Historically the  astrological yod is known as "The Finger of God." 


For those who are unfamiliar or have never heard of it, Yod is the astrological aspect with one sextile and two quincunxes that form a narrow triangle. The Yod, since Ancient times has been referred to as the “Finger of God”, the Yod is a fated aspect, Joan Kellogg in her book The Yod: The Esoteric( hidden) Meaning.

States rightly, in my opinion, as someone who has a Yod in their Natal Chart, that the yod contains hidden energy and information in the aspect. Which is not revealed until the Yod owner learns the lessons, needed to activate the Yodal energy.

There is an old occult saying, which is the ring will pass not, meaning someone can have something pointed out to them a million times. Indeed they can experience it 1 million times; however, they will not gain an understanding of the meaning behind their experiences. until they learn the lessons behind their experiences.

This is why it appears some individuals never learn their lessons in life, in fact, esotericically they are some things that one canonly be understood by observing them with your inner sight.

Some things in life need to be felt and intuited. not rationalised and mulled over.

In order to be understood.

This is why its improtant that we come to understand that, yes we can support others, and yes, others can support us, but as you transition into adulthood.

You are responsiable for the direction of your life, the buck stops with you, this goes for all people, regardeless if they have a yod in their astrology natal chart or not.

The yod, regardless of whether it is the finger of God, itself or not, is differently a strong aspect and can override another mundane aspect in the chart, even strong ones like oppositions and squares.



Although, all aspects, degress and all of information contained in your astrology natal chart, make up your whole, and every single part of your natal chart influences who you are, aswell as enviromental, psychological and spirtual forces and factors.

Joan Kellogg, in her book, also states that the yod is a powerful and positive energy which opens the door to higher spiritual knowledge and service, once the yod native has learned their lessons.

Mysteries of the YOD

The yod, its the signpost to your life purpose in your natal chart, however, because the language of intuition comes from within, and not without.

It can be hard to understand, mainly because we are always rushing around nowadays, not taking any time to be still and at one with ourselves.

Indeed we are often running away from ourselves into the arms of our toxic addictions and relationships.

The Quincunx aspect, which makes up the YOD, is between two not quite compatible planets, and for them to work, they need to adjust and accept, one another. Left-brained thinking and rationale are not applicable when discussing the astrological yod aspect.

For it is a mystery within itself, so we must use our right-brained thinking, our subconscious to tune into the tones of the YOD.

When mastered, when lessons are learned, and you let go of restrictive thinking, behaviours and relationships, The Quincunx’s can work in unison , as if they were a trine.

Or your YOD, can remain as tricky as a square as quincunx energy can be complicated to navigate because of the sear incompatibility of the planetary energies involved.

If there is something in your life that is good and not so good at times that cannot be steered in a particular direction, whether in business or relationship, chances are quincunx energy propels it.

The Yod aspect requires that you learn your life lessons, slowing down from the rat race to get aligned with your higher self.

The Yod aspect in  Astrology is somewhat more connected compared to a quincunx , stand alone or no- yod, quincunx, since the yod aspect is also made up with sextile.

The Main Psyche-soul-ogy of the yod:




The sextile in the yod aspect helps the Planets involve in the quincunx communicate and interact better.

The Yod aspect in astrology can create relationships, experiences and events, which occur in the life of a person, not out of their own choice, but in a karmic manner- a reparative process.

It is thought by many astrologers that the individuals who have the yod aspect, are perfecting lessons and skills that they have spent manner lifetime trying to build up.

Yet in their past lives, they may have failed several times to achieve their true soul desires, so the yod aspect acts as the “ finger of God”, pushing the yod native to their fated destination.

Depending on how you look at it, the yod aspect can turn out as a blessing or curse.
Some people with yod have stated that, having a natal yod, whenever they are engagingin self destructive, toxic or addictive behaviours it is is like taking every step in tight shoes, until they learn the lessons of the experiences they often repeat.

Yods in astrology can bestow gifts such as higher intelligence or enhanced talent in spiritual fields, they can also bring about sharp turns or unusual situations in life that can lead to steep ups or downs.

And from first-hand experiences, the lows the yodel aspect drives you down to can be very low indeed, yet the highs can also be out of this World.
When the Yod is taking you a life adventure, you lack control over what can and will happen, and this can be positive or negative. Imagined or real, there can be a feeling of another force that controls the show from behind the scenes!
One moment you can be feeling talentless and depressed, and the next moment you discover a hidden talent, an extraordinary gift. You can be poor then become rich all of a sudden or find themselves in rather unusual circumstances.

A progression or transit often triggers Yod energy as well as the sign, area of the chart, and the planets involved in Yod, with those involved in transits determining the outcome’s nature.

Yods in Astrology IN-DEPTH, continued

Yods are created by two Planets which sextile ( what Joan Kellogg calls the hands of the aspect) each other, both planets also form quincunxes with a third planet ( the foot of the aspect).

The presence of Yod in your birth chart indicates that in you will feel more compelled in this life to reach for certain things, with your entire life oriented towards one goal.

You may have smaller goals, yet if you have a yod present in your chart, you will have a feeling which won’t go away that you have to complete one particular task in life. The details of which you will be blinded too until you activate the hidden energies of you Yod. There is a fire that pushes you to achieve something.

You can understand this something through the fulcrum planet and the overall chart and Yod.

The Moon fulcrum (FOOT) is mostly motivated to become a nurturing force, whether its to be a mother to her own children or the world’s children.

The Uranus fulcrum is expected to revolutionise while the Pluto fulcrum wishes to transform. Whereas the venus foot wants to bring people together by using the power of love, harmony and grace. Remember the foot , in the yod is the planet which the two sextile planets, form quincunx too, it is all out at sea on its own, and the sextile job is to focus the “Fulcrum/Foot”, Planets energy, s stabilising it until its ready to stand on its own to feet, with a little help from friends, so to speak.

Table of keywords for the 10 main Planets at the foot of the Yod:

Yod update November  2020

I wanted to add an update, on the yod in astrology and what it means.

“most yod owners are old souls, stuck in their ways, or who are here to teach specific lessons only, so may feel like their full potential is never being used, i.e. the feeling of being a great warrior yet a coward at the same time.


We are often blinded because if we have seen from the start, we would not be able to learn the very lesson, we need to learn, so many things going on with you.


We really should know about these placements from birth, as once I found out about my yods, i became less critical on myself, and less of a control freak and a people pleaser.


Which was some of the few paradoxes of my yods, so yes, also the feeling of looking for an external person or service, job title, etc to fulfil us, when it is only own true inner reflection and acceptance of our shadow and our light.



Balancing all aspects of ourselves, which will set us free.


It takes time , to bring yourself  solace and to find your direction, yet the yod often just drags us along, and we may die, never really know if we fulfilled our purpose, maybe that’s the whole, purpose of the yods, letting go, going with the flow, gaining inner peace.


Learning to calm the internal storms and rages inside, unrevealing the many false self’s we have built up, so when the world and its events try to push us , we stay solid in our inner knowing.


I found it’s about accepting ourselves for who you are now, without judgement, with deep love and compassion, then you can do the work, which the yods require of you.


Which from my work so far with yod owners, really seems to centre on themes of control, self deceit, living in the past, imbalance, impatience, double-checking- lost in intellect.


Myself included in all the above, I know we have been programmed as human beings to hate our shadow and bad points.

But from experience, I have learned it is in the accepting, healing and managing, of all aspects of you, is where life authentically begins.


As you can see, my style is direct, it’s never to induce any negative feelings but to show you a direct path out.


YODS, AS WELL AS ALL OTHER ASPECTS AND FACETS, of your natal chart, are not easy to navigate, life,  It’s not simple, and we will never have all the answers.


But maybe that’s the whole point….”