Neptune Trine Ascendant Natal and Transit

Neptune Trine Ascendant

Neptune Trine Ascendant

  • Passionate, empathic and idealistic
  • Some of you may be too dreamy, so you would benefit from associations with more grounded people or attending courses/ watching videos that help you with critical thinking
  • Sensitive to vibrations, music and non-verbal communications, you may be conscious or unconscious of this ability
  • Highly affected by distressing things in the world or your environment.
  • Very good at creative or artsy hobbies, you can teach yourself how to play musical instruments with little instruction
  • Drawn to the mystical, spiritual, fantasy-science-fiction-mythology-supernatural, bizarre and alternative-off the wall.
  • Champion of the underdog, can do good fighting injustice, help young people overcome challenges of growing up, help the elderly find zest for life.
  • Do all you can to heal any psychological or emotional trauma, consciously control your abilities, love yourself, and do your best to stay out of self-pitying thoughts.
  • Avoid manipulating others with your abilities and stay away from controlling people.
  • You can awaken others to deep meanings of life and spiritual dimensions

When you have Neptune trine ascendant, you are innately tuned into the ethereal (subconscious) and rational (conscious) undercurrents that drive human emotions and mentality.

 You can have unique psychological insight and psychic perception or both; some of you with this placement can be deeply clairvoyant and intuitive.

Other people can be drawn to your aura, which is often mysterious, or you give off an air of eccentricity, either through mannerisms or dress sense; you can be highly captivating, but avoid using this to deceive people.

Also, be aware that not all people drawn to you should be in your life; you may attract nefarious-disloyal-user types of people.

Do not take it personally, and simply know it’s down to this placement’s elusive and charming nature.

You must do all you can to protect your energy; Neptune trine ascendant gives you the ability to have compassion for other people. But you must also show empathy to yourself, forgiving yourself for past mistakes and taking steps not to repeat them.

Neptune Trine Ascendant meaning continued

Your eyes and the way you speak especially can be mesmerising; you are in tune and can see beneath the surface of people’s words and actions, especially when you are in a close relationship with them.

This ability allows you to react to situations and others’ needs appropriately, diffusing tense situations; you can quickly gain respect, confidence, and approval.

Some of you find it hard to speak what you feel, and this can place a strain on your relationships; writing things down or recording yourself speaking can give you the confidence and flow of speech you would like.

Unless adversely affected, you can have very tight/ soul mate bonds with lovers and friends; when afflicted, Neptune trine ascendant can make you hard to please due to your ability to read thoughts and body language.

So often, surprises do not surprise you, and you can get disenchanted with the world and the people you’re close to; you can have high expectations, which drive others away.

There is no such thing as an ideal human relationship; you will find more peace and inner fulfilment, placing your high expectations into a relationship with a higher power or a hobby. Such as dancing, writing songs, making films, painting, or anything else, you always feel the special bond you seek.


Neptune trine ascendant can make you an eternal romantic, indulging in fantasies in your mind that you often project on to those you are close to.

When they don’t live up to your mental imagery, you become disenchanted entrenched in apathy; this is why it’s best to slowly get to know someone. Rather than rushing in heart first,  a more grounded, practical and stable partner suits your energy in romantic relationships.

However, friendships and creative partnerships are best, like those who think similar to you.

It can take time for you to find your mojo-magic; you do best in professions that allow your creativity to show through in your personal career. After you find your niche and flow, you may gain some form of recognition or appreciation for your work, practice makes perfect, and only you can fill your inner void; no external force or person can do this.

Because you can be naturally empathic unless this placement involves earth and fire signs, you can be good with young people and the elderly.

So any work which allows you to interact daily with these groups will help you stay connected to the beauty and wisdom of life and the small things that can bring you joy.

You can also change the lives of children, and adults, helping them become more than they think they could be and preventing them from going up on themselves and life.

Know that you’re not perfect, and all humans make mistakes, so do not dwell on your shortcomings and take others criticisms with a pinch of salt.

Always listen to external feedback, but make sure you rely on yourself analysis more, don’t get frustrated if you can’t change your imperfections as much as you wish you could, learn to love yourself, “good and bad”.

You never will be, nor do you have to be 100% perfect; aim for 51%, then you will always be more perfect than not, at this ratio and take solace in that fact.

Neptune trine ascendant gives a will to be of service and reach for higher ideals in life, whether spiritual, social, religious or philosophical.

At your best, you are a powerful and infectious bringer of hope and change who uses their introspection, sensitivity and feelings to guide you.

Neptune Trine Ascendant in Transit

  • Rose-coloured glasses
  • Over spiritualising experiences and people
  • Illusionary-spell like states
  • Can last up to a year- depending on your transit to natal chart
  • Be careful with using tools such as tarot, rituals etc. during this time- grounding and clear thinking is a must, and this may not come readily to you at this time
  • Enhanced imagination, sensitivity, compassion, creativity, connection with subtle influences
  • Spiritual- higher consciousness awakening can happen during this time
  • Joining social, political activist or occult organisations
  • Helping others, being more charitable and empathetic
  • Avoid falling under the spell of false spiritual, political, cult-like teachers or people
  • Your energy can be low, so be mindful of and avoid as much as you can, for vitality draining people, influences and substances
  • Watch out for becoming egotistical, seeing only others wrongs and not your own.
  • Question, think and rethink, and be open-minded and embrace any change or new concepts that come your way, just don’t see them as the whole picture, for the journey of spiritual awakening and personal development is never-ending.

This transit can be a highly mystical, charitable, spiritual or philosophical time; emotions can run high, so can romance….and /or lustful feelings.

It can seem like you are under some sort of spell as you tend to pedestal the people you interact with, especially new ones.

You could meet cult type figures who seem, at first sight, very knowledgeable and magnetic, but these types may need the energy of sensitive/gullible types to carry out their agendas.

 So research any new spiritual, political, social activist type that enters your life and know that everything and everyone in the external world are just a signpost the true power is within you.

Ultimately, any authentic spiritual or higher consciousness path should lead and encourage you to create a direct connection with the source for yourself.

Avoid intoxicating substances, people and escapist tendencies, falling into overly idealising and abstract thinking; you can learn some deep spiritual concepts at this time.

But don’t take your eyes off the practical elements of life, which ground and propel higher consciousness explorations.

It is best to keep an open mind during this time, write down all the new things you learn, and review them once this transit has passed.

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