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Welcome this free birth chart / natal chart calculator, this birth charts calculator will help you calculate your natal chart placements. Simply enter your birth details below, choose unknown time or use the nearest hour if you are unsure of your birth time. This handy free birth charts calculator will let you know where your sun, moon, ascendant is aswell as calculating where the main planets are, Neptune, mercury, venus, mars, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter. And a whole lot More. Excitement, general intrperations now provided with Natal chart caculations.

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Everything You Should Know about the Birth Chart

Astrology is an enjoyable, exciting and serious field, where you can learn more about your traits and the characteristics of the people you come into contact with. You can use astrology, to help you on a self-healing and understanding journey discovering how zodiac influences and your soul linage affect your feelings and behaviours.

But, the thing about astrology is that it only becomes fun if you actually understand it in the first place.
I believe astrology, is just one of a holistic set of life and healing tools, which, when used wisely as part of a balanced lifestyle, can help you navigate and plan your life.
Astrology is by no means, the only tool which can help you do this, yet in today’s scientific and intellectual world, astrology provides a bridge between the intellect and the feelings( spirituality, for feelings, are things we cannot see except for in our facial expressions and behaviours).

birth chart calculator
birth chart calculator-online

And this is how we know feelings exist, astrology can help you uncover your subconscious and soul driving factors, bringing the unconscious and therefore invisible into consciousness.With the aim of helping you live a balanced life, if astrology does not door this for you than you are not using incorrectly, you can use this as a gauge for life, ask yourself is this thing benefit me, enriching me or is it causing me more confusion and fear?

One of the most exciting areas of astrology is none other than the birth chart/. If you want to join in all the fun of astrology, read on to know more about your natal chart/zodiac chart.

Birth Chart

The ancient Babylonians developed the zodiac through the division of sky into a total of 12 sections. They were able to observe the planetary movements and associate these with events on the world. This kind of observation paved the way to the birth of modern astrology, and through the centuries, astrology served as the heart of philosophy, medicine, and science. Now that technology and science have developed, astrology can be used, a sort of trinity so to speak of tools which when fused together, to interpret behaviour and help to understand past and current World and Individual events. Although not 100% accurate, for each human being has free will and that’s an overriding factor, once one has faced, accepted and learned to manage one’s fate.

Birth chart continued

The birth chart, or also called the natal chart, basically reveals the
planets’ location in the sky during the time of your birth. The birth
chart serves as the basis of knowing more about your own
astrological signs. The things you need here are your birthday, your
birthplace and, the exact time of your birth. You will be able to
calculate this with the help of a reliable astrology site that can
calculate this on your behalf.
The birth chart will be able to give you a deeper insight to your

personality, tendencies, desires, fears, and motivations through
calculating the exact location of every planet and the constellation
that they occupy. 

Every planet has its own function and energy.
Constellation astrology
As a disclaimer not, that there is a difference by around 30 degrees
at most, for most western calculated charts, for example, the 13th
sign ophicus is not included in western astrology. I rectify this by
using Vedic and western astrology methods in my birth chart
And checking the actual positions constellations in the sky, also if
you see the natal chart using western methods as you fated position.
And the actual constellational position of the planets and asteroids,
as energy which can help you reach your highest potential.

Astrology Birth Chart

An astrology birth chart will tell you where every planet was located during the time of your birth, and every planet rules a unique aspect of your life. There is the sun sign in the astrology birth chart, and this is something that you refer to every time you check your horoscope. It essentially describes your personality at your very core. But, your moon sign in the astrology birth chart is equally important since this has something to do with your emotional self as well as the form of nurturing that you received in your childhood. This connects to your needs in a relationship and the things that you need in your life as an adult. The rising sign in the astrology birth chart will be based on the specific constellation that was formed in the sky during the time of your birth. This will also show how others perceive you the moment they meet you for the first time. This basically has something to do with the outside traits that you show to the rest of the world. The rest of the planets also serve as a representation of the various aspects or areas of your life. Mercury is for communication; Venus is for relationships; Mars is for aggression and action; Saturn is for fears and self-discipline; Jupiter is for expansion; Neptune is the healing and subconscious; Uranus is progress and innovation, and Pluto is intensity and power.
birth chart calculator
When you know the sign that every planet falls under, you will be able to recognize your behaviours, tendencies, and traits that will show you your strengths as well as the weaknesses that you have to work on. The houses is one more aspect of the astrology birth chart that represent the rotation of the earth around its axis. There is the 12- house system with every house reflecting a different area or theme of life. The houses provide more detail into every aspect of your life based on the sign and planet they are in. In the house system, the 1st house is the sense of self and ego; the 2 nd is material possessions; the 3rd is communication and community; the 4th is family and home; the 5th is romance and creativity; the 6th is work and health; the 7th is partnerships; the 8th is sex, transformation, and death; the 9th is philosophy and travel; the 10th is career and public image; the 11th is technology and humanity,; and the 12th is collective unconscious and psychic abilities. Basically, the astrology birth chart has the formula of planet plus sign plus house that you need to add together to interpret your patterns.

Astrology Natal Chart Reading

Getting an astrology natal chart reading is actually very interesting.
Your astrology birth chart or natal chart can provide you with
important messages about your relationships, strengths,
weaknesses, and others that serve your soul in this lifetime. Knowing
how the planets and stays aligned during the date and time of your
birth and the effects of these placements on your soul can be of
great help for you as you walk down your spiritual path.

Every person’s birth chart is different and unique and takes into
account all of the planetary alignments during the exact time and day
of your birth. A lot of people find their astrology natal chart reading
to be amazingly helpful and accurate .
since you will be able to uncover so much as to who you really are as
well as why you even came to the world in the very first place.
Below are some of the things that you could learn from an astrology
natal chart reading:

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Your astrology birth chart reading is going to teach you the career path that best suits you. If you happen to be a drifter, an astrology natal chart reading will help you know how you will be most suitable in the working world and the things that you can do to further brighten up your path.

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Your astrology birth chart reading can also teach you all of your unique weaknesses and strengths. Your birth chart uncovers the types of work and activities that will naturally come to you and the things you should be working on more.

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Your astrology birth chart reading will also show you that you got three signs, namely your sun sign, rising sign, and Moon sign. The sun sign literally describes the zodiac sign occupied by the sun during the time of your birth. The moon sign is a representation of your instinctual self that you are probably hiding from others. Finally, the rising sign will describe the way people see you on the first meeting as well you appear to the rest of the world.

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Your astrology birth chart reading will also explain the effects of the planetary positions and alignments on your energy and personality.

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Your astrology birth chart reading will also reveal all of the big soul lessons that you are going to face in your life. Your birth chart will also reveal the kinds of experiences that you are going to have on Earthly plane that are going to put your willpower and wits!!! To the test and turn you into a butterfly from a mere caterpillar.

Natal Chart Reading

Why should you get a natal chart reading?
If you have ever come upon an occasion or event in your life that you
couldn’t quite make sense of or if you are on the process of
Like getting married or taking on a new job, or you just feel as if you
need a good direction, you might be able to benefit from a natal
chart reading. There are people who come back every quarter or

every year for checking in with the cosmos.
Before you get a natal chart reading, it is important that you are
ready to listen, realistic, and open-minded. It can be very exciting to
know that you will be able to solve several mysteries regarding your

However, there is something that you need to
remember. Natal chart reading is not fortune-telling. Take note that
astrology is not a science and this will never tell you who is going to
be your husband or where you will meet him.
You are basically co-creating your own experience with the rest of
the universe, and this still gives you free rein on the choices that you
make. This means that astrology is only a tool that will tell you when
you should accelerate and when to stop.

Zodiac Chart Reading

There are a lot of online resources that can help you conduct a
zodiac chart reading. However, if you need some help and guidance
on the analysis of the results, you might want to seek the help of an

Although there is no governing body to tell you who are
qualified, it is still possible for you to conduct your own research and
go through reviews. This is a mere investment of money and time,
but nothing is as priceless as understanding yourself better.
More than getting a reading of your Sun sign, it is important that you
also follow the Moon phases. The New Moon has something to do
with starting something or setting a new intention. You can watch as
this intention grows through the full moon then follows the waning
cycle. You should let yourself to be on the cycle of pulling back and
pushing forward. Aside from this, it is also recommended that you
read the horoscope for the rising sign as this is sometimes more

What Is An Astrological Birth Chart?

An astrological birth chart, or also known as a natal astrology chart, is
the map in which all of the planets were during their journey around
the sun at the exact time that you were born.

 Your astrological birth
chart will reveal your weaknesses and strengths, the opportunities
for the growth of your soul, and the perfect timing for all the crucial
moves you will be making.

How Can An Astrological Birth Chart Reading Help Me?

There are actually two instances when it is especially helpful to get
an astrological birth chart reading, and these are on your birthday
and at the start of a New Year.
For the New Year, it is recommended that you do what is known as
transit chart or the natal plus transits chart.


It might require the
guidance and help of professional astrologers since the
interpretation work might get a bit complex.
In such instances, you could start with your own astrological birth
chart then compare this to the moving or transiting planets such as
the present positions of planets up in the sky.
However, these transit charts are not just for New Year’s Day. In fact,
you could plug in pretty much any date, future or past, then run a
transit chart comparing the planets in motion in your birth chart. The
transit charts are very handy for planning. In case you want to
choose a date for your wedding, book a travel, or schedule a crucial
move in your career, you might want to get an astrological solar arc/
transit reading chart reading to know if everything works in your
Transits are ideal for historical perspective as well. You could look
back at the important life moments, such as relocations, new love,
breakups, job losses, career coups, and new love. You can do a chart
or even an estimated one to know what was taking place in the stars
right then.

Why Should I Double Check My Data When Entering My Date, Time And Place Of Birth?

If you wish to calculate your astrology natal chart, you will need your
date, time, and place of birth. There are people who have no idea
when their time of birth is. If you don’t have access to your birth
certificate, you might want to get in touch with the vital records
office in your area or state of birth.


In case this still fails to work, you
could make the nearest estimate as possible or just enter 12:00
You need to double-check your data when you enter the date, time
and place of birth because these play a big role in the reading. If
there is no birth time, for instance, it will be impossible for you to
accurately know your ascendant or rising sign. You will also not be
able to know the houses where the planets in your birth chart fall in.
Also, you can get your birth chart rectified, which takes a bit of time,
as it’s a process of elimination, using 2-hour slots of the rising sign,
may be able to uncover, a near about birth time.
Astrologers tend to charge more for this process, of chart

Here is a poem I have created about Astrology natal /birth charts. Enjoy...:)
And know that you have the freewill to take charge of your life, and rearrange your destiny. Regardless of any placement or postion in your natal chart.

Astrology, Astrology

Where do we start.



All the symbology

In the birth chart

My answer to that question

Is follow your intuition.



It will let you know

What planetary position

And degree

You should pay attention too


Or if you a bit like me

You can work




Start with the first house

Which governs your identity

Then work your way to the 2nd house

Then so on and so on

Pay attention to the planets

And aspects to the houses

Is your planet in fall

Or is it exhaled

All this and more

Will be revealed to you

As you follow your astrological tale

Pay attention to any adverse aspects

Especially those , touching the  8th, 4th, or 12th houses.

oh how your mind can lead you round thehouses, i digress….

or is it Neptune or Uranus

playing with my identity and mind?

neptune’s  mystical tones

Can be your earthly addiction

Or your spiritual fortune

It’s up to you which game

You choose to play in this life.

The internal

or the external

Your focus may very will be

Geared towards the external.

If you have planets in the

Fourth house of cancer


Or is polar sign

Capricorn, this could be the case also, if you have strong leo, sagittarius, gemini or libra energies, in your birth chart.


Or maybe you will

Give in to your senses

And sensuality.


If you have your sun

Or any other placement

In the house or governed by Taurus.


Which is ruled by venus

As is libra

All this and more

This birth


Calculator shall reveal to you.

All the mirrors

And intricates of the real you.

bit by bit.



Research articles

Blogs and videos

Which will help unveil.


The astrological you.

Be not bound by any planet or aspect.


For each human being has free will.

Step by step


the birth chart calculator , will reveal yourself to you.


Heal any damage that’s in your subconscious.


This is how you follow

Your true north node.


Find your inner purpose

And heed the lessons Saturn

And Capricorn

Are hear to teach you.


Reign in your Uranus

But not too much

You are here to be an individual, but also to show compassion ( the moon, cancer, aquarius) to your fellow human.

Use your mars

But temper it with

Your venus

Or any other finer qualities

you may have in your birth chart.

oh and one last thing

Don’t fear the reapers

Which are Saturn,Pluto and Black moon Lilith.

Embrace, heal  and manage  your shadows

shadow work,  will illumunitate your many lights.

Thank you for using this birth charts calculator

I am available for questions or consultations/ or natal chart analysis, visit my online store