Transiting Scorpio Moon Phase in Astrology

Moon in Scorpio Phase astrology

When the Moon is transiting, Scorpio
Moon in Scorpio Phase astrology



  • Emotional instability, feeling the full range of emotions from joy to sorrow, depression and elation
  • Purging of fears
  • Transformation
  • Lifting of the veils of illusion
  • Deep psyche, emotional or soul healing
  • Increased spirituality/ personal development
  • Aggression
  • Problems relating to others
  • Difficulty/ Having to think of efficient solutions to problems
  • Amplified depression/ anxiety
  • Great time for spiritual rituals- research
  • Chaos
  • Be careful with mind and behaviour altering substances
  • Personal empowerment
  • The urge to uncover the hidden read between the lines
Moon in Scorpio Phase astrology

Transiting Scorpio Moon phase in astrology in depth

When the Moon is in Scorpio, it is an excellent time to make serious decisions about your life; some of you may feel overly emotional, don’t feel ashamed for this; be gentle with yourself.


Be mindful of any aggressive-emotional moods, and think twice, like Celine Dion sang, yes, it’s boomer music for all your gen’s Z’s out there reading this.

Think before you speak to others, trying the best you can not lash out, especially if you’re also menstrual during this moon phase.

Still, don’t fear making mistakes; in general, this Moon brings higher consciousness, you may experience a deeper connection to a higher power/ the divine.

Throughout transiting Scorpio Moon phase, Emotions will be felt more intensely when the transiting Moon is in Scorpio; avoid jealousy and dark thoughts, you will be more focused on truth and what is real and not what is fake.

You will want to investigate things, try to do this in a mindful and not irresponsible manner, and avoid getting lost in fixation; you could be adept during this phase at managing other resources, especial their financial ones.

This is a time to focus on significant task and pursuits, such as deepening your connection to yourself and your higher purpose. In addition, if you have intense Scorpio energies in your natal chart, you may experience success in well thought out financial decisions.

How does the transiting Moon in Scorpio affect me?

Be cautious of your own behaviour and others in all relationships, try to count to ten if you feel overcome with rage, and also, try not to overreact.

Do all you can to calm down any aggressive or overly emotional situations you may face during the transiting Scorpio moon phase.

You may be drawn to the occult in the Scorpio moon transit; some of you may have an increased sex drive, become more secretive or meet some who is mysterious.

When the Moon is transiting Scorpio, it is an excellent time to explore your soul, the mystic, the taboo and the imagination, but do not get too carried away.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, so you can become firm in your creative or supernatural endeavours during the transit Scorpio moon phase.

Those with intense Scorpio energy or who have strong Moon or sun/ Pluto aspects in their natal chart may find themselves getting strong emotional or psychic impressions.

It is imperative in transiting the Scorpio Moon phase to Make sure you validate these impressions and not simply jump the gun.

The veil of illusion will be lifted, and you will be able to delve deep into the mysteries and the unknown if you wish.

As what is hidden may be revealed to you, some of you may simply be able to enjoy good games of chess, go, or other complex games which involve strategy and intuition.

Moon in Scorpio Phase astrology

What should you do when the Moon is in Scorpio?

This is an excellent time to work with healing yourself, as you are blessed with the constellational energy of emotional fortitude which comes with Scorpio/ Pluto energy.


Try all your best to remain grounded and not get overwhelmed during the Scorpio moon transit; it’s an excellent time to partake in self-care.

Some of you may find yourself willing to go into dangerous/ traumatic emotional or psychological wounds which have overwhelmed you for a while with ease, as you intuitively sense it’s the only way to fully heal.

You may find yourself able to understand your own and others darkness, finding deep meanings in your dreams or nightmares.

Realising all energy is needed to be a fully integrated individual, you may give in to some primal urges and enjoy good lovemaking sessions.

Yes, I just did say that, lol; moving swiftly on, you may give off intoxicating primal energy during the transiting Scorpio moon or meet someone who draws you in with theirs.

Be aware of the vibes you may give out or what others may be given out, so you remain alert and do not go against your inner wishes due to the allure of the Scorpio moon transit.

You may join a spiritual or mystical society, seek out the truth, be mindful of going too deep into conspiracy theories,  which always may have a grain of truth in them, yet they are never the true picture.

What does the Moon entering Scorpio mean?

It means it’s time to be aware of your emotions, to look beyond the surface, to be honest about how your own or others toxic emotions and behaviours affect you.

This is a time of deep thought; because of this, tensions may be high. So self-awareness is essential, as well as how the transiting Scorpio moon phase affects others.

 Stay grounded, and fact check everything, using your own common sense and intuition. What you discover may rock your world and mess with what you have believed to be accurate; if this is the case, seek help and know you can get through any fear which may be induced.

Pluto, who rules or co-rules Scorpio, depending on what form of astrology you believe in, is the great transformative agent, after all, pushing you to explore what is hidden, and you may uncover abuse or corruption.

Diving into the dark and deep will bring profound rewards, but first, it will sadden you and piss you off a little.

Don’t be tempted to give in to dark occult or magic; I am not the occult police but make sure you think twice before you open unknown doors and gateways of the supernatural or mystical; grounding is always necessary.

Avoid falling into manipulation, deviousness or gloominess; now is the time to empower yourself and start the work to heal your fears and self–destructive–limiting habits.

You may find yourself creative works of art in the form of music, painting, a new ingenious algorithm, dance or some other form of cathartic work.

In summary, during the time of transiting Scorpio moon, you may be able to get to the bottom of complex emotional, spiritual or psychological issues plaguing you for a while.

Moon transiting in Scorpio health, nutrition and gardening

It’s an excellent time to look after your respiratory sexual organs, nervous system and pelvic organs, do all you can by taking supplements or eating foods that promote the health of these organs.

Be mindful with your intoxicating substances intake and spicy foods, gentle exercises like yoga stretches and tai chi are beneficial now, peaceful strolls and being in nature will help stable your temperament.

When the Moon is in the Scorpio transit phase

It is an excellent time to plant leafy vegetables; roots are also quick to recovery during this time; it’s also a good time to plant or replant hard plants, and vines such as tomatoes, corn, squash, sweet peas, true jasmine, pumpkin, pole beans, grapes etc. It’s also a perfect time to water and transplant plants and vegetables

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