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In-depth holistic life coaching, Spiritual Direction, and Astrology Analysis.


In-depth horoscope analysis, in-depth life style coaching, spiritual direction and Astrological Natal/ Harmonic/Vedic/Transit chart, Astrology Chart, Interpretation and much more check out my store for more details.

I use a unique, insightful yet practical approach, In all the work I do my number one priority is to place the client at the center- I am always learning and developing myself this enables me to provide my clients with a quality, strategic yet uplifting and compassionate life style coaching, spiritual direction and astrological analysis.

My role as a server of In-depth lifestyle coaching and spiritual direction

In my role as a server of In-depth life style coaching and spiritual direction I listen to the words each individual client is expressing, In my astrological work I tune into the intricate vibrations of each individual astrological chart in order to unearth the finer harmonics and inner conflicts in each chart , this practice allows me to be sensitive to a client’s true soul urges/ material desires/ karmic patterns. In order to give you the life style coaching, spiritual direction and guidance, you seek, providing you with a strategic roadmap to help them move forward and bring about the changes you wish to see in your life.

I go as in depth and to the point- when needed, like a detective, yet I deliver my guidance in a firm and compassionate way like an older sister or Mother of the Earth and Nature. My purpose is a non judgmental , nurturing, decision and change focus -forward thinking healing space , life style coaching and spiritual direction.

I communicate all advice and spiritual insight in a way that empowers my client’s, to take steps to transform their lives so that they gather up their inner resources and use them to the best of their ability.

I will help you reach your true and highest potential- if you are committed to taking the steps to make their dreams reality- then I got the strategy, skills, support, and guidance.

My gift of Clairsentience helps me- help my clients in my life style coaching work, life guidance and personal development work, spiritual direction, astrology chart or numerology chart interpretations or in-depth trauma release and healing work.

My own personal beliefs

I have my own personal beliefs and I am very comfortable in my own skin and enjoy who I am, but my beliefs do not stop me from helping people with different beliefs than my own My background is diverse.

I am very comfortable with and know how to handle and accommodate different ways of expressions, cultural backgrounds and people from various professional backgrounds. We build a better world by first healing ourselves and then learning to accept and tolerant each other’s differences. I think if all people in the world took a more holistic approach to living than the quality of life for everyone in the world would improve.

If I was to sum myself up in a sentence it would be the following- or maybe some sort of weird dating add what do you think?

“Traditional Chinese Water Dog with a mercurial flair who’s roots are as deep as a Taurian and as stubborn in her persistence and determination to find the balance between truth and beauty- in order to achieve, and then go on to maintain the balance and temperance in harmony. who delivers her services to clients in a holistic and ethics led, client-centered- manner. Whether you are asking me one question or enrolling on my 12-week life style coaching program, I deliver all my work with the depth and efficiency that you would expect from a tree-loving Saturn in Libra who fully utilizes the benefits of her futuristic Aquarius Solar Eclipse”


In my life style coaching and spiritual direction work, I prepare questions that will encourage my clients to explore the breadth of their soul. Leading to the client discovering and utilizing their inner resources to create the life they aspire to live. Paramount to me doing this work I engage in a daily spiritual practice, contemplation, introspection and transcendental meditation and I have some fun too, achieving and living in balance is what the earth experience is about.

If you would like any further information please, feel free to email me using the contact page or the link below so we can connect. I always tailor my approach to my client needs but I never work in any way that dis-empower my clients or help my clients dis-empower others.

Read on for a full explanation of my services and details of the many ways, I can help you achieve your life goals, spiritual ascension, visions, and ambitions.

Areas of expertise:-

artwork by

I believe that the healer heals those that need to be healed, yet those that the healer heals also help heal the healer- I am a wounded healer i.e.i am actively and will always be managing my own “wounds”,and, that’s why I can help you , because I have picked myself up from rock bottom and transformed myself into who I am today and I can help you do the same. It is like to live your life feeling worthless, powerless, less than and in self denial.

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I guided myself out of that maze with much help from the creator of all creators, the unseen and all those who my soul has ever met . Along my travels and within my trails, conflicts and tribulations, I have found many powerful healing techniques and personal development strategies that I share with my clients , helping them make the changes they need to make in their own lives.
Me at the Mayan Ruins Tulum-COBA, Mexico , Summer 2012.

I disliked heights so this was a big achievement for me free climbing this “pyramid”structure can you spot the half loving it and the other half omg i may drop smile on my face!

I would like to say I am always fearless, the truth is I will try most things once and if i like it I will always try it again.

I think all people should be proud of their humanness and embrace all their super-humanness at the same time- ANCIENTFUTUREVISION
The COBA -pyramid in full size

What I can do for you :-

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