
Talent is unbounded
Yet theres a block
Stunted as you try to create
Call it fate
A neurotic star
Making your actions
Unwittingly psychotic
Why did you do that?
You don’t really know
A need to build trust
And to flow
But hey, we humans like to control
Finding it hard
Inside tearing apart
Goals out of reach
Distressed and unrested
Always being tested
Is this what you call special?
Driven to be a bit mental?
Even when you try your best
To be rational and have control
Illusive purpose
That won’t reveal itself
Insightful revelations
Seem profound
I got somewhere to go
I need to reach my destination quick
Yet I don’t know where it is
Just that I need to get there
I swear I want to stay with you
But I pulled away from you
Hot and cold, mostly blue
Hues of happiness
Sometimes shines through
Still, I cannot even enjoy
The fun or the touches
which grasp my hand
I have a problem to solve
Conundrum it is not humdrum
For even a Rubiks cube can be solved
With perseverance and patience
Activation in the middle
For its all about balance
Equilibrium as you enjoy
The many facets of chaos
Bipolar and depression innate
In your fate
Still, we have the sun, we have the rain
Time and time again.